Every franchise is different, they are not much like the traditional enterprise business with a centralised decision making and huge resources, neither can they be termed as a series of small business. In a franchise business, the decisions, the budgeting and deployment of business decisions are shared or conveyed between all the members of the network. To function in an effective way, franchise owners and franchisees need to collaborate, and foster communication between each other bridging the decision-making gap that is franchise CRM software.

But complicated problems take place when it comes to marketing. It turns complicated by adding dozens of new channels, strategies and software tools. Of course, marketing nowadays is a challenging task for any business, large or small. But if you have a franchise business you’ve to consider the challenges of managing the marketing through the shared model of business.

Now, with hopes of ruling in this digital wave, many franchises seek marketing tools that can simplify business activities, and streamline tasks as well as to organise a massive amount of data. So, they can concentrate on the core areas of functions. For franchisors simultaneously dealing with functions becomes the difficult part.

This is where franchise CRM software comes in to help, that franchisers can use to flourish their brand and to maintain consistency in all operations while enabling multiple franchise location to work independently.

If you’re still not convinced, let’s give you five simple tips for improving your brand growth:

  1. Establish customer relationships

For any sales-driven business, it’s not always the size of the data that matters, but it’s about what you do with it. Predictive analysis is no more the game for marketers to determine customer metrics, but the main way to win over your customers is by establishing competitive benefit, achieve market share and bolstering your bottom lines. Now the question is how do you that?

Simply, by improving relationships with your customers. It’s not easy to establish a genuine relationship with customers if you don’t have any medium to evaluate their past behaviour. Unfortunately, franchise CRM cannot track customer behaviour automatically. It relies highly on the conversations made by the sales reps and on the accuracy of their notes. But these methods are often not very helpful to improve customer relationships. So, the best thing to understand customer behaviour is by sending offers through email or texts to understand their needs.

  1. Enhance your internal communication 

Having a well organised CRM plan is a road map to establishing an improved connection within any business. Hence, distribution of client details between various branches will always allow you deal situation as a team and also help you to augment your customer’s experience, which is one of many paybacks of a franchise CRM. Not just that individual staffs will have the option to respond on time to customer complaints and feedbacks, hence better understand the happenings and progress with their products or service. So, by operating your franchise as a well-versed squad, it will aid in bolstering your brand’s overall competency and deliver a unmatched service experience to the consumers at the same time.

  1. Optimising your marketing needs 

Another important tip to grow your business is to optimise your marketing using franchise CRM. It helps you to have a more projected and price-effective marketing package. By envisioning your consumers requirements and behaviour you’ll can easily recognise the appropriate time to promote your franchise products. At the same time, a franchise CRM software also allows you to classify your clienteles and provides you the acumens into the leads, that are more lucrative for your business.

  1. Make data-driven decisions

Do you know the core of a franchise success benchmark? It is the sales numbers. A franchise CRM may not be able to show you the exact sales number broken down into the individual consumer over time, but a significant amount of training may help to formulate and smoothen these tasks. Then again, this requires a lot of time that means you get less to spend on making sales. Fortunately, you have the franchise CRM software that’ll enable you to specifically recognise where most of your sales are earned and where exactly your business is lagging. It will also allow you with specific client spending details based on what you’re looking for. This adept software can categorise all your customer spending and break it down for you in an easy to read the way that makes things easier for you in future, with more accurate long-run predictions.

  1. Be adaptable to change

One major trait that every successful franchise often encounters in common is the capability to switch directions faster in response to change in the market. It has been noted than an agile strategy to develop both in terms of your service and business will allow you to grow your business faster.

So, the magic lies in letting yourself to adapt and transform quickly to any changes that come in the market. By doing so you’ll be able to test various approach to business and find out what works the best for you!

Time to Think Ahead

When you already know that agility is an essential quality for a franchise business, you just can’t sit back and relax while you’re running your business. Planning your next turn is what you must be anticipating right now. It’s the best way to stay ahead in the market and secure your franchise as it evolves. If you find yourself in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach us through call us or visit our website at www.meetbrandwide.com to contact us.


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