Running a franchise business is more like a multi-tasking range of works starting from the onboarding franchisees, training of employees to making sales, for the franchisors. But with multiple franchise operations and tasks constantly coming up, makes it becomes difficult to develop a brand that’s both sellable and exclusive in form.

So, even if you’re enthusiastic and hardworking at the same time a big risk-taker, it is not always enough to achieve the success of the business you’re trying to establish. That’s more effective for emerging franchise business who encounters a range of challenges during the time of growing their franchise business. Thus, the franchisor must ensure a strong franchise system is used to manage the entire franchise network that falls under one franchise brand. Let’s check out what are the operational challenges that emerging franchises go through?

Three operational obstacles in an emerging franchise business

Let’s discover the major obstacles that emerging franchise owners encounter while managing their businesses and solution to it:

  1. Franchise Management

The long-term success of your franchise system is dependent highly on the communication between the franchisees and franchisor. Challenge comes up while keeping in pace with the appropriate communication term with each other and keeping franchisee units in the loop to determine every step of work. But by using Brandwide’s franchise hub you can effortlessly engage all your franchise units under a centralised communication hub.

Let’s take a look at how will you be benefitted with the feature:

  • Improved franchise engagements

A franchisor you can maintain an active engagement with your franchise units and enhance communication, promote collaboration and offer extended support at a reduced cost. The hub is basically a single platform for the franchise units to easily find and get access to a range of tools, database and engaging content which they need to grow their business. 

  • Building a community 

As a franchisor, you have the option to share your opinions, best practices through the hub with your franchisees so that they can collaboration and spark in action. 

  • Streamlined management of key tasks

A hub is a franchise management software refers to a portal from where the franchises can obtain resources to run their business or a place to store some useful documents that you as a franchisor can send to your franchise units. An emerging franchisor can manage their day to day sales related work, where you can see calendars, manage tasks. 

In a whole you can bring all your critical work into one single, secured, access control hub or libraries, centrally organise your operational manuals, sales and marketing needs, while managing your entire franchise business. 

  1. Libraries and Documents

If you’re contemplating franchising your present business, one of the most important work will be to document your operation for supporting and guiding your franchise units. It becomes important to guide them through meeting your business standards and execute the brand needs with complete integrity.

Most of the emerging franchise beginning towards franchising are faced with challenges while documenting their business. Having a franchise library or document feature within a franchise system may save a lot of your hassles. It serves as the core platform to convey the business standard and main procedures of your brands.

Take a glance at what these operational library or documents consist of:

  • Start-up details: It addresses all activities that are needed for a franchisee from the time they sign a franchise contract, to the time they onboard new franchise. The goal is to provide clarified instructions about the selection of sites and create requirements, approvals, marketing needs, timeframe and host of the administrating details.

  • Operational manuals: An operational document addresses the franchise limitations in the area of brand standards or any critical processes that may be required to accomplish areas such as finance, reporting, royalty fees and approvals. 

  • Employee training documents: As the franchisor wants to allow franchise units to efficiently mentor their staffs, most of the franchisor also needs to develop course materials that franchisees can use for training their staffs as well. 

  1. Franchise Onboarding and Training

One of the major challenges emerging franchisors face as it starts after the franchise contract is signed, is during onboarding new units and then training them. The success of each franchise units is highly dependent on the quality and consistency of workflow. It’s hard to organize franchise business if the units don’t function properly.

This is where franchise LMS solution comes into play. It has a range of benefits for emerging franchise business:

  • A franchise LMS helps to easily create training materials from video, web pages

  • It helps to easily involve the learners throughout the process of training through quizzes

  • Creates and monitors various levels of tests, evaluation and assessments.

  • Helps to track and examine the progress of training and outcome.

Finally, a franchise LMS frees the franchisors and their employees from following stringent schedules of classroom-based training, wherein allowing them with the flexibility to study the needful from their own comfort. It is quite liberating for the franchisee employees and it also reduces the cost investment in business for the franchisor.

Concluding Lines

With all of this franchise management, onboarding, and training just got a lot easier, isn’t it? Now the franchisor can have complete access to territory configuration, entire financial reports, royalty fees management and processing. Additionally, BrandWide’s software easily accommodates a franchise system to run your franchise business, streamlined into an all in one platform. Request for a demo, to get an insider look into the working of a franchise management system. 


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