You must take control of certain activities and plans in order to plan and organize some kind of project for your franchise. This can be accomplished with the assistance of franchise management tools. Starting a business is a big risk and requires a lot of trial and error, but not everyone wants to do it. If you’re up for the challenge and want to extend your franchise options, franchise software, which is software that helps you to develop the brand in a systemic way, is one of the best strategies you can use. From the start, the franchise program allows for careful project preparation, as well as recording and organization of the franchise project. Franchise software is a platform that helps franchisers and franchisees communicate with marketing, sales earnings, branding, CRM, inventory control, and other topics.

The software helps franchisees grow their companies by assisting them in recruiting new franchisees, capturing prospective leads and converting them into clients, tracking job results with real-time analytics, and streamlining operations. Let us read more to find out some additional details about the same.

Franchise Software

Franchise Software

Easily scale up the sales with franchise software

Using a franchise software for your franchise business can help to effectively scale up the sales of the business. When you look at the franchise industry now, it’s hard to believe that the first franchise stores used manual cash registers to ring up orders. They have used their hands to measure the product numbers. And franchisees relied on guesswork to determine consumer preferences and patterns. Can you imagine running your company the way you did in the past? No way, particularly as technology is integrated into virtually every aspect of your franchise business, allowing you to stay on top of the new developments, educate your employees, and increase profits.

Customer satisfaction is facilitated by BrandWide’s franchise software, which has promotional marketing strategies that make it simple to attract additional consumers to units. Our lead management features help keep new leads waiting at your door and opportunities going through your sales cycle across the year for franchise owners seeking to build their brand.

Improve the customer service with franchise software

Having the BrandWide franchise software in your franchise business allows for better and enhanced customer service. When you streamline all of your communications, you’re effectively transmitting all of your current leverage to your marketing staff, management group, and, most importantly, your clients. Aside from that, with franchise operations tools, managing the email becomes a breeze. You simply place the message and scheduling in the hands of your staff and customers with the right CRM integrated tool, account management, invoice, and project management functionality.

Enhance the inventory levels of your franchise using franchise software

With the help of the franchise software, you can effectively ramp up the inventory levels of your franchise business. It’s a franchisee’s greatest nightmare: you’ve put an order, and the manufacturers have approved it. The dealer has everything he needs to get started. Your storage facility is also ready. However, so there’s the blowout! If a flaw in the batch is discovered at the last minute, the wait will be at least a week or more. This is only one example; in a franchise industry, problems like this are normal. These problems also result in sales loss, inconvenient paperwork, and major brand harm.

Using franchise operations software, which offers an accurate analysis of your products at all stages of the supply chain, is one of the simplest ways to improve your inventory and supply chain dealings. Feature-rich apps, such as BrandWide, can allow you to track vast volumes of data on a centralized portal, allowing you to keep track of critical activities like forecasting, managing onboarding operations, and monitoring seasonal patterns to avoid shortages and maximize demand.

Leave out any sort of unrelated tasks with franchise software

You’re also aware that the new global economic climate is difficult for all companies, even franchises. The COVID-19 is plunging the global economy into a quagmire. We recognize why company owners all over the world are concerned. Administrative layoffs can still exist, no matter what position you’re in, whether you’re operating remotely or in a physical shop. They can range from mundane data processing activities to manual reporting. However, with BrandWide’s franchise software, you can easily combat the unnecessary work that every business owner despises. Make the company a multi-channel tech platform that allows you to receive automated reports, auto-generated email campaigns to deal with customers, and full control into your entire franchise process.


By now, I feel that you have got a clear idea of the advantages that the franchise software provides to your franchise business. Once you start using it, you will get to know more about the same. If you are interested, do not hesitate to give us a call or visit our website for more information.

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