A franchise business is like any other business that relies much on customers for achieving success. At the same time, if you’re an emerging franchisor, then you understand the importance of managing the relationships that you have with your franchise CRM Software units. It is your responsibility to be attentive, responsive and support to each of your franchise units to manage your important relationship with your customers. 

Now as you understand the importance of customer relationship, you find keeping up with your customers’ needs more challenging than fighting a difficult task. And the main reason behind that is the dependency on rudimentary tracking of sources, like using multiple spreadsheets, pen and paper, etc. In today’s distracted and super-fast era, everything works faster than ever, and it becomes easy to lose data, and misplace a paper as well as you might forget wherein the spreadsheet you have noted the important detail about your customer. 

The solution to this rising problem is simple, embrace franchise CRM software. It can make life much easier for your business and at the same time, multiply your franchise productivity. 

Let’s have a look at why does your franchisee business need a CRM software?

Does your franchise need one?

You know the challenges you face regarding communicating with your qualified leads and fixing a timely appointment with your customers. But I’m sure the question that coming in your mind right now is whether you at all need a franchise CRM? 

To have the best customer relationship as much as possible, customer relationship management software is necessary. An efficient franchise CRM software can help you communicate with your customer base and manage your relationships with customers. But can you use just any CRM?

The best or rightly selected CRM software will eventually show its results for itself, it does it by helping businesses boosting their profits over the period. The CRM software helps to store the lists of sales, as well as customer data which is the heart of any franchise business. 

At the same time, the best franchise CRM software allows you to segregate the customers according to the demography to establish strategic marketing techniques which are specific to the requirements of individual segments. An efficient franchise CRM system will enable you to identify different needs and demands made by the customers. 

If you’re not convinced yet, let’s have a look at the features of franchise CRM that helps your franchise business. 

How franchise CRM software boosts your franchise business? 

Process Automation

Every process or operation cannot be managed using a spreadsheet and allocated to every department. For achieving the ultimate success of your franchise, the operations must run smoothly on time. A franchise CRM software enables you to accomplish this by automating the redundant processes and time taking marketing tasks as well as customer relationship workflows. Thus, helping your sales team to save energy and time focus on high demanding tasks. 

Integration of franchise lifecycle

Franchisors need to keep track of the entire course of action that follows once you reward a franchise. But what happens after that? A franchise CRM gets smoothly integrated with the following stages of franchise lifecycle. And the credible feature of integration provides coherent APIs that gets the external data inside or out of the system to get it used somewhere else. The franchise CRM solution also offers an option of a built-in digital signature which is compatible with the accounting software and payment gateways. 

Campaign management

Another important benefit of franchise CRM? It allows you to have more projected and cost-efficient marketing efforts. By understanding the needs and attitude of your consumers, you can recognise the needs and demands of your clients, also you can determine the appropriate time to promote the campaign. A franchise CRM will also help you to send an email campaign to your customers and provide you with a deeper insight into the ones that are more profitable customer groups. Thus, by implementing email marketing campaigns and by sending text messages, it saves your time and money. 

Franchise leads and tracking of sources

Tracking of franchise leads and sources through social media, search engine and paid campaigns are important. As it allows your franchise units to determine where and how much fund is required to invest in marketing. At the same, the source tracking feature of a franchise business helps to determine the number of leads produced by each source and overall leads, that helps to evaluate the success rate of the franchise. Moreover, source tracking enables you to decide over the cost per lead and ROI of your franchise business. 

Reporting and Analysis

Analytics and reporting play an essential role in franchise decision making. Your franchise CRM allows you to collate the data, evaluate and report it in a sequential way. This helps to provide significant insight into your email campaigns, communication, and distribution channels as well as lead funnels. 

In a nutshell

So, you see, how a good franchise CRM software can increase your close ratio and drive your franchise profits. Also centralises all your lead and customer information so that the franchisor can have complete visibility on your business and provides access to big data. If you’re looking for more information and a free demo of our franchise CRM system, feel free to communicate with us. Get in touch with at www.meetbrandwide.com

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