As per the reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of customer base that a cleaning company loses every year is nearly 55%. Perhaps, more than half. But, what exactly are the reasons for such a scenario? More importantly, how can you topple the loss? You must be wondering so!

With the onset of technology, online searches are drastically increasing. These days, people tend to go by the book of testimonials and ratings to avail of a particular service. And research through the social media profiles to check for proof of pedigree. Under such circumstances, you have no choice but to avail yourself of a technological booster. However, you cannot always find the right one to guide you through.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

Relax! You can now avail yourself of an all-in-one booster and scale up the operations of your cleaning franchise business. This booster is an integrated platform. It will not only help to fetch leads but also convert them into sales. It is none other than the cleaning franchise software!

What are the most common threats to your cleaning franchise business?

No doubt, managing a cleaning franchise business requires top-of-mind strategies and smooth franchise operations. But, it is nearly impossible to reach out to all the franchisees residing in different locations or trace their operations. Thus, staking the customer base to fluctuate. Yet again, your cleaning franchise may face a reduction in the profit margins. As a result, creating immense pressure upon the bottom line. Is it something else? For help, connect with us here:

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

Coming back to where we left!

For retaining the customer base, you need to acknowledge the common threats that may approach your cleaning franchise business. Let’s see what they are:

  • No effective way of analyzing customer data

A cleaning franchise business covers different sectorial services. Hence, requiring constant analysis of customer data. But, when your franchisees are from distant lands, you cannot trace the analytical activities. Moreover, you are not sure that the data coming to you is transparent. Meanwhile, your franchisees may end up being inconsistent in their services. Eventually, facing inconsistency in customer experience.

Indeed, the cleaning franchise industry is getting competitive day by day. By the time your franchisees reach out to the target audiences with cold calls, your competitors will fetch leads with referral programs! For this reason, you have to look for your competitors’ pricing and marketing strategies. Even if you do, what next? Can you improve your marketing strategies on par with the market trends and demands? Fetch solutions from:

  • Regularly acquiring new prospects but no follow-up

While investing enormous time and money to search leads, you are likely to derive them. Besides, the extensive drive for health and cleanliness due to the COVID19 pandemic stimulates the search for cleaning services. Most importantly, across varied demographics! Further, opening the channel of cleaning business into new markets. For example, the educational market. But, if your franchisees do not follow up with the leads and nurture them, there is no point deriving so!

  • Insufficient education among the cleaning franchise units

A cleaning franchise runs with thousands of employees. And each of the employees seeks proper knowledge about the franchise system. Simultaneously, they have to know how to grow by using well-crafted strategies and technology. Without such education, the franchise operations get limited and unaccountable. Therefore, deteriorating the quality of service.

When any service issue arises, customers get confused about whom to connect with. Indeed, there is a vast chain in play. Even if they do try, sometimes the issue is left unattended because of rigid work schedules. Well, you cannot go around the nation to nation inspecting upon it. But, you know that the lack of communication will create dissatisfaction among your customers.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

How does the cleaning franchise software benefit the business?

Now, you can wipe out all the threats beheading towards your cleaning franchise business. How? Simply by getting a cleaning franchise software! The software collaborates with all the franchisees on a single platform. And you can track the workflow of different operations here itself. Similarly, you can track the status of each lead. And guide your franchise sales team to avoid mistakes.

At the same time, this technological booster automates some of the functions. Here, the elimination of hectic paperwork corresponds with quick functioning. In the meantime, you can get transparent reports. Everything is available on one platform!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Automatically collecting and analyzing customer data

A cleaning franchise software not only supports you but your franchisees as well. With standardized operations, the software can benefit your cleaning franchise. It automatically measures customer satisfaction and stores the data on the platform. At the same time, you or your franchisees can see who is looking for your service.

The software allocates an online reputation management tool. So, you can monitor customer reviews and respond to the negative ones. When a customer feels that a company is acknowledging their recommendations, they try to stick by. Additionally, the tool automatically creates alerts and reports regarding the online brand reputation currently. Which means there is complete transparency!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Innovative and efficient marketing strategies

For creating efficient marketing strategies, market data is requisite. In this regard, the cleaning franchise software captures and stores market data. These deep marketing and sales insights can take you a step ahead towards predicting a forecast. Consequently, you can run the reports for your sales team.

