Sustaining unblemished and crystal-clean windows is crucial in suitable maintenance of the abode for any homeowners. As windows are the protective life of defense for the owners, safeguarding the occupants and interiors from the extreme weather conditions, as well as from the prying eyes of the neighbors and jaywalkers, it is imperative to keep it clean and secure at all times. To ease off the cleaning ventures, renowned companies like, Brandwide has come up with innovative window cleaning software iphone that helps the cleaning service providing agencies, their on-field technicians, and also the clients.

Such exclusive software application aids in harmonizing the entire cleaning assignments through an affordable and simplistic approach, through different versions of smartphones, and tabs, along with laptop and desktop computers. Hence, through such effective window washing management software, the service providers can administer their cleaning responsibilities without taking any hassles. 

window cleaning software iphone

window cleaning software iphone

How the Cleaning Business Software Aids the On-Field Technicians and Clients?

Premiums for the Cleaning Technicians

Scheduling and Dispatching 

Booking an authentic service provider to clean the home windows is pretty easy for the house owners, especially during unpredictable weather conditions through the authentic and user-friendly window cleaning software provided by Brandwide. This software effectively administers and simplifies the piled-up cleaning assignments of the customers with its ultra-modern scheduling attributes. In this process, the on-field cleaning technicians can drag and drop their specific assigned work orders from their respective service providers on the calendar or worksheet presented by such software.

Such arranged cleaning work orders need to be organized and dispatched to the particular window washing on-field technicians by date, time, location, and other associated factors as per the reservation for cleaning done by the clients. Besides, the software also allows instant modifications of the cleaning schedules assigned to the field workers, in case any urgent window washing work is requested from the client’s end. Hence, such uniform scheduling of cleaning ventures assists in preventing any circumstances of overbooking or double reservation from the clients’ end, thereby easing off the pressure from the on-field cleaning technicians.

Moreover, the software can help to store countless data related to the cleaning assignments as it comes as a cloud-centric platform. In addition, the mobile app-based software also offers effective filters and distinct colored worksheets for the cleaning personnel, helping them to easily and quickly recognize their respective, even on the move, and carrying their window washing pursuits efficiently and within a stipulated timeframe.

Furthermore, the automated application also integrates the accurate route maps of the apportioned window washing ventures with live tracking facilities to properly guide the on-field cleaning personnel to their destined client locations. Therefore, such software undoubtedly proves best in scheduling and dispatching effectively the specific cleaning personnel to their respective cleaning tasks at the right place and time.

Offers Mobile-Centric Surveys and Vital Notices to Customers

Again, the window cleaning software iphone come in as a user-friendly mobile-centric platform, aiding the managers in the respective service providing agencies to monitor their on-field cleaning workers in real-time, and grade their assignments. Likewise, it also functions as a recorder noting down the essential narration and reports by the cleaning specialists, mostly with comprehensible snaps and vids to substantiate their cleaning assignments and status of their transit. This report is afterward mailed to the respective customers, prior to the finish of the book window washing tasks, thereby justifying the credibility of their service.

Through such interactive cleaning management software, vital messages, live location maps, and roster details for any particular window washing tasks can effectively be conveyed within the supervisors of the cleaning service providers, along with the cleaners, and the end-customers. Besides, the messages where immediate action is required are dealt with promptness by the window cleaning agencies and their technicians.

Premiums for the End-Customers

Payments Executed Digitally

This unique cleaning service software helps the clients, booking the aforementioned window cleaning jobs from the service providers with the benefit of 24/7 online payment facilities, and obtain completely digital invoices from the washing service companies after the cleaning assignments are fulfilled by the technicians

Tracking the Information and the Schedule

Further, the window cleaning software iphone can also help to track the specific information supplied by the customers, while deleting the old records of preceding window washing assignments, and synchronizing the payment procedures. Besides, it also records the necessary inputs from the clients along with retaining the work-related logbooks from the on-field cleaners. This exclusive cleaning software from Brandwide can also create comprehensive reports on the custom needs of the customers.

Moreover, the application also empowers the cleaning service agencies to enable alternations to the specific assignments allocated to the different field personnel as per the requisites from the client’s end. Such changes can be made through the mobile app platform of the software, or directly through the cleaning provider’s portal, or by approaching social media like Facebook. 

Final Verdict

Considering such high privileges gained by installing the window cleaning software iphone from Brandwide, it showcases a real-time platform of mobile-based cleaning services scheduling management app through an interactive approach with enhanced preciseness. 

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