How franchise software feature can simplify your franchise campaign

Bad team coordination, campaign disorganization, and a lack of a central place for projects/tasks all lead to less-than-stellar performance in marketing. As the workweek progresses, communicating your importance to stakeholders becomes more challenging, and the team fails to remain on the same page. “How can I handle and coordinate all of my tasks, campaigns, and editorial preparation in one place using franchise software?” you might wonder.

Franchise Software for Marketing Calendar

Marketing managers are in charge of putting together well-thought-out project/editorial strategies for their teams to carry out. Where do they start when deadlines loom? The solution begins with marketing software such as BrandWide’s Marketing Calendar. It’s the only way to keep track of all of your projects in one place. BrandWide has an actionable Marketing Calendar that helps you to see, plan, and share your marketing and gain control of the franchise software operation. It allows marketing teams to quickly schedule, coordinate, and publish marketing projects, allowing them to meet deadlines while doing further work. Let us read more to find out some great details about the same.

Organizing the entire marketing process 

BrandWide is a marketing platform that replaces haphazard marketing solutions that leave you feeling disorganized and disconnected. Life as a marketer can be unpredictable and messy when you’re constantly tasked with several tasks from various stakeholders with impending deadlines. But what if you could be more organized, make better use of your resources, and see all of your tasks at the same time? You’d be better prepared to show marketing value and get more work done with less tension. Here’s how BrandWide will assist you. The calendar view in BrandWide helps your whole team to see what you’re working on. Any mission that each team member is responsible for is visible to them. Consolidating marketing project and workflow management by visualizing all tasks in one location.


Scheduling everything in a single place

WordPress, HubSpot, and prominent social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr all work seamlessly with BrandWide. All of your blog posts and social media promotion can be created and scheduled from one central location. Specific social media posts or large-scale social media initiatives may also be produced and planned. And BrandWide isn’t just for online marketing, social media, WordPress blog entries, and web pages. You can use Evernote to coordinate your internal notes and reports while also linking your BrandWide Marketing Calendar to common franchise management software.

Planning and scheduling of the project

Any marketing team’s deadlines and plans will inevitably change. Moving assignments and changing deadlines is easy with BrandWide’s drag-and-drop marketing calendar. It’s as easy as a touchpad click to shift an entire project from one day to the next. When you switch a project from one date to another, it syncs the whole project, and all related material such as social media posts, comments, and tasks.

Workflow and task management

Inside BrandWide, Job Templates are reusable checklists that you can save. They keep track of project assignments, including who is responsible for each task and when it is due. These Task Templates save time while delegating work and ensure that each job is completed completely and on time. When you assign a due date to each assignment, the task-designated team member receives an email the day before the task is due. This guarantees that the work is finished on time and that the project is not delayed.

Automation of social media marketing

Scheduling social media messages manually takes time. You can build, publish, and calculate every post in one position with BrandWide’s franchise management software Marketing Calendar, and see what’s going out when. To get the most out of your digital platforms, you can easily link a particular group of social communications to a project and coordinate multiple social messages. You can build Social Templates in BrandWide. They’re flexible social media posting plans, so you can make one and save it to avoid having to repeat the process the next time you want to schedule social media posts.

Improving team collaboration

Many marketing teams struggle with inadequate coordination, mission delegation uncertainty, and low engagement. This lapse in effective coordination, though unintended, results in a non-collaborative climate. With BrandWide’s Marketing Calendar, you can be a part of an effective marketing team that communicates efficiently. BrandWide lets you keep track of your content ventures right in the calendar. You can use whatever tools the team likes. This will assist the team in integrating their current work patterns into BrandWide. Your whole team will be operating from the same content copy. You can avoid the hassle of emailing back and forth among your team because BrandWide’s agile interface promotes collaboration.

Final thoughts

The BrandWide marketing calendar is the only all-in-one solution that allows you to use the right resources for the job while still enhancing your company. Contact us today and try out a demo.

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