Presenting a Top-notch franchise Management software for your growing brand

BrandWide is a leading provider of comprehensive franchise management software that launches new packages for emerging franchise opportunities for cleaning franchise and pet training franchise. Now the power and support of the software are available to global franchise brand in a cost-efficient bundle that can be easily scaled and applied across the company.

Brand Wide’s franchise management software is exclusively designed to help franchise business. Its dynamics are built to assist the complete franchise cycle, which includes stages from development to onboarding and management. BrandWide is highly responsible for delivering successful results to franchise brands throughout the world. It is mainly known for its complete and robust software solution for business class. The main objective of BrandWide is to help franchise achieve success, in the long run, help them to streamline franchise sales, increase operational efficiency and manage their brand consistency.

So, the thing is, if you’ve tried business software in your past, maybe your present solution is needed some upgrade. Though you may think you’re doing everything right, you’re yet to realize the level of outcome you are expecting from it. Now you must be thinking. What makes BrandWide’s solution any different from others?

That’s what we’re here to explain to you within this article.

Provides you with an integrated marketing tool

To give your brand a differentiated look from the competition a franchise owner must deliver a proven digital marketing platform that sustains the brand’s identity, that helps franchise units to competitively promote their service locally and globally whilst expanding their exposure and authority.

BrandWide’s franchise marketing solution is designed to outwork your local and countrywide competitors and help you generate more franchise leads. They provide the franchise owners with the complete flexibility to develop and organise their online presence at a local level. Also, it provides an ideal solution to execute and report tools. Let’s have a look at what BrandWide’s franchise management software has to offer:

  • Real-time monitoring of major marketing metrics
  • Improved efficiency, tracking and reporting with dynamic dashboards
  • Aligning sales and marketing through an integrated platform
  • Lowering the cost for each lead through the enhanced process and follow up
  • Creating automatic email campaigns and messages to leads
  • Managing email tracking of every campaign
  • Building dynamic delivery of schedules

Turnkey pricing and smart packages

No matter whether you’re an established business or an emerging franchise owner, you can easily use a scalable, high performing, franchise development strategy to your business with one of our turnkey packages. With BrandWide franchise development plan, franchisors can:

  • Access to combined foreseeable pricing plan and a mixture of opt-in tools
  • Custom franchise development tools introducing to the potential franchise business
  • Free tutorials and training on software
  • Operational documentation and videos for franchise management software manual

For more information of franchise development features, you may click here to have the feel of a franchise owner tools, then call us for an in-depth consultation or demo.

Franchise onboarding Made easy

At BrandWide, we are confident that you’ll find our franchise onboarding system to be an easy, efficient and feature-rich tool. The feature includes planning, training, reviewing task checklists and managing of a project. That means a franchisor will be able to clearly define each step to the new franchise units and gain resourceful insights on the franchise progress. It is a complete system with the ability to have a multipoint list of tasks that can be classified into the following:

  • Easy onboarding of tasks just at a glance, which allows the franchise owners to create a pool of tasks, that each franchise will need to finish.
  • The software helps in onboarding with sequence to assure nothing gets held up in between the process
  • It makes assigning of tasks or training easy that are kept in the form of a 360-degree view and can be used by all the department.
In a nutshell

To ensure the overall success of your franchise business, BrandWide provides a standard enablement platform for all franchise brands based on their best in class customer achievement program. If you’re still waiting around to think whether it’s the right software for your pet training or cleaning franchise, you’re missing your best opportunity lying ahead of you.

Our franchise management software lets head office to manage cash flow, track the profits, losses and expenditure in real-time from any compatible device. By providing these metrics at your fingertips, you’ll be able to reply faster to shortcomings and grasp on the latest opportunities before your rival does. In a franchise world, you can call as improving your visibility which means creating important metrics handier for making data-driven decisions.

Hopefully, you still wouldn’t want to waste your time on doing monotonous tasks when a simple software can save your work by getting it completed fast and with a chance of fewer errors. Running a large and growing franchise business isn’t at all possible with a franchise software. So, before it’s too late, grab the opportunity and fasten your long-term strategic planning,

Learn more about our franchise-centred features or reach out to us today at

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