Reliable and commercial cleaning business software comes to your aid in seamlessly connecting with your staff and customers, managing employee work-hours, monitoring the supply chain, inspecting inventory levels, and many more. The software is usually integrated with a child mobile app. With limitless downloads of the app by your staff coupled with a manager dashboard on a cohabiting web app, you can put more emphasis on executing the core tasks crucial for your business growth.

Read on to gain an understanding of ten various key features of commercial cleaning business software and its contribution to

Commercial Cleaning Business Software

Commercial Cleaning Business Software

stimulating business growth.

  1. Cleaner scheduling

Scheduling is paramount when it comes to commercial cleaning businesses. Scheduling is necessary as it helps your cleaners to perform their jobs efficiently, effortlessly communicate any changes, and diminish the likelihood of committing errors. In a cleaning business “last-minute changes” is a frequent occurrence and can lead to troublesome situations. With commercial cleaning business software by your side, you get to know the exact locations your cleaners are headed to and the expectations can you demand from them in terms of job performance.

  1. Time tracking

Commercial cleaning business software is capable of tracking the time spent by a cleaner to do a specific job at customer premises. The precision can be down to minutes. Because of the underlying cloud technology which the majority of cleaning software support nowadays, it’s possible to access data from anywhere and regardless of the device type, be it desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Thus the software is mobile compatible, GPS-activated, and payroll processing enabled. The records of times spent between clock-in and clock-out are stored in the software’s dashboard so that they can be readily approved. Subsequently, you can adjust and export the approved time into your payroll system.

  1. Instructions and checklists

Put forward by commercial cleaning business software, checklists allow cleaners the exact tasks that need completion during every shift and at a particular location. It comprises a “to-do” list that comes to the aid of cleaners through visual instructions in comprehending how effectively the tasks can be done. The software empowers managers to keep a track of finished and unfinished tasks thereby giving a real-time understanding of task completion progress and pendency in the course of a shift.

  1. Client messaging

Commercial cleaning business software helps you to stay connected and well-informed between your crew and clients. You can effortlessly transact the exchange of messages with your managers, cleaners, and clients. Each client location is assigned a virtual message panel on which messages can be posted to keep everyone on the same page.

The client messaging feature of commercial cleaning business software enables streamlined communication between managers and clients. You’re able to receive alerts and as and when a new text or graphic messages are put on the panel and you can quickly go through them. Relevant messages can also be marked “urgent” to bring it to added focus.

  1. Inspections

Commercial cleaning business software is equipped with automated, mobile, and easy-to-use inspection implement to ensure quality assurance reaches newer heights of excellence via mobile inspections. With the implementation in tow, managers gain the ability to appraise the quality of a cleaning task any individual cleaner has carried out. It also enables the parties to voice-record comments, includes instructional photos, and communicate with full clarity.

It’s your client who can accomplish the best inspection. In this context, you can benefit from the software implemented by recording notes and viewpoints and emailing them to your client, and gaining sustainable trust. You need to make sure all these actions are done before the crew leaves the client premises.

  1. Mood and morale reporting

The mood reporting feature of commercial cleaning business software puts the cause of cleaners on topmost priority. The main goal of this feature is to bring down the employee attrition rate. It’s important for the well-being of your business to ask employees about their feelings while working. Just simple check-ins every week can do the needful by discerning minor issues prior to them snowballing into big uncontrollable problems.

The software brings to the fore three tiny yet significant mood-icons such as “Happy”, “Neutral”, and “Unhappy”. Even though the icons are seemingly basic, seeking the participation of your employees to click and report the appropriate icon can be highly advantageous as far as employee satisfaction and retention are concerned. Clear communication can come to your succor in getting rid of the majority of issues before they originate and flare-up. At times, you’ll be surprised to find the simplest answers to your problems being the most effective ones.

  1. Problem reporting

Commercial cleaning business software makes it more plain-sailing to get to the bottom of problems and make sure they’re properly managed, tracked, and resolved. The problem reporting tool of the software authorizes you to proactively deal with on-field problems instead of coming to know about them after they escalate.

  1. Reports and metrics

The feature of reporting metrics allows your manager to know the health and condition of cleaning locations at a glance by putting all information on display in the form of comprehensive dashboards.

Commercial cleaning business software facilitates keeping track of problems based on factors such as location, the rate of the schedule change, and information gathered via inspection.

Reporting metrics give a measure of the ratio of hours scheduled to the hours actually spent on a curtain cleaning job. They also provide information about problems reported on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. These metrics and many more are presented on an instantaneous, east-to-comprehend, and customizable web-based dashboard.

Real-time reporting and metrics furnish all-inclusive details of the following.

  • The number of cleaners working on site

  • The time the last inspection of a particular location was done

  • The health of a certain cleaning location

The tool ensures streamlined reporting of all these parameters.

  1. Time management

In a cleaning business, different locations will be in need of different supplies. Tracking such requirements can therefore be a full-time gig. Here, the mobile app brought forth by commercial cleaning business software can help you with tracking your supplies. The app notifies you when supplies are falling short of needs. It also signifies the urgency without generating duplicate requests.

Web-based software app or mobile app allows managers to obtain real-time updates on requirements as per locations and produce a list of supplies to be shopped. Accordingly, the app helps put in purchase requests clearly and easily.

  1. Quick payment

Commercial cleaning business software is powered by secure payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. that expedites smooth collection of payments from your clients. Naturally, payments are received like greased lightning resulting in streamlined cash inflow.

The software keeps a watch on payment-related nitty-gritty via the payment dashboard. It helps in immediately delivering payment reminders and requests. It enables your clients to easily process the payments. The software also provides assistance in finding out the received and overdue amounts thereby letting you act quickly in response and get paid in a matter of a few days instead of weeks.

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