Franchise management software is a module-based solution meant for offering tools to manage operations, train employees, generate and manage franchise leads, strategize marketing, and many more.

Its all-encompassing software used to manage the different facets of a franchise. It’s composed of a selection of modules that carry out the following principal functions.

  • They streamline interactions between franchisors and franchisees.

  • They join forces among franchisors and franchisees for smooth franchise operations.

  • They acquire information from commonly used data points and help bring down redundancies.

  • They assist with improved reporting and analysis.

  • They standardize operations.

Launching a franchise is one of the proven ways for organizations to easily and quickly sneak into existing and new markets. Thus franchise development is considered a high priority when it comes to new as well as established franchisors.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

The franchise management software facilitates meeting the above-mentioned objective through its franchise development module. It offers a platform that works on intuitive technology. It puts you at the wheel to help you get recognized as an industry leader.

Through the franchise development module of the software, you can set aside considerable time to contact prospects. The main administrative tasks are performed by the software only.

Adding scalability to your franchise via franchise management software

With the franchise development module in place, you can elevate your franchise operations to newer heights in the following manner.

  • It can customize sales processes in accordance with specific customer or client needs.

  • It can automatically generate sales pipeline reports which in turn are directly sent to your email. It doesn’t allow you to lose information about key metrics.

  • It comes up with customizable and intuitive reporting dashboards and analytics to help you take a look at key performance indicators – all in one place.

  • It renders glitch-free integration with different lead portals thereby getting the right leads automatically populated in your system so that you and your team can directly start working on them.

  • It sets up easy and systematic communication with potential leads and brokers.

  • It allows you to place orders depending on inventory levels. It establishes direct communication with the supply chain and thereby optimizes it.

  • It sends out alert triggers when new leads are tracked to speed up the process of contacting them.

  • It makes sure all the leads are secured via the sales process.

  • It provides assistance to your franchisees in a proactive manner to make their financial performance better.

  • It generates customizable and visually appealing templates to implement, launch, and monitor email marketing campaigns.

  • It regularizes the information that prospects or leads will receive through the creation and implementation of responsive email marketing campaigns.

  • It helps in the consolidation of various productive activities along with recruitment in one standalone platform thereby removing the need to employ third-party software, plug-ins, and add-ons.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Here are a few key features of franchise management software

  • Brand coherence

It helps keep your brand consistent and compliant. Consistency and compliance are key components of franchise development and marketing. The ideal franchise management software retains this goal intact by ensuring all essential marketing components are accessible from a single location.

  • Automated workflows

Workflows are looked up as important elements of a franchise. The process to chart, design, and implement an all-inclusive workflow calls for an innovative platform. This is provided by the franchise software.

Automated workflows help in the following manner.

  • They convert low-value, repetitive tasks into freely running operations thereby increasing efficiency.

  • They enable sales teams to concentrate on core business tasks and garner maximum profits.

  • Multichannel marketing

Since franchise development marketing always passes across one another at campaigns, the involvement of email marketing campaigns is key to underpin franchise workflow processes by successfully transferring leads via the sales funnel to convert them into paying customers.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Therefore, franchise management software helps out in the following.

  • Scheduling deliveries based on triggers

  • Conveying personalized links to clients and customers

  • Transmitting automatically generated email responses

  • Sending text campaigns

  • Reduced production times

To bring down production time and increase efficiency the need for removing obstacles is imperative. Franchise management software perfectly adapts and grows with your business. The software empowers franchisors to include new users and add new locations without causing any disruption to the existing workflows. It also makes digital asset management possible to ensure speedier correspondence.

  • Reporting capability

The efficacy of franchise management software lies in the fact that it offers comprehensive reporting capabilities like creating, customizing, and analyzing reports. It has a built-in intuitive tool that comes up with real-time, valuable reporting insights into main business aspects such as:

  • External communications

  • Internal communications

  • Lead sources

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Workflows

Sales funnels

At BrandWide we have an in-depth understanding of the way in which franchises work. We offer cutting-edge franchise management software to streamline the process, reduce cost, and ensure overarching franchise development. We assist you by offering a complimentary live demo per request.

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