As a franchisor, you have a range of options when it comes to franchise management. You can run your franchise yourself, employ a business specialist to handle your distribution supply chain, or use Franchise management Tools to outsource your sales. The first thing that comes to mind, at least at first, is to do all of the franchise transactions on your own. You soon learn that keeping track of revenue across various locations can be a challenging challenge. Along with this, accurate reporting of all the sales and operations can look quite daunting for any franchise owner. Not anymore! We have brought you the BrandWide franchise software to assist you with all the reporting and stuffs. Not only does this software aid in accurate reporting, it also helps to properly keep a track of all the sales, documents and the revenue. Now, let us jump into some smart ways to get the accurate reporting matrix using the BrandWide franchise software.

Conversion Reports

For most companies, conversion reports are arguably the most valuable reports. These reports inform you how much the platform enables users to accomplish predefined targets (also known as “conversions”). Conversions, such as orders and signups, are useful measures of whether your website and marketing campaigns are working for you. Conversion reports will inform you how well each of your website’s targets is performing. They grant you the opportunity to:

  • Keep track of user behavior on your site that suggest a company target has been reached.

  • Analyze the conversion patterns of your average traffic or various parts of your population (# of conversions / # of users).

  • Analyze conversion funnels to see if consumers give up on finishing a conversion.

With the BrandWide franchise software in position within your franchise, you can easily check for all the conversion reports. You will also have the access of various dashboards and interfaces where you can check these reports easily. Now, that will look certainly interesting!

Franchise software

Franchise software

Pipeline Reports

The value and quantities of all deals in each point of the pipeline at the time the report is run are shown in a pipeline report. Pipeline reports aid sellers in keeping track of the status of each offer and deciding if they have an acceptable deal delivery to achieve their sales goals. The franchise software from BrandWide helps the franchise owners to take care of the sales funnel as well as the pipeline reports. Different interfaces are present for different franchisees where they can view their individual pipeline reports, track them and make changes to them accordingly.

Royalty Report

Royalty report can be defined as the complete list or a well written report of various details which include number, description, aggregate, selling prices along with the total sales of the products which are licensed. This type of report allows the franchise owner and the clients to get a detailed understanding of all the payments, investments, royalties and much more. This is one of the crucial components while measuring report structures for a franchise business. But, maintaining the royalty report manually is a tiring job as several things need to be considered while preparing it. As such, the BrandWide franchise software provides complete automation for preparing this royalty report. It allows for easy insertion and deletion and prepares the reports according to the preferences of the franchise owner and the clients.

Compliance Matrix

A compliance matrix, also known as a compliance traceability matrix, is a useful cross-referencing method in the proposal production process. It helps proposal administrators by aiding them in ensuring that the proposal is published in line with the RFP (RFP). It’s a key paper because putting together a compatible plan is the first step in winning the contract. But, maintaining and preparing a compliance matrix can also get quite complex for the proposal managers since it requires number of insertions and deletions. For this, the BrandWide Franchise software can be used by the franchise managers to meet the requirements of the matrix and list the details wherever required in the matrix. Separate dashboards also allow for easy visualization of the matrix so that changes can be made if necessary.

Compliance Report

An enforcement report is produced by a corporation to indicate that it complies with governing bodies and government agencies’ guidelines, requirements, legislation, and regulations. It’s a vital report because failure to comply will result in administrative penalties such as fines and incarceration. For any franchise, it is quite necessary to comply to the rules and regulations. The BrandWide franchise software assists the franchises to maintain the compliance. It also has a mechanism to warn the franchise owners if the franchise is not complying with the rules and regulations.

Final Thoughts

Thus, you can see certain ways with the help of which you can easily create accurate reporting matrix with the franchise software. There are several other reports like relation matrix report, call report and SMS report among others which the franchise software takes care of. If you want any more information, feel free to contact us directly or try out a demo today.

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