To demonstrate a product or service to be delivered, it is essential to portray its association with the business functioning itself. You can now manage and check all the working channels of the business organization with an integrated solution. It is the Franchise Management System. This software commonly helps the Franchisor and the Franchisees to dodge inconveniences and issues by settling it through a teamed up working atmosphere. The atmosphere serving all the transitional purposes of business working. To comprehend the offices given by the business association itself, the product has been shown through the outline of the Franchise Management System joined inside the business working of BrandWide. Here is a brisk design of the sales module.

Envision yourself to be the franchisor of a business with four franchisees. One at Las Vegas, one at Fermont, and the other two. You log in to the Franchisor’s sales management portal. You are currently associated with your sales activities into one focal working unit. Once you are through with the system, the first thing to pop up into your franchise business account is the calendar. The calendar is for the continuous channelization of your sales development. You can create appointments that would be scheduled for the exact time.

franchise management system

Lead management

Perhaps, as a franchisor, you would frequently want to check the status of leads for any of your franchisees. You can move ahead to visit it. The lead management portal shall give you a complete picture of the lead workflow. Whether a particular lead is at a position of qualifying, not interested, validation, or ready for signing. The leads that are in the position of signing will ask you to proceed with it. Once it is done, the documents already signed would be collected at a place and shown to you. The format of signing facilitated is the e-signing. This particular method is mainly to cover up the time and provide services with ease. It helps in keeping all data together.

Pipeline tracking

As a franchisor, you must be keen to know and learn about the various market or sales opportunities. The pipelines shall show you the stage where your sales process is situated at the very moment. The pipeline data includes information on the exact time and date established by an integral framework. The pipeline tracking shall await in this regard. The information of opportunities is already analysed and stored by the franchise management system automatically. All you have to do is click the one you want to track and have it in front of you. It shall aid in framing the organization’s prospect to ensure maximization of sales and sustainable profitability.

Quotation and invoices

Similar to the operation module, the quotation and invoices are available to you. These are the totality invoices. You can go through the details of the sales work. And, you can track the payment that is already done by each of the franchisees. You can immediately send them to QuickBooks for your understanding and revision.


It is one of the significant roles played by the franchise management system for the sales activities. There are multiple templates offered for you following the specifications. The specifications are sales email templates, marketing templates, templates of the agreement requiring a signature, call scripts, or SMS templates. Following your specifications, you can select the desired one from among and send it to the clients. The templates are curated previously and kept for you to use whenever required. Besides, the submission shall list it into the history for a further reversion. The emails can be of various types. Sometimes, cold emails are also made available among the template categories.


This segment of the sales recorded all data. You can frequently check the reports of the sales and the stage of its conversion. The reports including everything concerning sales operations. Customers reports are available here, which can help you take up the feedback for further business enhancement. These shall also help you to compare the sales growth of the company. The comparison is shown as per the execution of specific franchisees. It also helps to see which franchises are lagging.

Summing Up

Besides, you can check the workflow of all the units from the account of the franchisor itself. Or you can log in to the specific franchise unit. The workflow and status of the franchise will pop up. You can see whether it is in the training process or on-boarding. There are different stages of the workflow. You can even track whether one of the levels is complete or not. Now, hurry up and check it out or request for a demo for more details.

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