The effectiveness of your franchise recruiting activities is based on the use of a franchise software system. It will assist you and your team in growing your brand in a systematic manner, handling all aspects of franchisee applicant interaction, and it can integrate seamlessly with the rest of your operations. If you’re looking for a development system for your franchise, or if you’re reviewing one you already have, make sure it has these features.

Having a franchise software to smoothen up your franchise recruitment efforts will really bring huge benefits of your franchise. You can choose from the different dashboards or units and focus on whom to choose and whom to leave out. The best part is everything is completely automated and works seamlessly. Let us dig in more to find out some more details.

Workflow automation with franchise software

With the help of the franchise software, it becomes possible to completely automate the workflows and recruitment processes. Workflows are a crucial component of the lead management system and the recruitment system of the franchise. Designing and implementing workflows would allow you to configure the system to your particular processes and decide what activities occur at each stage, all in the hopes of increasing lead conversion.

Automate low-value or repetitive tasks to maximize productivity and allow the sales team to concentrate on higher-value activities like recognizing applicant motives and moving the awarding process forward. You can automate the sending and recording of correspondence and the setting of follow-up tasks by mapping a method and setting triggers. Detailing workflows and implementing automation can standardize tasks and reporting across the brand, allowing you to track results about recruitment efforts on a regular basis.

Franchise Software

Franchise Software

Smart Groups using franchise software

A franchise software solution will help you to develop smart groups and work on them effectively. Smart groups in franchise software allow you to automatically segment leads based on common characteristics, enabling you to reach out to several leads at once. You might, for example, create franchise candidate buyer personas and send messages to each one at the top of the funnel. Perhaps you work as a sales manager in a particular geographical area and want to tag the leads in your territory. Another use of smart groups is to tag leads that you aren’t interested in contacting right now – maybe due to geographic or financial limitations – but may be in the future. Creating groups based on where the leads come from – also known as their “source” – is, of course, often useful.

Status tracking with franchise software

You can also take the help of franchise software for better and efficient status tracking. As a franchisor, you’ll need a lead management system designed specifically for franchising that has franchise-specific lead status updates and monitors the events that those statuses cover – preferably as part of your franchise software framework. The following are some of the statuses that franchisors require:

  1. when the nominee is a “fresh lead” (i.e., one who has not yet been approached by the sales team)
  2. when the candidate is in the process of being certified
  3. when the candidate has signed an agreement
  4. when the candidate is qualified but has been unresponsive

You’ll also want the opportunity to distribute and monitor receipt of your brand’s FDD electronically, as well as file an Item 23 receipt with the candidate’s file. Changing a lead’s status can, in principle, activate automated workflow tasks like sending the candidate details related to the stage of the sales cycle they’re in or assigning key tasks to be performed at this stage. You should also be able to monitor the amount of time spent in each status so that you can regularly check the sales funnel for candidates who are falling behind and change strategies as needed.

Use franchise software for better campaigns

Having a franchise software installed in your franchise will help you with the campaigns. At campaigns, franchise creation and marketing collide. Develop email campaigns as part of the recruiting workflow to quickly transfer leads across the sales cycle. Make sure you can use customized connections, create automated email responses, and create trigger-based delivery schedules without leaving the franchise CRM software. All initiatives should be tracked in the candidate’s contact history, and text campaigns should be a choice as well. Campaigns need some setup process, but they will save you resources and money over the long term, time to focus more energy on the candidates that will work for your brand.

Source tracking using franchise software

One of the biggest benefits of using a franchise software for your franchise is to aid in efficient and proper source tracking. Where you invest your marketing, dollars is directly influenced by where your leads come from (at least it should). It’s important to know how your leads find your brand, whether it was via social media, a paid media campaign, a recommendation, or a case. Any lead in your CRM should have its source tagged when it is entered, whether it is done automatically or manually.

You should be able to compare the number of leads generated per source (and how far into the sales cycle each one went) with the amount of money spent on each source to calculate your cost per lead and ROI per lead source until all is monitored. Another advantage of a franchise CRM developed specifically for franchising is that leads are automatically added from franchise brokers and portals.

Final thoughts

Your franchise cannot move forward without a proper recruitment process. You need to get knowledge about the best leads and the best candidates and you cannot do it on your own. This is where you will require the franchise software. Not only it helps with the recruitment process but also assist to develop your franchise brand. If you have any more queries, feel free to contact us directly or visit our website.

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