Effective decision making changes the ballgame of a franchise business altogether! Undoubtedly, rising in the graph. But, for making strategic decisions that can stimulate the franchise growth, proper data collection and analysis stands crucial. On top of that, a franchise business includes numerous franchise units. Collecting exact data from each of the franchisee situated across different geographic locations is way beyond imagination. Not really! Coming into action franchise management software

Transparency is its call, efficiency is its goal. Thus, helping franchisor and franchisees to make effective decisions and position the brand rightly in the different market demographics. In turn, grasping the opportunity of increasing the revenue. Both bottom line and top line, how is the question that is likely to come up next. My friend that is what we are here to discuss!

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Let us dive into the deep to search for the respective process.

  • Getting the right metrics of brand profiles

To set an edge in the diverse market environments, it is essential to learn where the brand is currently positioning. Can the franchise reach out to the target groups? Is there any customer looking for your service? Is there any negative reviews regarding the franchise service or product? Or, are there any recommendations? And many more queries to clear about. In this regard, the franchise management software allocates the right metrics of the brand profile in various platforms.

  • Tracking the reach and engagement across social media channels

The social marketing tools that the software offers can help you track who is searching for your service or product. The corporate can clearly check the reach and engagement of the profile and the campaign materials. You can interact with these leads in real-time and measure their further engagement. Moreover, all of these leads automatically move to the CRM. So, the franchise has the scope of nurturing them with automated follow-up.

  • Reports of the brand’s current online position

There are certainly myriads of reviews posted regarding your brand on the online platforms. Establishing the fact that online searches and ordering is taking a peak with time. How will you improvise your strategies if there is no proper proof of the brand’s online reputation? There is a way out! That’s the franchise management software. It monitors online reviews and process a report concerning the current brand’s position. Now, you can check the negative feedbacks and improve your franchise services service accordingly.

  • Real-time visibility of Sales and Marketing data

Sales and marketing data can assist you to see the individual performance of your franchise units. Then, you can predict accurate sales forecast and run the reports for your sales team. However, you need to analyze the sales and marketing data to serve the purpose. Usually, transparency is a major issue that may appear in this context. You do not always get proper reports to proceed with an effective analysis. Why not use franchise management software to guide you through? Perhaps, risk management is much easier now!

  • Sales and marketing dashboard

The dashboard is the most significant aspect of the software. It automatically collects and holds sales and marketing reports across all franchise units. Such a feature is capable enough to eliminate transparency issues and allows the corporate to assess individual performances of all the franchisees which are distant apart from the head office.

  • 360-degree visibility of leads

When the franchise software puts leads into the CRM, it is completely visible to you. From a single screen, you can fetch a 360-degree view of the leads locating at different places. At the same time, you can track the sales pipeline. Thus, check whether the leads are qualifying, giving validation or not interested to avail of your franchise service. Further, advocating the decision making process.


  • Fetching the trending Industry news

While executive-level decision making is concerned, the most crucial move is to be constantly updated about the Industry. You need to be aware of your competitors, their marketing strategies, the innovations brought about in the definite sector, and much more. What if you get daily news concerning the respective industry? Certainly, it will be easier for you to frame your further business processes accordingly. Exactly what the software provides! The News Hub tool gives relevant and trending news across the franchise, both for the franchisor and franchisees to stay up-to-date.


  • A complete visibility of the training progress

A franchise business relies on its work force. Likewise, the progress of a franchise business organization relies on the progress of its franchisees and employees. That occurs only when a training program is established. But, how can you track the training progress if not checked frequently? With this software, you can acquire a complete visibility of the training progress and compare them anytime.


  • Tracking the operations of franchise units

Day-to-day operations within franchise units are mostly not possible to know in details. Considering the vast chain of workforce involved in the functioning, very few information reaches to the top. Not the case anymore! By getting the franchise management software, you can track each activity taking place in your franchise business.

  • Workflows and job status

Firstly, the software helps you to track the different workflows. For every task, a step-by-step workflow is laid out right in the platform. Also, you can see till which stage a particular task is undertaken. Once a stage is complete, it moves to the next automatically. Parallel to this, you can get a real-time access of the job status and staff locations in the field. All present and future tasks lay infront of you to assess and decide wisely. If any task remains incomplete, you can immediately reassign it.

  • Files shared by the franchise units

The collaborative platform offered by the software intuits franchise units to share files across the franchise. In this way, they can grow collectively by sharing the best ideas and practices among themselves. And at the same time, you, as a franchisor can know which mechanism is working the best and which is not. Therefore, asking and advising changes to the franchise units respectively.


Once transparency is achieved and work process are organized and in place, executive-level decision making is bound be impactful. No longer is it necessary to travel across different locations or recruit spies in the field to extract information. All information, interactions, and changes are available at a central place for you to look over from anywhere and at anytime. As a result, making the right decision at the right time.

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