Entrepreneurs have many things in common, they’re the risk-takers, they don’t lack in getting ideas and they always dream big for the success of their business. In other words, they thrive to conquer the unknown business goals through national and even through global growth. However, with new franchise needs coming up every time, not all of them are destined to achieve success, and even franchise owners despite their fearless struggle and tactful strategies aren’t always able to overcome this business challenges that come with a franchise management system.

But you don’t have to be the same, because there’s always a saviour to every problem. And your saviour comes at a price of franchise management system! With growing opportunities in franchising industries in the different areas of the industry, using comprehensive software to organise your business becomes a necessary part to save your business.

Before, you start thinking more about how can a franchise management software help your business, let’s take a closer look at the business challenges and how you can resolve them using the software.

  1. Poor execution of marketing strategy 

One of the biggest challenges that the franchise’s encounters are the ability to execute a proper marketing strategy that is unregulated by a franchise owner. starting from poorly organised PPC campaigns to replicated content between franchisees, there are more.

There’s a struggle that always exists between a franchise owner’s need to control their brand and franchisers wish to expand their marketing through their own created strategies.

But most of them fail in achieving the following:

  • Handling the local business listings of the franchise units
  • Establishing a unique content for different locations and their location pages as well
  • Tracking customers and engaging with customer feedbacks

So, from badly managed PPC campaigns to general layback in digital marketing is what blows up franchise success. The best way to overcome this marketing challenge is by cannibalising PPC efforts, content and improvisation of landing pages, using a franchise management system that comes with all-inclusive functions in one package.

  1. Problems in communication and cooperation 

Whatever may be the issue that comes up across a franchise business, communication always plays a crucial role in presenting it. Thus, it becomes important to keep interacting with franchisees, team and others, to keep the franchise units in the loop with every step of the business. Franchises have to run the business according to the latest brand requirements. And franchise owners may take advantage of this situation by creating an Ad hoc work, on a daily or weekly basis in every outlet. But if the message is not conveyed or interacted properly, conflicts are likely to arrive. In order to overcome this, franchise software is used to manage the modern communication system.

franchise management system streamlines all the important details such as to do task list, assigned works, customer details, important schedules placed in single dashboards, thus making it easy for you check out the progress of the work or marketing campaigns just when you need it. By streamlining all the internal communications amongst all franchise units, it makes it easy for franchisers to manage the entire business.

  1. Hassles in Staff recruitment and training 

Whether you’re running your own franchise or working as franchise owners, hiring candidates and training them is a common problem that every franchise business face. While some departments may have stringent SOP details that they need to follow and some may require proper training either from video tutorials or training manuals. Managing all of this becomes a hectic thing.

when that becomes a problem every franchise owner must think about their staffs and deliver them with all the required learning materials. It will be better if they use a customised LMS for this, as it will help to build a holistic process for training and recruitment. Not just that you’ll be able to create different courses, provide video tutorials, track progress and conduct training online of your employees effortless. Now guess what? A franchise management system has this feature included in it. So, you don’t have to stress over getting it separately.

  1. Issues while Managing daily franchise store operations 

 Constantly tracking and reviewing the franchise performance and then maintaining a list of communication records with them becomes a real hard task as you keep using a different platform to be in sync. Starting from emails, call lists, field reports to action plans and more, structuring all of this in a way franchise owner need can be difficult for you.

To ease the work for you, a franchise software is important to keep things structured in one place, so that you can check any relevant info at any time from any device. Also, with a calendar and scheduled updates, you’ll hardly have to worry about missing appointments of following updates.

  1. Lacks on-time compliance and reporting 

As the business grows, it becomes imperative for the franchise owner to monitor every franchise store and operational performance, also it requires an individual to manage the compliance with the franchise agreement. In a situation, if the franchise units are not supervised for system-wide compliance, there’s a strong chance for everyone in the system to get affected. There needs to be a software or a solution for the franchise units to update them on the deadlines, with a proper reporting system to know which store is doing what and which require training and support.

All of becomes easy, as you start using a franchise management system that brings up all of it at your fingertips. The franchise software comes with a single portal that allows the franchise owner to keep an eye on the performance of the store over different locations and help them by giving a well-managed experience.

Time to boost your business

The way business is growing and reaching its pinnacle, it’s becoming difficult for most business to envision an effective diversified solution without a well-built software. But you have it right in front of you, an all in one solution, franchise software. Now your work is to call us directly and learn how it helps you overcome all the uncanny challenges. Contact us to get started with the demo.

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