Running a cleaning business is not an easy work. You juggle with the customer schedules, quotes, payments and customer information and more. Most of the small businesses can’t afford administrative support to stay at the top of the variables. Fortunately, there is a range of software option for a cleaning franchise business that can help you manage all of the tasks without having to move a single piece of paper to be kept piled up on your desk. 

Yes, you heard it right. It’s a cleaning franchise software that helps you with a platform for communication between a franchisor and a franchisee while boosting marketing efforts, sales, branding and more. Not just that the software helps to conic multiple sites through their integrated platform. 

If you’ve not met with the benefits that cleaning franchise software has to offer, here are some key software rewards that you must look at before you buy any software:

  • Management of Inventory

Managing a franchise inventory is virtually similar to managing any other company’s inventory unit. But good inventory management skills are important to run your franchise business and selling your franchise product. Unfortunately, there are many franchise businesses, especially emerging franchise that doesn’t employ efficient inventory management practices. That’s why most of their efforts go far from wasted. 

A franchise management software can help you to optimize your process of inventory needs including, ordering, billing, storing and tracking your product distribution, so that you can clearly examine the if the supply of the product is sufficiently meeting customer’s demand. So you can easily check out what your franchise units need for their inventory and keep an eye on your budget as well. 

  • Organise your franchise operations

As a franchisor, it is a sole responsibility of a franchisor to organise franchise operation which is the sole bread and butter of any franchise success. Not only franchisees need to have detailed evidence of their sales progress but they also need to report about their head branches. And the measurement of progress doesn’t send here, it keeps on moving with jobs per sales reps, jobs done per day earned revenue each day and range of other reports. How do you manage all of this in your cleaning franchise, without a software? That’s where cleaning franchise software comes in to play. Using the software, you can effortlessly manage your brand consistency while managing your internal communication, training tutorials, and site comparison as well. At the same time, the customised process will allow individual franchise development managers to adapt with their customers based on appropriate needs, making sure you stay consistent in every franchise location. 

  • Manage multiple projects and improved productivity

If your franchise business is geared up for growth, so will your franchise units. But it’s important to make sure that you have the resources and systems in place to support your multi unit’s project. Communication across your franchisee is incredibly essential, managing too much of information can result in overload. Using an automated franchise cleaning software, you can cut down your busy schedules and never-ending administrative work, and easily manage projects directly from the dashboard. Also, you can work out on estimates, create proposals, and send it to your customers. So, you close more deals quickly with the project management tool. 

  • Reporting and Analytics

None of the franchise features listed till now is helpful enough without good reporting and analytics. Yes, by using a franchise management software, you can determine the complete business insights on the performance of all your franchise units. The integrated business intelligence tool gives you a detailed overview of sales, revenue, customer highlights and weakness along with other data sets in an intuitive dashboard format. So, you don’t have to stress over keeping paper document or PC backup, all of your information will be simply stored in your unified management software with ease. 

  • Automate your workflows and marketing

Are you looking for a cleaning franchise software, to manage your business service? BrandWide’s franchise management software covers all your marketing and operational needs starting from sending emails, calls, social media and more. You can easily monitor, analyse your business and marketing progress through data enriched reports retrievable from your dashboards. Also, personalised fields can be edited, highlight the demographics of each of your franchise sites. 

  • Enhance customer relationships

As a franchisor, you must know it first-hand how important it is to connect with your customer. Establishing a strengthening relationship with your customer requirements, and then obtaining more returning customers, a referral is the net productivity of the process. As an emerging franchisor, you have the benefit when it comes to establishing a customer relationship. But as the size of your company expands you reach more customers at a personal level, which make it difficult for you to keep track of all of them without an automated software

An automated response to your customer queries helps to make sure that you never miss any lead again. Customised email messages and response allows your franchise unis to cater directly to the customer base thus ensuring relevant engagement. A cleaning franchise software allows you to engage your clients in every step of your sales cycle, improving the overall sales also giving your customer an exclusive experience. 

Your step ahead

So, if you’re searching to expand your commercial cleaning business into franchising, you need to ensure you have the right set of tools prepared to manage your franchise business. If you have any questions or queries, BrandWide has the perfect solution to all your needs. Get in touch with us today for a free trial


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