The cleaning franchise software business meets with diversity all year round. Perhaps, a franchise cleaning service covers numerous market demographics. Be it commercial, retail, or educational. Yet again, the franchise business marks its presence in different geographic locations. Thus, making the functioning more complex.

However, integration can wipe out all your business challenges. And bring together your franchise business operations under one common umbrella, serving a collective purpose. The purpose of the organization!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

For that, you require a technological enhancer. An enhancer, giving a complete shape to your franchise riddle! Simultaneously, enrich your franchisees with a systematic pattern to retain the bottom line. Eventually, offering you a scope of setting a benchmark all across the global and local markets.

A cleaning franchise software is a technological enhancer to take up such responsibility! Mainly with its provision of automation and customization.

That is why we are here to see through the steps. Let’s find out if it works.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Develop efficient marketing strategies

We know that marketing is the key to reach out to your target audience. Hence, seeking efficient and unique strategies. In this regard, the cleaning franchise software appears as a savior. It provides deep marketing insights to evolve your business strategies. At the same time, it automates campaigns via mail or social media channels. Eventually, making your brand profile a credible option to go with.

On the same note, it nourishes your online presence with an online reputation management tool. This tool helps monitor reviews and recommendations. Besides, it creates reports of your present brand position. The software also helps in referral management. Thus, fetching more leads. Know more about the marketing tools at:

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

When you derive leads automatically, your sales process gets more quick and active. That’s how the software guides. It puts lead into the CRM directly. And further, nurtures it with automated follow-up. Therefore, if your leads urge to switch to your competitors, you can retain them and convert them to potential buyers. With automated drip campaigns and email newsletters!

On the other side, you will get to see their responses. Depending on how they interact with your follow-up campaigns, you can rank them. Finally, handing over the highly-ranked leads to your sales team for closing the deal.

Once the status in your sales pipeline shows ready to sign, your franchise can offer them e-signing facilities. As a result, you can secure the deal instantly. Now, by availing of this software, you can support your franchisees to officially covert maximum leads at a particular time. Wait! Where will the documents go? To the QuickBooks, automatically!

  • Build a productive organizational community

A cleaning franchise business incorporates myriads of employees at different levels. Each of them has its own goals to fulfill. Then comes the organizational goals. In this case, collaborating the two purposes into one isn’t as easy as it seems. However, when you create a positive work culture and ensure career growth for your employees, organizational productivity is bound to surplus. But the question is how.

For a cleaning franchise business, safety issue has a crucial stake. Especially for the cleaners and janitorial staff who works in the field using various equipment. Here, the cleaning franchise software helps in establishing compliance programs for all your employees and franchisees.

Undoubtedly, managing too many certified insurances is difficult for you. But, when the software offers a helping hand by resourcing it at times of potential litigation, you can eliminate labor issues from your franchise business.

Now, establish a franchise-wide community between corporates and units and unit to unit by availing this integrated platform!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Train the employees to grow with technology

If a formalized training program is missing, it’s time to systematize your cleaning franchise business with standardized training. In this regard, the cleaning franchise software offers an online learning management system. Learn about the LMS from:

With this system, you can create training materials and share them across your franchise. You can make curriculum in videos, PowerPoint, and Web pages. The gamification techniques of points and badges encourage the learners to participate. The urge to learn further boosts with quizzes and different levels of assessment.

Indeed, when you are mixing e-learning with instructor-led learning, a twin-fold significance appears in the picture. On one, your employees can advocate for themselves whenever necessary and fill up their knowledge gaps. While, on the other, you can acquire complete visibility of their progress.

On the completion of training, the application offers award certification. The award certificates are either time-limited or long-lasting. Such a scenario rolls out healthy competitions among the learners. Hence, grows individual and collective wisdom simultaneously. And endorsing them to pace up with technological advancement.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Engage them with tools

Quality enhancement and franchise engagement are mutually inclusive. It compliments each other at every level of franchise development. So, it is essential to maintain that process. But, when the franchise units are distant from each other, there is no option other than collaborating them over virtual medium. For this reason, the cleaning franchise software offers innovative tools.

