BrandWide has been a significant provider of the franchise management system to various business organizations and enterprises. But to offer with any service or products, it requires a sort of demonstration. Certainly, demonstrate of franchise Management Software stands valid for the franchise business itself. You would now be able to oversee and check all the working channels of the business association by an incorporated arrangement.

This service regularly helps the Franchisor and the Franchisees to evade bothers and issues by settling them through a collaborative working environment. The imperative climate filling all the temporary needs of business working. To appreciate the workplaces given by the business affiliation itself, the assistance has appeared through the blueprint of the Franchise Management System joined inside the business working of BrandWide. Here is a lively framework of the business marketing module.

Capture leads

The movement you get inside the marketing segment of your franchise management system account, the first thing to display on the screen is the marketing task that is due, intended to be done today, and the ones to carry out in the next, scheduled automatically. BrandWide has got a drag and drop landing page. This page is for capturing leads. It would show the social media points of the brand, the different icons, and many other options of personalization. For instance, you can add a different font or use a divider in the content, and so on. Simple web forms are available to fetch any customer data. Like email address, phone number, name, location, etc.

franchise management system

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the striking provisions offered by the franchise management system. You can either broadcast emails or carry out automated campaigns. The broadcast email is also known as e-blast. The software shall bring in front of you the complete data of the emails sent, the ones opened, and the number of emails that are left unopened by the receiver. The opens which are in spam dropped, or unsubscribed shall also be displayed. You can see the name of the campaign, the set target group, and the performance rate of the campaign. The automated campaign is usually a cold lead where a continuous chain of the process is automatically scheduled. After sending the mail, it waits and move ahead to revert and follow up with the lead, and further carry out the process accordingly. As a franchisor, you can carry out discussions or engage in necessary actions here. This facility assists in nurturing the marketing functionality.

franchise management system

Social marketing

This segment of the franchise management system links the business franchisees to the various online channels and social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, etc. The popular social media channels are mostly supported. Besides, you can also link other new upcoming channels of branding. The integrated application has a social calendar that schedules posts. Content curation is done automatically and posted at the exact scheduled time. Besides, you can even search for a customer, and check how many people are looking for your business posts. Drafts are curated. Various templates are offered. In the Social marketing portal, you can track the franchise business reach and engagements. You can get diverse insights from Social media channels. Options of posting or linking the performance of the franchisees are also available. Thus, enhancing your brand marketing.

franchise management system

Online reputation

This is BrandWide’s customized portal allocated by the franchise management solution of the company itself. This portal is used for review and listing management. The major aspect of the online repudiation portal is to check what are the marketing problems being faced by the business organization in general and the franchisees in particular. And, thus provide with necessary solutions. Mainly, this segment is applied for the automated nurturing of cold leads.

franchise management system

Marketing dashboards

Like the operation or sales module, the marketing module also incorporates a dashboard. The dashboard gives an easy layout of the gathered market trends and demands. The number of customers that the franchisees can fetch, the top-ranking franchise in marketing, and much more.

franchise management system

There is also a segment of reports within the marketing module of the franchise management system. It helps in recording all information. You can continually check the reports of the deals and the phase of its change. The reports including everything concerning deals tasks. The Client’s reports are accessible here. The reports can assist you with taking up the input for further business improvement. These reports will likewise assist you to look at the business marketing of the organization executed by the particular franchisees. Therefore, you can track the ones which are slacking.

It’s time to grow your brand higher. So, don’t procrastinate more request for demo today and learn more about BrandWide’s franchise management system!

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