Then, your team can automate campaigns by email marketing and social marketing. Social marketing will help you to establish a local presence for your brand. On the other hand, email marketing will nurture your leads. Well, these leads are coming directly into your CRM that you subsequently put into automated campaigns. On the same note, the software will assist in each step of formal customer referral programs. Somewhat like an extension of your marketing team sharing promos and coupons!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Automated follow-up to close more deals

A marketing and sales process is complete only when you can close the deal. For that purpose, you frequently follow up with the leads and check their responses. A cleaning franchise software gives the opportunity of automating a follow-up.

Here, the application aids with intelligent segmentation. Precisely why you can reach out to the specific lead with the right message and at the best time possible. Also, while you nurture your leads with automated drip campaigns and email newsletters, you can go through their responses. The software will show them as opens, clicks, bounces, spam, and so on.

You can even customize your follow-up using different channels like phone calls or SMS. But in the case of email marketing, you can test your campaigns. Create two emails, test them over a small group, and automatically send the winning campaign to the rest!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Engaging and interactive learning across the cleaning franchise

Undoubtedly, your employees are a part of your brand image. If your employees are not aware of the cleaning franchise services and the process of working, the quality of service may fall. Thus, cleaning franchise software brings into the picture an interactive and engaging online learning management system.

By availing of this application, you can create training materials and share them across your franchise. Your employees can go through them anytime and from anywhere. Even from the field in that case! What triggers their urge is the award certification given on the completion of training.

On the other, you can engage learners by creating quizzes and rolling out healthy competitions. In this context, the gamification techniques of points and badges ultimately enhance organizational productivity. Besides flexibility, it is essential to track their progress. So, measure training across units and provide standardized knowledge!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

  • Instant communication channels

When any service issue appears, you have to inspect it to resolve it. However, that is practically impossible without real-time communication. Concerning it, the cleaning franchise software offers assistance. Therefore, helping the franchisees to attend to every issue despite a tight work schedule. When they are busy, they can schedule a call or SMS, or an email using different templates and send it to the customers.

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

Final thoughts:

Problems do have solutions. But, during the era of digitalization, solutions are technological. You require tools and applications to boost your expanding cleaning franchise business. And ensure that both the bottom line and top line are expanding. That’s when you can topple all threats and position your brand aptly in the markets.


Q.1. Is buying a cleaning franchise software beneficial for a business?

Ans. Certainly, it is. A cloud or SaaS franchise software can moderate different functioning across your franchise business. It is an integrated platform accommodating thousands of users. And you, having the key to trace them all from one screen. It offers a complete set of tools for running your business operations. And make the process quick and instant with automated provisions. Also, the software acts as a storage repository, capturing and saving different documents and files. Now, you or any of your employees won’t have to go around searching for a file. All information, interactions, and changes are there in the platform.

Q.2. How to get a cleaning franchise software?

Ans. You can get cleaning franchise software from multiple companies. But, you have to choose the ones that suit your needs. You can search for cleaning franchise software on Google. And fetch our website link. Go to our website and search for more details. Or, you can simply click on any of the links given here. You shall directly reach our website. After going through the details, if you wish to avail of our products, book a demo!

Q.3. What is the best pricing for cleaning franchise software?

Ans. Pricing usually varies depending on the requirements. Our product is a customized one. Hence, as per your customization, the charges vary. And this cost is a one-time payment. Besides, pricing also depends on the corporate and franchisee license that seeks monthly pay. Again, there is a cost for the training module. However, we offer negotiable rates and believe in fulfilling all your needs. If you want to get the exact quotes, chat with us!

cleaning franchise software

cleaning franchise software

About BrandWide:

Bill Poce, the Director of Marketing, InXpress Americas, says, “We use BrandWide by Soffront to manage and communicate with our franchisees and customers across the globe.” At BrandWide, we offer a complete set of tools to strengthen your cleaning franchise business. We render one integrated solution helping in branding, sales and marketing, onboarding, and training.

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