If you’re already working in franchise business then you’re aware of that franchise is more about franchisor, franchisee and your customers. No matter whether you’re a developed franchise business or an emerging business considering expansion through franchising or emerging franchise owners with new franchise units, you’ll always need a franchise software that’s designed to help you boost your sales, reach the higher customer and franchisee satisfaction level and have complete reporting and visibility for the franchisor.

A franchise software is fully integrated with a CRM system that helps in lead management, dynamic dashboards updates, reporting sales metrics that helps users to track customer database, prospective customers and prospects. You also have the option to personalize the software according to your franchise requirements.

With a range of robust features in a unified platform, franchise management became a lot easier, for the emerging franchisor. Now franchisor can have complete access to configuration to the territory, full sales report, royalty management fees and franchise operation.

If you’re not convinced how to franchise software can help you boost your business sales and growth, take a deeper dive into the features offered by our BrandWide franchise software.

Development of franchise

Did you know, that for the leads that your sales reps have closed 39% of them received a response within four hours of making the first contact? But this percentage may drop down to 15% if you haven’t made any contact in four hours or maybe for a day. But using BrandWide’s franchise development system you get easy to use the platform, that places you in the driver seat in leading the industry. Not just that it helps you spend more time communicating with your qualified leads and reduced time with managerial tasks. The best tip would be to start with an automated reply set up for email inquiries. This will allow you to receive notification for the schedules you set for following up.

Managing franchise performance

For franchisors, encountering everyday issues in managing daily franchise performance, in terms of sales, marketing, inventory and multiple units, Brandwide’s is here to help you. At BrandWide, every task becomes quite simple as they are designed to assist franchise partners in retaining, measuring and enhancing franchisee performance.

The latest study revealed there are many challenges faced by the franchisors due to insufficient synchronization between teams and franchise units. To solve this, it is necessary to generate dynamic performance using expertise platform across the organization such as smart workflow system, holistic insights and intelligence system so customize actions based on units needs and streamlined goal to more efficiently scale your operations and business success.

Management of field service

In a franchise world that is growingly looking for a sustainable solution, managing field service with any readymade software is a real hard task. Brandwide’s field management software is integrated with the franchise CRM that helps to keep track of your prospects which in return helps to turn your prospects into sales faster. The scheduling tool inside the field management system helps to schedule tasks at all levels including franchisor, franchise units and sales.

  • Scheduling: It helps to create new tasks and assign tasks from any device. Also, it easily updates the franchisees, customers and staffs through email, text and about appointments of meetings.

  • Managing and reporting: It easily tracks all the availability using the calendar option to view all the work progress of the sales reps. So, you can assign and reassign tickets based on customer availability.

  • Tasks assigning to invoice: You can allocate task with the help of centralised call support system, get it signed by customers, get an invoice from the customer site and collect fees.

Franchise marketing

As a franchisor, you know it better to hold out the ultimate solution, so it makes sense of anyone saying that franchise software can significantly improve your franchise marketing efforts. But to do it in a better way, you need to improve your franchise marketing competencies. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Boost up your research: BrandWide franchise marketing system helps to automatically capture necessary data about your potential market using an auto produced pipeline reports based on your previous conversation with your customer.

  • Getting more people on board: Franchisors can develop their own virtual marketing training program, and assign them to their franchise. BrandWide’s software easily retrieved all the details about training development and presents a complete report on it.

Organized franchise systems

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a loop wondering how many productive hours you’ve spent doing the same things repeatedly? You don’t have to do that anymore. By automating your workflows, you can simply transform your redundant tasks or tasks that are of low importance into liberated running operations. This will allow your team to concentrate on the high priority tasks. By developing a detailed framework of workflow, you can scale processes, set updates to automatically submit and register follow up tasks, retain standard reports and streamline your performance profess. Thus, automation allows you to have a well-managed franchise system helping you manage your retail network as one unified enterprise.

Franchise support

Customer service is an important part of any business be it a franchisee business or a generic one. BrandWide offers a smooth solution to address customers service requirements. The system easily integrates to multiple supportive channels, automate recurrent work and monitors key metrics thus lowering time and effort to assist franchisees needs. Also, it offers direct and instant guide and mentorship in every franchise processes thus helping them to perform well and quicker.

Ready-made solution for emerging franchisee

So, you see with helpful tools and ready-made solution inside one integrated franchise software, there’s no need for the franchisor to struggle to reinvent the wheel. The software is smartly designed to help emerging franchise brand to gain financial effectiveness, streamline franchise system and plan for future growth, offering long-term value. For more information on this, you can either check out www.meetbrandwide.com or request for a demo.


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