Are you looking to finally upgrade your franchise business to a cloud-based system? That shows you have understood that your current traditional way of managing your franchise is no longer adequate to boost your business. Whether it is about managing the multi-unit location, managing your team, or connecting with the right leads, such a huge increase in business data cannot simply be completed using an outdated system. So franchise management software can help in better way

Apart from the changes in business, you are certainly unraveling new things about how your business can operate. CRM, inventory management, sales order, purchasing and receiving & dashboard applications are necessary and your old way of managing franchise isn’t compatible with all these functions.

To your help, a modern cloud-based franchise management software can solve all of these problems, while strengthening your business from all-encompassing areas.

Here in this blog, we will look at how you can strengthen your business using franchise software.

Exceptional features that make it different from other software:

  • Automation of frequent tasks
  • In-depth insights to key metrics, reports & improved efforts
  • Secured guidelines and training support system
  • Reduced franchisee and staff training
  • Minimized error and disruptions

If you’re not yet convinced, let’s take you through a broader reading on the use of a franchise management system.

4 ways a franchise Management Software can improve your business experience

1) Your entire franchise business gets integrated

Franchise Management Software

One of the main benefits of the cloud-based franchise software is its integration competencies. The core business needs such as inventory, CRM, sales activities, invoices, purchase order delivery – all of which are located in a unified platform. This makes it convenient for franchisee owners to monitor the entire business activities from any place at any time. You can organize all your business processes from your own customized dashboards.

Aside from this, a cloud-based franchise software can be maintained easily and upgraded remotely in just a few clicks that eliminate the need for any frequent hardware replacements or upkeeps. Moreover, you can get all the IT related support, that you need directly from the BrandWide support team. It reduces the cost of labor and response time required for making additional IT services.

More importantly, all your business data are readily available in the cloud-based franchise system, which you can access at any point in time. You can easily generate your lead and sales report as well as get complete business insights even when you’re traveling or out of workplace premises. It provides you with efficient maintenance while converting your maintenance effort to reduced franchise software downtime and lowers the productivity losses.

2)Simplify communication to maintain cross-chain actions

Franchise Management Software

Are you spending a lot of time and resources in attracting new leads, that’s getting passed on to your sales team? But your sales reps do not know which lead opportunities are the right ones. The time is vital when your business is small and growing fast. It’s necessary to make the most of your marketing tools through email, social media, and marketing automation, by integrating it into a franchise CRM platform.

Understandably, keeping all your franchise chores on the same page can be a challenging thing to do, but it’s made easier using a franchise software. In just a few clicks you can synchronize all your marketing needs, training resources, promotional campaigns, and all other works.

The inefficiency of the old business process may lead to a huge loss in your business revenue. But with cloud-based franchise management software, this is not going to happen. This is because all the processes are automated to produce error-free data. Hence, you can put your attention to more important tasks such as lead conversion, interpreting business data, and problem-solving. Using, the software you can easily maintain a connection with your team to make necessary decisions, so you can take a break from all the hard work and enjoy the profits of your investment.

3) Effortless franchise scaling and maximizes your franchise security

franchise management software

Franchise owners who’ve already used a franchise management software have complete confidence over the software utility. Do you know why? The answer is because they know that their data is 100% secure, backed up in a remote server, which means your digital assets are free from any kind of flooding, fires, and other damages in hardware. In times of any kind of crisis, you can simply use your smartphone or desktop at your home, sign in, and get back to work.

A franchise software gives the franchise owner complete visibility over their inventory, which means, you can easily access your collective franchise materials at a glance and manage them easily. Also using the software, you can automate all your inventory management tasks across your entire franchisee outlets. This, in turn, yields valuable historical data that can help with the long-term planning and growth of your business. Automating your inventory process frees up some time to manually analyze, interpret, and organize data resulting in improved management outcomes.

4) Strengthen your business with more opportunities for automation

Franchise Management Software

One of the biggest hurdles in a franchisee is to manage vital functions such as reporting and analytics. But using a franchise management software, you can now take a break from all the tensions, which is almost entirely handled through the software. Tracking your leads can never be easy without using the software. Every lead in your franchise CRM has its source tagged upon entry.

Yes, it’s true that BrandWide’s Franchise management solution helps you to get information on the total funds invested to use the source. Thus, helping you to decide the cost of a single lead and revenue created against the source. Also, the processes of franchise chains are made using franchise software as it generates a transparent image on the advertising campaigns, email workflows, and strategies that pushes the targeted leads to the sales funnel.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, the franchise management software uniquely engages and integrates the franchise activities using CRM, while optimizing the results and enhancing your sales returns.

Now that you have understood everything about the needs of franchise software in your business, take your franchise business to a level by choosing the BrandWide Franchise management system. With BrandWide, you will have the power to empower your business with complete, availability, accessibility, and integration of your business needs. Get your cloud-based franchise software now with us and get the best development, support, and training on your franchise software.

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