Franchise management software lends a helping hand to franchise owners by allowing them to perform due diligence prior to putting in money in implementing the software and strengthening their existing business models. Read on to gain an understanding of how franchise management software helps in managing leads and increasing productivity.

Franchise management software specializes in the virtualization of services for helping brands to amplify sales, achieve better customer satisfaction levels, augment franchisee engagement, and improve reporting visibility.

Franchise management software is identified to have a cloud-based, modular architecture that furnishes numerous tools and implements to carry out the following activities namely:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Operations management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Employee training

All-inclusive franchise management software comprises different modules that associate with one another to produce a combined, synergized impact. The modules are capable of extracting information from commonly existing data points to bring on diminished redundancies, improved analysis, and systematized operations.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Franchise management software consists of the following basic modules.

  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Field service management
  • Finance
  • Franchise development
  • Franchise management
  • Franchise performance
  • Franchise support
  • Franchisee onboarding
  • Intranet
  • Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Training

How successful is franchise management software?

The software has come to the aid of leading franchise brands for decades through planned organization and optimization. Franchise management software was there even before the origin and emergence of the internet. It continued being at the forefront as far as remarkable business innovations are concerned to bring about complete globalization of operations.

In recent times the market for franchise management software has undergone worldwide proliferation. With globally recognized value chains becoming a standard practice, the software has turned into a fundamental element to be taken into consideration for those who are putting in efforts to improve supply chain, incorporate inter-franchise and transnational allied operations, and make the standard of reporting and analytics better.

The software is key to franchise businesses as it helps stave off technical obsolescence besides spawning a steady competitive advantage.

Nowadays companies are no longer worried about whether they need franchise management software. Instead, they’re more inclined to find ways in setting up an established franchise management software. Whether it’s enhanced marketing strategies, lead management, or training being their primary goals, all top-of-the-range franchise brands are implementing franchise management software to usher in sustained competitive advantage.

Role of franchise management software in improving productivity.

If as a franchise business owner you’re keen on enhancing productivity and the working standards,  franchise management software can help by coming up with functionalities revolving around standardization, integration, and simplification of numerous business transactions. Franchise management software comes up with the power to optimize operations through:

  1. Automation of regular tasks

These tasks include:

  • Workflow events
  • Scheduling
  • Franchise lead mangement
  • Time tracking
  • Accounting
  • Replies to emails
  • Data entry jobs
  • Invoice generation
  • Reporting

All these tasks can be automated and systematized partly or fully to free up extra time for your staff to concentrate on more important work.

  1. Early detection of time-consuming errors

Franchise management software helps keep track of the performance of franchisees in real-time by making use of intuitive reports and dashboards so that you can quickly identify problems with much-reduced backtracking and troubleshooting of errors and amplify productivity.

  1. Elimination of unneeded steps

With franchise management software by your side, you can complete the onboarding process of franchises in just a few simple clicks. So, whenever a sign-off for a job well done by a field service professional is needed you can simply upload before and after photos of the executed work and request for approval. The software likewise enables you to produce more choices of telecommuting inside your workforce. You can ask franchise owners to participate in online meetings or have those meetings totally removed by ensuring that all essential reference materials are housed within the private franchise intranet server. What’s more, the software allows spot processing of payments to customers irrespective of their preferred methods for payment.

Simplification of franchise lead management

In addition to an arsenal of powerful tools to generate leads franchise management software gives you assistance with a few major lead management advantages.

  • Collaborative lead management

This alludes to the franchise management software deftly letting the franchise development and sales teams merge as the point of contact when it comes to attracting new prospects. At any instance, if there’s a requirement for you to move away from the ongoing work for closing a deal via a mobile device, your colleague can come into the scene and continue from the point you broke up. This can be seamlessly achieved by means of overarching lead profiles that preserve all relevant information and communication histories to make your replacement fully clued in with the past developments.

  • Leads data parsing

Franchise management software for leads having a cloud-driven profile makes sure all the following information pertaining to leads are right there at your fingertips.

  • Name of the leads
  • Date of inquiry by the leads
  • The capital they currently have for investment

These data criteria are then automatically sorted and the information subsequently parsed into a list so that you can find leads based on certain data points. The software lets you examine campaigns that have earned the topmost draws. It also provides you with insights into the performance of PPC campaigns.

Leads with considerable investment capital can be tracked down to leverage potential opportunities. Furthermore, the progress in their movement down the sales funnel can be monitored via custom workflows to detect specific leads that need a mild push to consummate.

Franchise management software specializes in the virtualization of services for helping brands to amplify sales, achieve better customer satisfaction levels, augment franchisee engagement, and improve reporting visibility.

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