Create and assign marketing tasks using BrandWide franchise software

Setting precise, measurable, realistic, important, and time-bound targets for your franchise is the key to success as a franchise owner. This allows the company to develop, expand, and become more successful. Create a franchise marketing solution that works at both the corporate and local levels should be one of the top priorities. Yes, it can be difficult. Market areas, population demographics, and local rivalry would almost certainly vary. But these are the challenges you’ll face, which is why you need a franchise software in Canada to approach that works across the board.

To set up the marketing solutions, you need to create and assign marketing tasks. This can be done with the help of the BrandWide franchise software. This franchise software in Canada has got several dashboards along with separate interfaces and dashboards to create and assign tasks separately for every unit. As such, it becomes quite easy to create a robust marketing plan. Let us dig deeper to find out some more details regarding the same.

First of all, sign into your account using Franchise Software

Log into the stage using the Franchisor’s account and choose from a variety of tasks. You have now integrated the entire company work process into a single focal working unit. You will see how the franchisees are doing. One may be accessible at the time of the establishment’s situation, whilst the others have completed the onboarding period. Another one will be buying with the preparation of the internet. These are the stages of the job process that have changed. When you’re done with the previous, you’ll see the information you need to proceed. You will carry the detailed records of company tasks here.

Check for yourself the different marketing tasks

You will see your current and future errands and plans. Previous errands can also be tracked. The BrandWide Franchise Software in Canada is set up in such a way that the marketing tasks conform to the basic step of the work process. Your tasks will be made automatically until you arrive at a specific point. If and when you finish it, the product will request that you return to the completed errands by an agenda in a fraction of a second. By responding to these, you will advance to the next level. You may also add notes to this loop. This will help you to properly assign and organize the marketing tasks with the help of the BrandWide franchise software.

Franchise Software in Canada

Schedule the texts easily

Use of automated information collection and analysis makes text booking a viable option. You should make your decision over the phone or by email to your reps and franchisees. As a result, you can choose the appropriate format from your saved classifications and submit it to any or all of your contacts. If there were to be a spike in calls, the system would also encourage computerized recording. Finally, these submit texts, messages, and phone calls will be archived in the collection of interactions. This unique viewpoint complements the activities scheduled by the BrandWide Franchise Software in Canada in the undertakings and arrangements field. Once done, the messages will be delivered in a proper fashion to the marketing team by the franchise software who will then get a clear idea of the different types of marketing tasks.

Listing of the other documents

Along with the scheduling of texts to assign market tasks, the BrandWide franchise software also records any type of extra contacts for easy assigning of the tasks. These contacts might include contact postings, consistence postings or any other form of documents. Once they are listed, the franchise software in Canada can help to alter these documents and tabs according to the preferences and necessities of the franchise business and assign the marketing tasks accordingly.

Fetching the invoices and different quotations

You may usually review the sovereignty solicitations as a Franchisor. The general solicitations of all franchisees. You can certainly give them to QuickBooks right now. It is your responsibility to keep track of your clients’ instalment records in one location. Any relation or concept that should have been decided upon is included in the citation. Alternatively, the franchisees might show you any other registered archives. Invoices and quotations are crucial while assigning the marketing tasks as they have a direct effect on the sales and marketing reports. While assigning the tasks by the franchise software, they should be considered properly.

Check the dashboard regularly

The dashboard will contain all the significant data and reports relate to marketing and sales of the franchise business. You can check across various units of the franchise business and update them accordingly. You can also assign the marketing tasks based on these reports.

Summing Up

BrandWide franchise management software is a go to for creation and setting up of the marketing tasks of the franchise. If you require any more information, please feel free to contact us.

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