Managing an entire franchise business is no less than managing a kingdom! If you are the king of your franchise business, it is obvious that a lot of obstacles will come your way. So what is that one-stop solution you need to manage all the requirements of your franchise business starting from organizing the contacts to assisting your team in nurturing the leads? It is a franchise CRM tool. Customer Relationship Management is the key for growth for any successful business. As your franchise spreads to outlets across the world, is it possible for you to monitor each one of them? No. That is when CRM tools come to play.

Still, not convinced enough? No worries!

We will help you decide if you need a franchise CRM tool for your company’s growth. Let us first quickly go through the benefits a CRM software can provide:

  • Easy integration– a good CRM will always ease the workload of your team by allowing easy and quick import of data from various databases. There is absolutely no time waste in manual entry or copying data. The time that your team saves can be utilized for other productive tasks such as planning and executing growth strategies.
  • Adaptability- if you are planning to grow your franchise business, one thing you should keep in mind is the future needs of your business. Requirements of any growing business are dynamic. A good franchise CRM tool will sure that your current business needs are catered to as well as it has the capability to add more and more features and modules as your business exponentially grows.
  • Ease of use– the main aim of a franchise software is to free up more and more time for your employees so that they can focus on the important tasks. Make sure to select a CRM tool with an intuitive interface and a user-friendly support so that time is not wasted in training your employees to use the software.
  • Positive impact on customer satisfaction– if you want your business to really grow, your main focus should be upon your customers. A quality franchise CRM tool will equip your employees with detailed customer profiles; help them keep a track of all the customer interactions and much more.
  • Customization- the needs of no two businesses can be exactly same. If you want your business to grow massively, you will have to ensure that the specific requirements of your business are fulfilled. Most CRM solutions will allow you to customize the reports, contact-adding field, extensions and other advanced features so that it is tailored to suit your business needs.

Now let us go through the five features of Franchise CRM tool that can help your business grow:

Five smart features of Franchise CRM tool

Automated workflows

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your team by mechanizing all your low-productivity tasks? A franchise CRM tool will allow you to streamline and automate all the operations that happen at your workplace on a daily basis. All your team has to do is plan out a process and set specific triggers or events and all the activities will happen automatically. Sounds easy? Let us see some of the ways this software can help in automation:

  • Whenever any member of your sales team interacts with any customer, this software keeps a track of the duration as well as the communications.
  • To keep your sales team on edge, the software instantly reports their performance to the higher authorities on completion of any task.
  • Whenever a prospect engages with your brand, the franchise CRM tool will notify the appropriate member of your sales team.

Campaign management

For your business to grow, effective campaigns are a must. Does your team waste a lot of their time in managing e-mail campaigns? That will no more be a problem once you choose an appropriate franchise software for your business. It has the ability to shift your leads efficiently though the sales cycle in the following ways:

  • Customizing e-mail replies for individual customers.
  • Managing text-based campaigns.
  • Keeping a record of every customer interaction with your company.
  • Developing personalized links and schedules for delivery.

Customer service

Have you heard the saying “customer is king”? Well, this is a really powerful and true statement. If you want your business to achieve heights of growth and success, customers must be your top-priority. The products or services you are offering in the market might be great. But ultimately if your customers are not satisfied by interacting with your brand, all your efforts boil down to zero. Let us see how a franchise CRM tool can make your customer interaction better:

  • The software will provide your team with complete comprehensive profiles of all your customers and prospects right from the first point of interaction.
  • Your team will be updated with all the website logins, purchase histories and other activities of your customers.
  • A CRM tool will personalize the experience for each of your customers by customizing e-mail templates and replies for queries and calls for each of them.

Source tracking

It is a basic common sense that to multiply the growth of any business, all the additional unnecessary expenses have to be cut down. So how do you track if all the sources you are investing your bucks in, are generating enough ROI to sustain? You should have the complete knowledge whether majority of your leads are coming in through paid campaigns or promotional events. Only then you will be able to wisely invest in your business. A franchise CRM tool will help you monitor:

  • Total cost per lead acquisition
  • ROI generation from each of the lead sources
  • The progression of your sales cycle.


After putting in all your efforts and executing all the growth strategies, how do you figure out how much your business has actually progressed? You should have proper insights of the performance of your campaigns, workflows, sales funnel etc. A franchise CRM tool will:

  • Help you to analyze if your financial aims have been met.
  • Will help you figure out the areas which need improvement.
  • Will give you an insight on if your business is appealing to most of the masses.

So, if you are now convinced enough that why your business needs a franchise CRM tool to grow, visit our website,

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