Why Do You Need A Franchise Management Software

Management of a large-scale franchise business wouldn’t be conceivable in the absence of robust franchise management software. Cloud-based franchise solutions agree to the user in handling huge business networks. It’s akin to retail software armed with a comprehensive set of retails features and tools. At the same time, it offers support to manifold sites and a multitude of franchise holders thereby facilitating streamlined analysis of a huge reserve of data. Franchisors are equipped with the ability to select the data they exactly want to send to or receive from franchisees.

Well, the benefits of franchise management software are countless but here a few of the most important ones.

1.    Optimization of the supply chain and inventory levels

Franchise management software allows sufficient scope to the franchisor to gain complete visibility of the inventory prevailing at the corporate level. It helps you in the placement of purchase orders depending on the maximum and minimum inventory levels and by directly connecting to the supply chain.

A unique tool helps replenish stock all through the franchise chain by offering individual franchisees records of historical data and seasonal variations. To cut a long story short, franchisors have full awareness of the locations where supplies are transported and the franchisees are abreast of the supplies they have received. Thus, everyone has cognizance of the number of products they have and any likelihood of facing problems of shortfalls or excess in the future.

2.    Increment in sales

When customers come back to a particular branch it’s because of the standard of customer service the franchisee at that branch offers. Naturally, with an increase in the number of sales in an outlet, the revenue earnings correspondingly increase for all the involved parties.

Franchise management software is equipped with novel tools underpinning the aspects of customer loyalty and sales promotion which help add more clientele to franchisee outlets. Even though the ultimate customer interaction within the store is the sole responsibility of the franchisee, good software any day can lend a helping hand in increasing sales in the outlets.

3.    Seamless inspection

Franchise management software brings about a consensus between franchisors and franchisees via a platform where they meet and exchange information. By keeping track of such interactions in real-time you can stay away from any conflicts and compromise arising during the inspection of outlets.

Nowadays, nearly all franchise software solutions are cloud-based with built-in mobile compatibility which implies anyone can have the right to use data from all devices such as smartphones, tablets, anytime, and from anywhere. Even the performance of your business can be properly gauged by taking a look at and measuring up the supply chains and sales of the outlets. Different concern areas can be pinpointed when simultaneously the finalization of the sales and management goals can be carried out to sort out any ongoing issues.

In addition, historical information facilitates the early detection of problems. This implies in-person scrutiny is quicker in actuality and regularly not needed. This adds an extra level of autonomy to the franchisee.

4.    Improved marketing

Good franchise management software system qualifies franchisees to perform limited marketing at their own individual levels. This helps add more liberty and flexibility to each business owner. The software comes to your aid in sharing the schematics of important marketing campaigns with the HQ as well as several other franchise owners. In this way, proper adoption, monitoring, and tailoring of the campaigns can be carried out in real-time besides bringing in lasting improvement.

5.    Other Benefits

With franchise management software in action, the HQ can keep a tab on vital data such as cash flow, revenue, profits, losses, and expenditures per franchise. All these can be accomplished without any regular reporting obligations.

The software furnishes an enterprise management interface to an individual. With this feature, you can conduct the operations of your outlet in a way that fits your preferences. At the same time, your modus operandi can be compared with those running in other outlets in terms of how well do all of them perform. This sense of having a competitive edge can motivate a business owner considerably.

Reinforced with unique features, for example, website builder, ad builder, staff directories, content management, etc. an extensively spread franchise can barely survive short of a powerful franchise management software. Certainly, regional heads have a distinct role to play however, all the stats need systematization and conveyance to the mother ship – the franchise software solution.

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