Franchising is a profitable way to expand your business yet maintain control. One of the most suitable options to make this effective is the implementation of franchise management software. Here are ten of its benefits to reckon with.

  • Franchise management software saves considerable time and money.

Powerfully built franchise management software helps organize each and every aspect of your franchise business. Then, the need for spending time and money to look for individual franchisees becomes redundant. Also, franchisees instantly get whatever information they need by simply logging into franchise management software.

In this manner, communication is streamlined between two parties namely the franchisors and franchisees. By doing so, any duplication in efforts can be avoided since it will be already known on the currently happening activities if questions and queries put forward are answered in a real-time fashion rather than through phone calls or emails. This also leads to a reduction in the number of missed opportunities as the odds of anyone ever missing out on clinching a sales deal because of obsolete contact information are significantly reduced.

Franchise management software

Franchise management software

  • Franchise management software facilitates the sales process and helps augment sales.

The management of franchise leads becomes a lot easier since franchise management software allows you to gain access to wide-ranging information provided by your leads while they initiate their collaboration with your franchise. This results in less wastage in the time spent on unqualified leads. Consequently, more time can be devoted to focusing on increasing franchise sales through sure-shot conversions.

Plenty of time savings can happen as a result. And, this points to having access to accurate information whenever any suitable opportunity crops up. Franchise management software grants you the ability to keep track of the health of all sale deals you secure. This is because of having details of all franchise sales showing up in a single place. You need not have to depend on phone conversations or emails for updates on hot and cold leads. 

  • Franchise management software allows uniform access and uses by all franchisees.

With software for franchise management in tow, franchisees acquire the permission rights to control each franchise and calibrate its visibility. This alludes to the fact that franchisees will always be able to access information relevant to their businesses. The chances of missing any lead because of it not being part of a particular market are eliminated. This also implies each franchise location doesn’t need to have a separate system. There’s no need to be anxious about ensuring everyone works on a single platform. With franchise management software by your side, you’ll gain the ability to share workflows, templates for email marketing campaigns, and more.

For instance, if the franchise headquarter consummates any change in marketing strategies or sales-specific goals, the corresponding updates will be automatically directed via the online available portal. Hence, issues related to downtime because of maintenance problems don’t crop up. 

  • Franchise management software ensures real-time visibility of all franchises.

One of the most striking advantages of franchise management software is that it allows franchisors to keep a close watch on how their franchise owners are performing and whether they’re abiding by policies and guidelines throughout the sales cycle.

Franchise management software also helps you keep a watch on all important details pertaining to each lead. These include the number of times a contact has been established with them and the promptness with which each lead is pursued. In the case of service-based franchises, you can see the following information.

  • Dispatched number of quotes
  • Projected sales figures based on region or franchise
  • Franchise management software helps in making smooth-flowing communications with franchisees.

If truth be told, good communication between all involved parties is salient in a franchise business. But, at times, situations can get challenging while dealing with the individual needs of franchisees as they’re spread across multiple locations having various time zones.

Franchise management software helps in making this process streamlined by having information stored at a single, centralized place from where franchisees can access and obtain particulars related to their accounts and leave feedback as well. This implies, franchisors become acquainted with details on whether or not the required attention and support are provided to franchisees. This also simplifies problem-solving before things snowball into something major and uncontrollable.

  • Franchise management software helps in automating routine tasks and the franchisee onboarding process.

Franchise onboarding is one of the crucial aspects of franchise ventures. With software for franchise management in attendance, it’s possible to gain control over franchise onboarding processes. Also, the software empowers you to bring about automation to most of the mundane, tedious, low-value tasks that accompany the hiring of new franchisees. These include handing over welcome packets and signing them up to carry out marketing campaigns so that franchisees look ahead to hitting their objectives from the very beginning.

Franchise management software lets you have access to all things required to be in charge of imparting training to franchisees, making them get access to different operations manuals online, building new franchise stores, and checking their business insurance eligibility and availability. These processes become simpler with franchise management software in tow because all efforts that need to be invested for taking a new partner or choosing a new location will be put in by the software without any additional work from your side.

  • Franchise management software helps do tracking and reporting on the performance shown by individual franchisees.

Performance monitoring and assessment of individual franchisees are essential to be aware of whether they’re adhering to franchise guidelines and processes all through. Herein franchise management software can come of great help. Software for franchise management lets franchisees gain insights about every lead. In addition, with help from franchise management software they can also examine the possibility of opportunities or issues for which help from the franchise headquarter may be sought.

The software allows carrying out each of these things to ensure franchise business becomes more streamlined, is easily accessible, and makes the entire functioning visible in real-time. Furthermore, you can obtain extra help from franchise management software as and when you seek direction to handle and resolve problems. 
  • Franchise management software helps in growing business by means of automation and optimization.

In all franchise businesses, automation plays a key role. And franchise management software helps deliver this. With the software by your side, you can be in charge of your marketing campaigns to ensure opportunities from potential leads aren’t missed out on. Franchise management software is endowed with lead management tools to run the business efficiently. The software is developed with specific workflows to manage leads. Overall automation of sales processes can be put into effect to support both franchisors and franchisees.

  • Franchise management software enables franchise owners to gain access to data and get it updated all on their own.

In all businesses, data is of paramount significance. In a franchise business, too, the scene is no different. Franchisees need their data to be accessed. The data also needs to be regularly updated. Franchise management software lets them execute these actions. As a consequence, franchisors can easily stop worrying about their franchisees not owning the right tools for running a successful business.

Franchise management software is very good at handling several shared documents such as FDDs and agreements between franchisors and franchisees. Each franchise owner is laid out with the ability to avail of all shared documents via their respective portal. This results in increased productivity, lots of time-saving for both franchisors and franchisees, and making sure information accessed by franchisees is always up to date.

  • Franchise management software comes up with a centrally placed system of records meant for storing all your data in a single place.

When your data is centrally stored in a single reserve, you’ll always be able to gain access to the whole lot of things required for making well-informed business decisions and improving the prospects of your franchise business expansion. Franchise management software does exactly this and happens to be the ultimate port of call for any information related to fresh leads and client accounts. The centralized database is updated as and when any interaction with leads or existing franchise owners takes place. Updates also happen with respect to the communication franchise owners set up with their current clients and leads.

Bottom line

In general, franchisors devote a lot of time, money, and effort to provide the tools to franchisees necessary for them to work productively. As a franchisor, the ability to offer support to multiple franchise owners is unparalleled. With franchise management software in tow, franchisors can derive the much-needed peace of mind getting to know that their franchise business is running efficiently at all times and that their franchisees continue obtaining the support they’re in need of to amplify sales, reduce costs, and grow profits.

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