Running a successful franchise business is no easy thing, no matter how extensive your franchise network is, organizing an entire chain of information without any sorted application is near to impossible. Pet Franchise Software can help you in sorting the things easily.

We consulted with a group of experts on what advice they have to grow their pet franchise business. We received answers from the pet training company, providers, marketers, HR professionals, consultants and more. Majority of them admitted, without a dedicated software it’s not possible to manage the groups, monitor communication and participate in multiple works throughout the day. 

Your business too probably makes use of a lot of software equipment that necessary to boost your pet onboarding. Pet franchise software that is configured exclusively to match your needs can make a huge difference in your success and can help you save a lot of time from switching between multiple applications. So, if you’re still shuffling between applications, you’re simply wasting your time!

Here we’ve brought you 5 simple tips for your pet training business using a pet franchise software that can help you grow and thrive. 

Make use of Online Booking 

Delivering your customers with the ability to book orders online can help you win the race in this pool of competition. To begin with, you get access to a new kind of customer base, one that prioritises flexibility over price. Thus, opening up to this marketplace could give you a chance to earn instant growth of revenue and profit. 

What’s more, you need? As a customer books a service themselves, you save your money on management or sales employees. So, even when you’re sleeping, tasks and schedules will keep appearing on your calendar on the appropriate time and zones of your availability. To know more about online booking system using pet franchise software, click here

Support your franchisees to run the business efficiently

If you’re looking to support and give the best to your franchisees, you’d probably want to give them their own account. So, that they can easily access all the powerful features they need to efficiently organise their franchise units. Starting from appointment scheduling, customer handling, invoices, payment, 24*7 online booking and marketing all of comes easy to them unified in one single place. Isn’t it a perfect solution for your busy franchise units? Plus, as a franchise owner, you get the privilege to control the account so that they can perceive the business data that’s pertinent to their franchise needs. You may still have the complete visibility, but won’t be revealed. 

Give your business Cloud centred scheduling 

Once a job is on your calendar, it’ll be accessible to your team on board to see. Such that, your entire team can monitor the entire calendar, with details about which team will be accountable for managing which tasks. In the meantime, your team also can check their daily schedules. So, you don’t have to worry about delegating tasks to anyone or to check who is doing what work!

For instance, a client or one of the members of your team may need to change a scheduled date. Maybe they want to extend a deadline or reschedule a service. In that case, any changes that are made will be visible to the entire team instantly. Hence, no more calling or creating new tasks orders for making adjustments to the already existing pet care bookings. 

At the same time, to help with your company records, you may track your team when they clock in or clock out of their assigned jobs too. This gives you an appropriate image of how long they have taken to communicate with leads, checking their progress times with lead conversion and more. Want to know how cloud-based scheduling can boost your efficiency? Book a free private demo with BrandWide, and see how we can help!

Make sure you make an effort to improve customer communications

When there’s nothing to show your customers in pet training, no one gains. Yes, you can always charge your clients for booking appointments, on value. But that’s certainly not the service you want to deliver to your customers. And for sure the customers will be unwilling to choose your service next time if they’re not satisfied with the way you deal with them. 

To get rid of this no shows for your good, you may opt to schedule a set of automated email messages or text messages to your customers as a reminder to show you care for them. Remind them on the mornings about a missed appointment and update them when your team is close to arriving a deal. 

These messages and updates are really important to eliminate the no shows parts and would offer you both a peace of mind. It’s a kind service, you want to give your customers. The best thing about pet franchise software is that you can automate it, thus saving more of your valuable time. 

Toughen the reputation of your brand 

Focus on developing a good brand reputation to secure your franchise marketing and sales. Put down the best effort to enhance your product and service, then flourish to establish goodwill among your customers.

Since you must be aware that brand reputation comes from customers satisfaction and if they’re contented with what you’re offering they’re going to do a really good thing by promoting your products to their closed ones or peers through referrals and testimonial. Surely you don’t want to miss that big chance! So before, you’re too late, go for creating trust and loyalty in your franchise community, it will surely help you to attract more franchisee opportunity towards your business. 

All these will be a cherry on top if you start using a pet franchise software to keep your franchisees on the same page, and it will help to ensure a steady growing brand reputation. 

Build understanding using Pet franchise CRM  

This is where the superpower of pet franchise software comes in to play. If you’ve thought that the above-mentioned features could boost your franchise growth, then a franchise CRM package doubles up your chances of skyrocketing revenue. Pet franchise system with an integrated CRM, allows you to keep an appropriate record of individual customers and lead historical database with you. 

It might be that they book with you around the same time every year. Maybe it’s a special request that they want to make to solve their dog’s behaviour issues. It might be even they’re seeking to have the best pet which you haven’t found them yet. Whatever be the case, keeping the information details of your customer prior bookings is always helpful as it provides you with a massive service benefit. 

When your customers find that you remember and respect minute details like the above-given examples, customers are sure to be taken by this move. And when you’re offering them a persistent high standard service and saving their time, you limit their options to go for another vendor. 

Your turn ahead

This is perhaps the best software feature you had been looking for so long! We’ve already made it for you to take advantage of it. This few simple tricks and tips that you’d want to know, but there are many more!

Now if you want to which is the best pet training software you should go for, we would suggest BrandWide. Using our software, at a glance you can see all the parts of your business that needs adjustment. Having a slow growth? Try a demo with us today at

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