The colossal advent and proliferation of the internet have led to a drastic change in the ways people choose to spend their money and time. As a dog grooming software business owner, the existing online reviews on your website are more likely to become increasingly noticeable with a humongous number of users glued to their smartphones round-the-clock, homebound because of the all-invasive pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

With the intermittent lifting of the lockdown, dog grooming shops and salons throughout the country have begun to reopen. And, your clients will scrabble around on the internet to find out the availability of vacant time slots to recompense the much overdue appointments of their pet dogs.

As professionals working in pet salons equipped with dog grooming software puff up the time between successive appointments and restrict the number of dogs they can attend to, the likelihood of clients scouring over additional shops and looking for available timeslots will surely rise. As they’re searching to get the next appointment, for them to check the online reviews of your business is nothing but indubitable.

Over the years, Google, Facebook, Yelp has grown into formidable places of online search. Statistics indicate that around 75 percent of the consumers have the bent on searching the web in order to discover businesses. 84 percent put faith in online reviews. Even though the statistics look scary, in actuality, they give you an opportunity to outsmart your competitors and win clients you couldn’t reach out to in the past.

In fact, there may be a number of online locations your clients could’ve left their feedback and reviews on dog grooming care and the standard of the service. Developing a big, satisfied client base and nurturing it, in the long run, can be quite a tricky affair as the processes take the online reputation of your business into consideration.

Dog Grooming Software

Dog Grooming Software

This is where dog grooming software can come to your rescue.

  1. Dog grooming software helps you proactively protect your business.

The renown of your business is everything. In addition, customers are constantly putting reviews on dog grooming services on several different platforms. This may make it more challenging and time-consuming for you to stay on top of the game.

Dog grooming software will come to your aid in managing customer satisfaction in a single place. It helps you to spot issues and address them before they escalate and put your business prospects in jeopardy.

Dog grooming software comes up with the capability by virtue of which you can, with promptness, make responses to good and bad reviews alike. The quickness with which you respond to customer complaints goes a long way in making a favorable impression.

This enables you to show all your potential clients that you’re receiving clients’ feedback and replying to them with proposed solutions. It shows you’re putting in attentive efforts to deliver a satisfactory dog grooming experience.

  1. Dog grooming software helps constantly keep track of your service reviews

Think over, once a client leaves a review on the service offered by your dog groomers, what’s the average duration it takes for you to read and/or respond to it? You should know, in this context, a swift response is vital especially when you’re attending to a review put in by a dissatisfied customer. Research shows that an unhappy customer tells about their bad experience to around 9 to 15 people.

In order to improve the perception, a few pet grooming businesses offer promotional discounts to discontent customers as an apology. For instance, if you offer a 50 percent discount on dog grooming services to an unhappy customer, it gives you a scope to ensure the customer’s following experience is an encouraging one. You could even win the customer back as a loyal client.

Dog grooming software permits you to reply to both favorable and unfavorable comments using the same dashboard. It lets you take a look at the detailed summary of the online reputation of your business at a glance. The details include:

  • The number of reviews received online, for example, from Google, Facebook, or Yelp

  • The time when the client reviews were received

  • The number of approved reviews

  • The number of disapproved reviews

  1. Dog grooming software helps give encouragement to clients who refer you

To successfully deal with adverse comments and reviews is one thing. However, it’s important that you acquire the prowess in persuading your most cherished clients to leave an amply positive review about your dog grooming business.

Dog grooming software facilitates sending automated emails and text messages to selected clients and urging them to write reviews about their experience while receiving your services. There’s no need to panic here. In case the review isn’t as per your expectation you can disapprove of it. At the same time, you can quickly send a response to the client showing you’ve accepted the issue and you’re up to looking into the situation and resolving it.

If the client puts in a great review, you can make use of an automated tool put forward by the dog grooming software to likewise post the same on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. In this manner, you can increase the number of likes, shares, and reviews and strengthen social media involvement.

Thus, using robust dog grooming software and combining it with an impressive online reputation you can develop a big client base of happy customers, secure more services of pet dogs, and reach out to a more broad-based audience.

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