We don’t think, we need to explain to you the advantage of having a franchise CRM software, but just in case you need one, we could say that CRM is marketing do all wonder for your business. Precisely, it helps you to manage all aspects of your sales funnel starting from cold contact to upselling. 

There are several software platforms out there in the market, that enables you to manage these important activities. But a franchise CRM software helps you to automate, evaluate and streamline the relationships that you have with your franchisees. 

The software industry at the same time has emerged exponentially and choosing a franchise CRM has turned overwhelming. At Brand Wide, we help emerging franchisors to select franchise CRM solution, customise and implement software for their firm. 

We offer an unbiased notion on determining which platform will match your needs and fall within your budget. If you’re currently looking to choose a franchise CRM software for your business, make sure ask the following questions:


Make sure you understand the needs of having a customizable platform before buying it. Ask the following to the vendors:

  • If you can add your own personalised fields? 

  • What kind of custom fields you can add? 

  • Can you create and save reports as well as filter it based on added custom fields? 

  • Does your CRM enable you to have a mail merge option in your email templates? 

  • Do you have the option to create your own customised dashboards full of visible reports? 

  • Is there any additional cost to create a customised report? 


Before you commit to a franchise CRM software, you need to understand if the software will save your time and money by automating some portions of your franchise business. So, make sure you ask the questions:

  • Can you create your own personalised workflows, such as setting up a task for corporate to set up a scheduled to communicate with your units? 

  • How many customised workflows you can have?

  • Is there any charge associated with workflows customisation?

  • Does the feature have native integration to tools? 

You could go on asking the question before you finally decide to have a specific franchise CRM platform. Rolling out to new technology to build a well-established franchise business with so many franchise units may seem really challenging. So, before making any specific decision, seek consultation with firms such as BrandWide that effectively understand the consequences and happenings within a franchise industry. 

Now let’s look at the features your best franchise CRM software, must have:

Top-level reporting on your entire franchise network

A franchise business takes several forms, from fast food network to business services, there is an endless franchise business that takes a new angle to show their business model are different from others. Using a franchise CRM software, you must have the option to rapidly configure and customise your reporting to a high level that fit the needs of your business processes. With your customised dashboard, you must be able to easily check through all the activities taking place within your franchise units. From top to bottom, your CRM must have the option to check all their performance to reports on revenue, sales and even check the reports on brand compliance in real-time. 

Complete visibility on performance

With all of your franchise units utilising franchise CRM software, they must be able to organise their business processes and track performance of each area. Such that, you get the instant accessibility to every aspect of every unit’s business performance. In this way, you will be able to cut down your expenses on franchise support and focus on areas that require your complete attention. 

Managing your franchise royalty fees

Several franchise businesses function on franchise royalty fees differently. No matter the way you charge royalty fees for your franchise units you should be able to effortlessly manage it using a franchise CRM solution. 

With complete control over management service on turnover, merchandise and service, to transfer cost on supplies or other inter- franchise billing, a franchise CRM must help you to set up and implement it easily. Such that by using the software you franchise units can inherently follow the processes. 

Organising your business data

 If you are an emerging franchise business, you already know the struggle, every week you read advice that inspires you to expand your business and you have ideas to put into work. But you still don’t know how to get them all done? And you even don’t know how you organise the multiple business data of your franchise. 

Automation is the readily built-up process that must come with the CRM you choose, that should help your business to operate most of the tasks. It will help you connect with other application and device that are already in use in order optimise redundant works, thus saving you tons of time. 

Key Takeaway

Luckily there are plenty of interesting features that come with a franchise CRM solution that will help you schedule appointments and automate most of your tasks. But if you don’t have proper knowledge about the features it offers, you can hardly find the right fitting software for your franchise business. BrandWide, is a successful software provider, fulling franchise needs for years. We’re passionate about helping brands to grow more authentic and help them remain connected with their customers. For better understanding schedule a free call with us. 

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