Managing franchisees is a highly challenging task. This is because in nearly all cases the franchises are spread across many cities. Software for franchise management empowers franchisors to control multiple locations and outlets efficiently.

Replete with premium features the software helps bridge the communication gap between the franchisors and franchisees besides encouraging them to adopt a collaborative approach to handle operations. It provides insightful reporting and analytics that can be acted upon with favorable impact. It also helps in inventory control and optimization.

Occasionally, the software is termed as franchise lead management software as it has a contribution to contact leads and convert them into paying customers. Software for franchise management has centralized command control. It acts as the fuel to grow and flourish your business. Often, the software is loaded with ingenious technologies such as AI which helps automate lots of mundane, labor-intensive jobs.

Here are ways by which franchise management software helps improve your business.

By ensuring your brand remains consistent and compliant

The two elements namely, consistency and compliance are integral to the franchise marketing business. They send off a powerful marketing message right from the core.

The right software for franchise management can accomplish this goal by making sure all essential marketing ingredients are accessible from a single centralized location.

The software comes up with all training materials, resources, guidelines, and support franchisees are in need of to succeed in the field.

As a matter of fact, every franchise abides by certain audit checklists and standards laid down by the industry. So, when it comes to outlet inspections the software makes the whole process plain-sailing for the franchisees.

The software ensures all outlets are supporting the capability of storing a broad-based array of information. This enables the franchisor to utilize the database as a benchmark to inspect compliance and track performance.

The software provides several other data such as:

  • Sales tracking

  • Personnel details

  • Performance analysis

  • Inventory

The software makes it possible for the franchisor to detect inconsistencies with clarity while maintaining all processes and operations under thorough control.

By automating workflows

For every franchise business, automated workflows are believed to be critical components. Through this feature, you can design, do charting, and implement comprehensive workflows by means of an innovative platform. The software helps empower franchise businesses of any scale through the creation of a customized system geared towards achieving far-reaching business goals.

When the right automated workflow is put into action it becomes easy for the franchisor and franchisee to collect information pertaining to different activities taking place at different stages.

By bringing in the feature of automated workflows software for franchise management intends to improve lead conversions.

The prime responsibilities of automated workflows are the following.

  • Converting low-value, repetitive jobs into independently run operations thereby increasing efficiency

  • Enabling the sales teams to extract time and put more focus of core tasks to maximize profits

Software for franchise management can lay out processes and define triggers for automatically conveying and registering communications and following up on due and overdue assignments.

Not only do automated workflows conceive regular activities including reporting all through the territory of the brand but they also standardize performance measurement.

Software for Franchise Management

Software for Franchise Management

Will your business benefit from the software for franchise management?

Franchise software will be perfect for a franchise business with numerous franchisees – each having at least 6 to 7 employees per location. If you find the need to collaborate and communicate more with your outlets, it’s a signal that a potential investment in franchise management software for your setup is necessary.

If a surge in your business growth is impacting quality control, the need to improve communication with your franchisees becomes crucial. If you’re experiencing too many challenges with regard to expenses, saving time, and lastly managing your franchisees, it’s high time you took maximal advantage of software for franchise management.

How compatible is your existing business software with software for franchise management?

It’s imperative you consider compatibility issues while looking for best-in-class franchise management software. To get the most out of all its compelling features, find out how easily you can incorporate your current business software into the franchise management software you’re contemplating an implementation.

Alternatively stated, ensure seamless and successful exchange of data between the two software systems. Also, to steer clear of issues arising out of incompatibilities you can choose cloud-based software for franchise management. They can be easily deployed and leveraged.

By facilitating multichannel marketing

To ensure consistency in the distribution of marketing materials, franchisees are required to play by the rules set by the franchise marketers.

This applies to the following.

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Point of sale displays

  • Training models

  • In-store branding

  • Social media branding

The marketing efforts put forward by a franchise should ideally appeal to customers on all levels. This objective should be complemented by favorable feedback as well.

The right software for franchise management effortlessly blends in with this ever-shifting marketing objective.

It may be noted that when it comes to franchise development and marketing they always cross paths at campaigns. This necessitates involving email campaigns with the workflow processes of the franchise. Emails campaigns are viewed as extremely important to move leads via the sales pipeline.

Software for franchise management makes the creation of the following possible.

  • Personalized links

  • Delivery scheduling based on triggers

  • Text campaigns

  • Automated email responses

With the successful implementation of the software, it permits franchisor and franchisees to concentrate on various other expansion efforts with the sole aim to save money in the long run.

By making production more systematic and time-saving

The preliminary step to streamline and reduce production time is getting rid of hurdles. In this context, the software for franchise management exhibits remarkable adaptability and scalability in terms of your business growth.

As your business expands, you’ll be finding yourself dealing with more and more data. Herein, the software carries on with the evolving workload of all franchisees. So, the software helps enable the franchisor in adding new users as well as locations without putting a halt to ongoing workflows. Furthermore, it helps facilitate digital asset management to ensure faster correspondence.

In case your employees are devoting excessive time scrutinizing information, emails, and images with a fine-tooth comb, then who’s actually doing the work?

Top-quality software for franchise management makes this process simpler by including just a few clicks.

In digital asset management, everything resides in a centralized, secure, and easily accessible location. If franchisees are looking for ways to expedite production this is one of them.

Any disruption in workflows can take place by the marketing needs of incoming franchisees, during the onboarding of new employees, or sudden requests for new marketing materials.

Software for franchise management renders a suitable location to store all marketing materials approved by the brand. Eventually, this helps empower the local marketers of the franchise.

By introducing reporting capabilities

Implementing and making the most of the above-mentioned features prove futile if you don’t derive a profound understanding of the impact they’re making on your franchise development.

The most preferred software for franchise management furnishes all-embracing reporting capabilities that can be easily created, customized and analyzed.

Gathering marketing data is of critical importance and so is listening to what customers expect from your brand or what viewpoints your franchisees want to put across.

At times the software has an integrated business intelligence tool that provides valuable, real-time insights through reporting and analytics concerning key aspects of the franchise.

Software for franchise management has the ability to pass on insights on the performance of the following:

  • External communications

  • Internal communications

  • Lead sources

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Sales funnel

  • Workflows

Suitable indications are provided by the insights as to whether:

  • The franchise attracts and retains the right talent

  • Follow-ups on leads are done properly

  • The speed at which lead conversion usually takes place – low, high, or steady

  • The number of engaged users

  • The achievement of financial goals

The software ensures all these pieces of information are accessible, uniform, and constantly analyzed to look for success factors and improvement areas.

The sole objective of choosing the best software for franchise management is increased ROI. Businesses that guarantee a certain ROI figure are unreliable. However, when you use the right software the franchise sales and marketing strategies for development are bolstered.

All solutions offered by BrandWide will therefore be distinctive to your franchise brand.

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