Because of the continued pandemic situation and with people remaining more and more confined within the interiors of their homes, the living spaces are finding extensive use and huddling. But, as the congregation in the living room intensifies you’ll need more of its cleaning as well as maintenance.

It goes without saying how windows provide sunlight, fresh air, and a great view depending on where and how your house, flat, or apartment is located. It’s necessary that you maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the windows in your house as it has control over things that go in and out. Eventually, the pollutants or non-pollutants passing to and fro determine the air quality we breathe.

Any window cleaning business grows and prospers with the commitment to cleaning windows all around, far and wide in a spotlessly clean fashion.

Basically, the business works being supported by the best window cleaning software that helps in the assignment of jobs to field teams conditional on the requirements specified by work orders and makes certain the windows in your home look entirely new. The software comes to the aid of this toilsome business as far as managing invoices, bills, databases, documents is concerned.

When it comes to on-field work, the expertise of the crew is important. However, the software helps give the external support required to handle field operations, fill out forms, and generate bills. With the advancement in technology best window cleaner software can also be accessed via built-in mobile apps to fill in added convenience to regular paperwork.

Best window cleaner software enables window cleaning businesses to hold sway by making the execution of work orders smoother, systematizing all schedules as well as dispatches, keeping a clear record of all transactions, and more. By means of software for window cleaning purposes, businesses can come to terms with any kind of overturns or paucity in the workforce.

The software also facilitates the lead cleaner with the expertise to enter the clock-in and clock-out times of the cleaners working on the field. Regardless of whether the business attends to residential complexes or commercial spaces, window cleaning activity can be performed a lot more easily and smoothly with the help of the best window cleaner software.

Window Cleaner Software

Window Cleaner Software

Here are some of the features the best window cleaner software should be in possession for you to choose the one perfect for your business.

  1. QuickBooks

The best window cleaner software must have the ability to hold wide-ranging customer information because of its seamless integration with leading accounting software such as QuickBooks. The window cleaning business needs quick, steady access to customer databases, keeping track of work orders, and many more. Moreover, QuickBooks makes certain that your accounting and bookkeeping operations are well and good. It also provides additional information and feedback about customers thereby giving you the opportunity to know them better.

  1. Bills and receipts

With the built-in mobile app of the best window cleaner software, you can wave goodbye to bills written with a pen on paper. The handy mobile app also helps instantly generate invoices for on-field work immediately post-completion. It allows you to email quotes to prospects and gets their approval on the estimated outlay prior to the creation of work orders. Therefore, through the digitization of bills and receipts, you can keep an eye on your payments besides having instant access to the details, every now and then, for future references.

  1. Time tracking

With a great many windows to be cleaned and the amount of effort your crew needs to put in for completing each work order, tracking time will come to your advantage. To ensure things happen more effortlessly you can instruct the team leader to maintain records of in-time and out-time for the whole team while others focus on cleaning the windows.

In this manner, you can save ample time by bringing the best window cleaner software on board. With more efficiency added in, you can expect higher turnover rates. With the help of time cards, you’re able to earn extra revenue for additional hours expended by your crew while providing service on-field.

  1. Calendar view

It’s difficult to keep in mind the dates and times of all your schedules and dispatches. In this context, you can significantly benefit from the best window cleaner software that includes a calendar to get a view of your schedules, the on-field crew in charge of executing work orders, the time taken to finish jobs, and many more.

The feature also remembers to send reminders to the crew, hours before the dispatch. This increases their level of awareness as well. To obtain a precise and comprehensive idea of the daily, weekly, or monthly goings-on, the software helps allow you to do customization on the calendar in an appropriate manner.

  1. Dynamically organized team

The majority of window cleaning ventures need the intervention of multiple persons to pull off the job. Intending to manage on-field works and monitor their progress the best window cleaner software comes up with powerful features related to team management. Communicating with the crew members, directing them to do the jobs, monitoring their progress, and keeping a watch on their performances are a few vital functions that the software facilitates. The software also empowers cleaners with the authority of accepting or rejecting work orders via text message notifications.

  1. Mobile app

More proficiency and smoothness can be introduced into the operations of window cleaning services with a mobile app coexisting with the best window cleaner software. The mobile app puts forward unique features such as including window pictures before and after cleaning for reference purposes, uploading details of equipment, generating digital invoices, and obtaining customer signatures to approve and close work orders.

Even the mobile app sees to it you can carry out office work with much less effort regardless of the geographical locations where the workers are placed. The mobile app also takes in GPS features that aim at finding service locations, less traffic and shorter routes, and saving fuel and money.

  1. Reporting, dashboard, and analytics

Similar to all other industries window cleaning ventures too need to keep up an accurate, transparent record of all processes integral to the business operations. Reporting dashboards put all details and percentages of the following on display.

  • The number of schedules

  • The number of dispatches

  • Work orders performed

  • Cancellations done

  • Financial minutiae

All this nitty-gritty is required to gain an improved understanding of the performance and rate of growth of the business. Inputs for charts and dashboards prepared with the help of the best window cleaner software are obtained from team leaders as well as the field crew members and are monitored, analyzed, and acted upon on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

With all these features readily available with the best window cleaner software, you’ll get to find time to put more focus on core tasks, manage on-field and off-field work with added competence, and maintain thorough official records.

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