No matter what your industry is, or what your focus in on, doesn’t matter what kind of products you deal in, your ultimate priority is your customers who are a valuable asset to your firm. Honestly, it is your customers who offer your franchise business a sense of goal and direction towards success. They offer you with invaluable feedback and serve as a catalyst to new concepts and opinions. And don’t forget about the revenue and sales they bring in. having said that, it seems customer experience is the number one priority of any business, be it a franchise business or other. That means, simply by offering your customers efficiently you can win over them, at the same time you can close more deals.

So how do you divert your attention to your customers, when you have a list of tasks to complete and manage in your large franchise? The solution might be many, but may not be suitable for your business.

The best solution to your problem is by using a franchise CRM solution. So, even if you’ve never used a franchise CRM before, you must have heard the term CRM echoing throughout your business sector. You probably know that many firms now, as well as your competitors are using the franchise CRM system because it saves them time and help to drive more sales.

But the question that’s driving in your mind is what can the franchise CRM do for you?

Let’s look into that. CRM isn’t simply a contact management solution. It helps to strengthen your team, growing relationships more efficiently and helps to provide the top customer experience starting from analysis to purchasing and beyond. While in the past only the largest business could afford to purchase a franchise CRM solution, and it was challenging to deploy and understand. But now things have changed as the business of all sizes have access to intuitive, affordable franchise CRM software.

So, here we’ll see the value that franchise CRM brings in managing your business.

Before that quickly scan through the uses of franchise CRM software.

When your business was small and just began, monitoring your customers using email and spreadsheets seemed easy. But as your company is growing, right now everything seems:

  • Spreadsheets are challenging to upgrade, analyses and more difficult to be in pace with your team.

  • Valuable customer data become hard to track and manuals drafts get easily lost

  • You keep on doing redundant tasks and you find endless data errors

  • Customer interaction becomes inconsistent between your staffs.

The real issue is that your most essential data is scattered across multiple location and employees, making it challenging for you to retrieve information and be in sync with your sales.

Helps to consolidate all your data in one intuitive place

A franchise CRM solution helps to streamlines your customer database so that everyone at your firm can have complete access to all information that they need from one platform. You have the option to track customer email address, contact numbers, websites and social media profiles. Also, you can easily monitor all conversation that your sales team has made with leads through email, phone calls, online chats and customer tickets.

You can sell more deals faster

If you’re still manually entering data and using multiple spreadsheets to calculate your franchise sales, you’re certainly killing your productivity. Using a franchise CRM can save you a lot of time by automating much of your redundant administrative tasks. Hence, your team have to spend less time typing and more time for closing deals.

Needless to say, a franchise CRM solution helps to establish a standardized process of sales, that gives your team a step by step pathway for selling more deals and surely helps you to reduce the length of your sales cycle.

Remain more focused on your customer

By using a franchise CRM solution, you can have access to information on customer interest and trends. At the same time, your sales executives can have the exact breaks at the appropriate period and cooperate with your department of marketing to send projected and valuable content to your leads. Trading of your franchise goods becomes more customized that centered around customers.

So, if you’re yet to find out the best lead sources, the demography, that your prospects belong to. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, or request a demo to get more realistic results.


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