There are millions of people researching for franchise opportunities every year, but hardly any of them become the buyers. So, it seems quite clear that without leads, your business will surely fail. There are 2 million people out of which 1 million people who become franchise candidate every year, but amongst then only 13,000 becomes franchise buyers. Hence to expand an iconic brand, you need to serve these 13,000 franchise buyers. But your complete effort will go down in vain, if you can’t sell your franchises at the same time you can’t make any money. It can be really challenging to find the right strategy to bring in the qualified leads, and convert them into solid sales. Even if you’ve been working in a franchise environment for years, it’s time to refresh your strategy to a smart franchise sales lead generation.. Here are the six ways for boosting your franchise lead generation efforts.

franchise sales lead generation

Six Data drove hacks to generate franchise sales leads

So, no matter what strategies you have used till now, incorporate these six smart hacks and unlock more qualified sales lead in 2020. Are you ready?

Then let’s dive into it!

  • Be in touch with the potential customers

When you go up in your business, making deals and making more money you might oversee what your target franchisors are seeking for in franchise brand. It’s advisable not get too messed up in other things that you forget to keep a note on your target customers need and their wants. You need to have strategies prepared to get your story out of them. In this highly technological world, having franchise development software containing some tools of digital market features can be helpful. However, getting the right software requires a lot of research.

  • Consider Having a franchise hiring website

An essential part of franchise sales leads generation is the franchise hiring website. The thing is it doesn’t matter from where your potential buyer first came to know about you, they ultimately need to end up at your website for all the related information and get it started. Because, it is a crucial part of the recruitment process, where you need to sure that the site speaks directly to the potential franchise purchasers needs and concerns. Also, you need to ensure they stay in your site and willing to make conversation to the sale person.

At the same time, don’t forget to have a mobile version of your website, as because most of the people nowadays conduct their searches on a mobile device. So, make sure you make the site easy to access and navigate. If you don’t know how to get started with it, or looking to improve your existing one, click here.

  • Get help from a franchise development company

One of the major mistakes that most of the franchisors does is having one individual to manage both customer marketing and franchise development. While hiring an advertising executive might be an excellent choice for creating campaigns for your customers and services. But the same approach may not be applicable for individuals interested to own a franchise. So, it’s better if you consider help from a franchise development company to work with your sales, marketing and franchise operation and help you grow your franchise sales lead generation. These companies work closely with the franchisors to retain qualified leads and held them to identify a suitable brand. An expert franchise development company will starkly know how to tailor messages that directly speak to people thinking to buy a franchise.

  • Spend some time on referrals

Not just you, we’re all somehow looking to save money. But if you want to earn more by investing on your buck, you’re at the right place. Sometimes, spending a small amount of money can bring you back a lucrative profit. Yes, you heard it right! Referrals are one of the most affordable ways to franchise sales lead generation. This is because once you invest in a referral, they encourage others to promote your franchise system for you. It is perhaps the best ways to get others to promote your franchise software is by establishing value so that others can experience the advantages and opportunities inherent to your brand. Thus, the users will be emotionally and financially satisfied to talk about your brand with others. For example, start by offering monetary discounts, bonus for the referral that closes on franchise contract.

  • Work with the marketing department

Did you know that most of your franchise sales come from online platforms? Where else do you think brokers and franchise portals find their leads from? Most of their leads and audiences come from Google searches and social media ads, such as LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads. In fact, they are better at boosting your traffic and converting them into qualified prospects than you are.

If you just build a website, don’t think your leads are just going to come. A franchise hiring website cannot magically bring qualified franchise leads to your sales team. Your sales and marketing team must work hand in hand to engage with prospects. Let’s have a look in too few marketing strategies you must consider for franchise sales lead generation:

  • Email Campaigns: Creating email campaigns can help you better engage with your prospects. You need to keep them updated with relevant news about your company, invite them to events, encourage them to reach out to you with queries. If a prospect shows interest but you forget to respond them back, you’re likely to lose your leads forever.

  • Content marketing: A study by Forbes, reveals that Content marketing is a promotional method to create and convey appreciated, pertinent, constant content to retain a distinct traffic. Content, as you know, is the king of everything. Starting from blogs, articles, e-book, white papers, video, you can use all of these content strategies to attract new prospects for your brand.

  • PPC advertisement: Even if you a very meagre budget for your paid advertising, it has the potential to go a long way. Using Google AdWords, you can target your keywords and phrases for people searching for franchising and thus you can guide them to your franchise hiring site.

  • Social media: Social media is a very essential part of every business now. This is because it’s an incredible source of storytelling and conveying news. Showcasing your existing franchise events in social media, to represent how exciting it is to be a part of your business can be a useful way to franchise sales lead generation.

  • Use a streamlined technology

The more you grow, the more difficult it becomes for you to keep track of your leads using multiple spreadsheets. To your help, there is a range of franchise development tools that are designed to assist you and your team in growing your brand in an organized and efficient way. Not just that, a franchise development tool will help you to manage every aspect of your franchise lead engagement process. A good franchise sales lead generation system will need to have a CRM and automated workflow, email campaigns, source tracking and reporting system to make your work easy.

To sum up

Finally, the combination of these integrated public relations strategy can be a superior way to convey awareness on boosting franchise sales lead generation and ultimately to grow your brand. To learn more about it get in touch with us at

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