Nowadays, every franchise business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. And it is literally impossible to manage a large franchisee, without integrated software. So, even if you’re just starting your business, it is strongly recommendable that you start using franchise system.

The idea of having a franchise system is to keep a balance within the cross-chain integrity and freedom of the franchise owners. In fact, franchise software has all the benefits of a retail management system along with the necessary features to manage a franchise and multi-unit business.

Let’s have a quick look at why you need a franchise software system in your business:

  • You can easily control and track your entire business in a single platform
  • Your franchise unit can benefit from the improved supply chain, reporting, forecasts, and large cross-chain customers.

Franchising is undoubtedly the most successful business strategy that rapidly enables the franchise owner to grow across multiple units. Here is some important usage that could help franchisor owners to keep rolling over the success of a franchise business.

Management of customers

How do you communicate with your customers? If the answer is through phone or messages, then the chances of your customer retention strategy are unsustainable. Keeping track of all the customer communication threads with dozens of franchisee details is no DIY project. Well-built franchise system software aids all your customer management needs by providing capabilities such as loyalty programs, customer details lookup, customer feedback, and much more. Thus, it enables you to attract more customers in the long run.

Sales and performance reports

Managing billing, invoice, and sales report can be a big hassle, mostly because of the way franchisor royalty work. But what if you have complete visibility over all your financial resources within one single dashboard?

Yes, franchise software makes all of this possible for you in an easily managed platform, while allowing the franchise owner to find out the business performance at a single glance.

Training and Assessment features

Of all the work that befall the new franchise owner, perhaps none of them is as essential as the role of training and assessment. If your brand is the heart of your franchise, then training is the ultimate physical conditioning that keeps it going consistently. So, with an LMS tool integrated within the franchise system, you can effortlessly optimize your franchise training without taking up additional resources. Also, it helps to monitor individual performance, attendance while allowing you to stay updated with the records regularly.

So, now you know the answer to all your troubles is simply in adopting the right franchise software system. If you’re worried about where to look out for the best franchise software, BrandWide can take over all that stress and expel them forever.

Be ready to simplify all your franchise activities with this customized software. To know more reach us today at and get started with it.

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