In all likelihood, your cleaning business uses plenty of software tools. Cleaning service management software is configured explicitly to fulfill the distinctive needs of your business. With the software in place, you can save lots of time from doing frequent switchovers between applications. The software can bring about consistent success to your business.

Here are four vital features of cleaning service management software that can play a part in transforming your business by helping it to grow and expand.

Cleaning Services Management Software

Cleaning Services Management Software

The software allows customers to book services online

Equipped with cleaning service management software, when you provide your customers with the facility of booking services online, you can be over an edge with regard to your competition in several ways. In the first place, you get the opportunity of connecting with certain customers who put more importance on convenience instead of price. So, when you make inroads into this type of market, it will possibly give an instant boost to your revenue earnings and profitability.

Plus, by letting the customers book their jobs themselves, you’re actually saving the expenses you meet with while hiring sales or administrative staff. Tasks keep on pouring in your schedule at all times and areas customers can avail of.

The cloud-based software allows scheduling of jobs

Once a job is put on your calendar provided by the cleaning service management software it becomes accessible to the whole team. They can have a look at the complete schedule with the job responsibilities of each of the team members. In the meantime, your field teams too can get information about their daily schedule.

Occasionally the need to change or totally cancel a job crops up. This modification may be sought by a customer or any of your team members. As a result, the requirement of rescheduling or expanding a service may be taken into account. In such cases, the cleaning service management software ensures all effective changes are visible to the entire team right away. So, the need to make fresh calls or create work orders anew for making adjustments to an already existing booking becomes optional.

The software also aids in properly maintaining company records. This facilitates your team to move in and out of their job assignments. Thus, the timings of their arrival and exit are put on record by the software in a database. The information renders a correct picture of the average time taken for each job to be executed and also the travel times involved while hopping from one job to the other.

The software helps streamline customer communications

Customer no-shows lead to problems. Of course and on principle you always can charge the customer for making the appointment and then canceling it without any intimation. However, as a professional, this isn’t the kind of service you’d like to offer. The whole thing needs to be handled with prudence so that the customer doesn’t hesitate to seek your services again.

In order to permanently eliminate the possibilities of any no-shows, the cleaning service management software allows you to automatically schedule a few customer messages through text messages or emails that are triggered as reminders. With the feature in place, you can have the customer reminded of the job on the day of the appointment. By the same token, you can also notify the customer when the job is finished.

With these triggers, you can make sure no-show situations are eliminated, and you as well as your customer get peace of mind. Since the whole process is automated it leads to significant time-saving.

The software helps steer directions and optimize route capacity

With entry and exit time readily available you can carry out route capacity optimization on the off chance a few teams get their jobs completed faster in comparison with others. If one out of three teams completes the job ahead of the other two you can optimize the schedule of the more proficient team and make room for more bookings for that team on a particular day.

In addition to daily work schedules, drive directions will be made accessible to your teams by the cleaning service management software. This helps your team to do job hopping in the most efficient manner.

Autofill is one more time-saving, cost-effective feature the software puts forward. It aids in preventing the manual entry of incorrect information pertaining to a customer or team member.

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