  • Shared library
  • News Hub
  • Group Chat

Therefore, knowledge accumulation and communication are much more relative. Employees can check for relevant news regarding the market or competitors and stay up-to-date. The News Hub serves it. Then, the employees can discuss a topic via group chat and share ideas among themselves. While executing their plan, if they ever get stuck, the shared library comes into action. Organized as public and private folders, the library keeps study materials and documents for specific operations and general.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

As we can see, streamlining the cleaning service operations are easy now!

  • Keep all information in one place

If someone asks you, what is the most critical points of your franchise business, the answer likely to come is collecting information. Absolutely, right! Depending on this information, business organizations stimulate their functions. Here, three important facets that any franchisor would ask for is:

  • Proper documentation,
  • Storage, and
  • Transparency.

Concerning these aspects, the integrated solution acts to keep all information in one central place. It performs as a storage repository, automatically recording all emails, calls, files, documents, contacts, reports, projects, contracts or agreements, etc. Also, it records changes in the files and documents. The dashboard for each of the operations makes the documentation transparent as water.

The invoices, royalties, quotations, and sold items are now crystal clear to you!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • See all the workflows from one screen

As a franchisor, you may want to track the operations of your franchise business frequently. So, you can envision your plans and ideas accordingly. The cleaning franchise software brings about an opportunity for you. You can trace the workflows of different franchise units from one screen. Are you ready to know what you can see? Let’s discover.

  • Sales workflow
  • Operations workflow
  • Onboarding workflow
  • Workflow of tasks that you create

For this reason, you can trace the activities of your franchise as a whole and across profiles.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Guide your franchise units throughout the operations

The software renders you with the option of guiding your franchise units to avoid mistakes. You can predict a sales forecast and run reports for your sales team. Meanwhile, you can create tasks and assign them to the units. This provision also applies to pending works. With calendars and reminders, you can schedule the tasks. Furthermore, the application automates follow-up based on your focused task list every day.


A cleaning franchise business shows diversity in terms of size and expertise. To integrate such diversity for a common minimum agenda, a complete set of tools is requisite! So, you can culminate knowledge, practices, and revenue from a single platform. And thrive your business.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software


Q.1. How does a cleaning franchise software benefit the business?

Ans. A cleaning franchise software is a SaaS platform, scalable to integrate thousands of franchisees. Accordingly, you can fetch real-time communication within the franchise and boost the service. The software can benefit in measuring customer satisfaction. Similarly, some tools will help store all reports and account for your franchise invoices and royalties. The facility of automation eradicates manual paperwork and makes the business functioning proactive.

Q.2. Where to get a cleaning franchise software?

Ans. You can search on Google with the keyword cleaning franchise software. Different sites shall appear where you can see our reviews and product specifications. You can get it straight from those sites. Or, you can go to our website and connect with us! Our contact details are also available in our LinkedIn profile.

Q.3. Which is the best cleaning franchise software?

Ans. A software that engineers all the activities of a cleaning franchise business and offers customization in terms of requirements stands to be the best one. Mostly, people look for software that holds perks at a reasonable price. Keeping this in mind, BrandWide has come up with its innovative integrated SaaS platform. Book a demo to know more!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

About BrandWide:

Petter Nahed, the President of Maid Green, says, “We choose BrandWide after a rigorous selection. We are using BrandWide to standardize our processes and improve collaboration between our locations.”

At BrandWide, we offer easy customization for your specific brand. And help in connecting all the franchisees in a single network. Our software values time to a great extent. Thus, you have to enter data only once to fetch it anytime ever. To connect with us, you can email or call us. The contact details are below.

Email ID:

Phone number: (510) 413-9000 / 1-800-763-3766

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