Most people who have carpets in their homes remain concerned about how the health of the carpet will be impacted when you clean them. As per experts who deal with carpet cleaning business software, carpets are created by carefully weaving together thousands of threads of plush pile or fabric. Many of us have apprehension that the cleaning can result in the loosening of the threads thereby causing damage to carpets.

So does cleaning carpets cause any damage to them? The answer to this question is a straightforward “No”. Professional services supported by carpet cleaning business software don’t ruin your carpets.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t clean your carpet, it will gather dirt, soil, mold, and other toxins. In case these are left untreated, the contaminants will bring about damage to your carpet causing stink, discoloration, and wear and tear.

Many carpet cleaning methods and carpet cleaning business software are used by professional cleaning services. Each of the cleaning methods has its unique advantages and disadvantages. So, naturally, the question arises of which particular cleaning method you should adopt to ensure that no harm is done to your carpet.

Make an assessment of these pros and cons prior to settling on the exact method by which you’d like to get your carpet cleaned.

In general, according to professionals who deal with carpet cleaning business software, the procedure can be classified into 2 categories namely wet cleaning and dry cleaning.

Wet cleaning involves the use of hot water to extract all dirt, grime, and impurities. The uncleanliness is then removed utilizing an absorbent pad.

When it comes to dry carpet cleaning, chemical ingredients in the form of powders and foams are applied with the help of special machines that have brushes, pads, and cylinders. These machines can rotate in opposite directions.

carpet cleaning business software

carpet cleaning business software

  1. How does wet cleaning work?

Other common names for wet cleaning include steam cleaning, hot water extraction. During the procedure, initially, the carpet is pre-conditioned by using a chemical-based reagent. Its function is to liquefy soil and several other oil-absorbing substances that get stuck up within the fibers of the carpet.

Next, water is heated to nearly its boiling point and its pressure is artificially raised. Shots of pressurized hot water are then injected into the carpet. The set-up is left undisturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. Later with the help of a vacuum device, the solution filled with all contaminants absorbed from the carpet is extracted by means of a vacuum device.


  • Soiling is removed from deep down inside the carpet.

  • The procedure allows the application of high temperature and pressure along with chemical concentrates strong enough to pull out dust, grime, soil, smudges from the carpet.

  • The procedure permits substantial dwell times so that the cleaning solvents can react with the carpet material and clean it.

  • The procedure facilitates the occurrence of agitated chemical reactivity with the help of an extraction wand or grooming tool.

  • This method is most widely used by technicians who carry out the execution equipped with powerful carpet cleaning business software.

  • The wet cleaning method is recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers and experts from the cleaning industry.


  • The procedure takes a relatively long time to dry the carpet. However, the drying time can be minimized by making use of powerful equipment driven by carpet cleaning business software and expert technicians.

  • The items of equipment are usually very costly so that maximum efficiency in cleaning can be brought about.

  • Comparatively high-cost factors are involved.

  1. How does carpet cleaning do with an absorbent pad work?

This method is commonly called bonnet cleaning. Every so often the technique is undertaken to carry out periodic light maintenance. Also, the method can be used for conventional carpet cleaning requirements.

In the course of the process, the carpet is vacuum-cleaned initially. Following this, the spraying of a chemical solution is done with the help of an electric sprayer or a hand pump. After the solution is sprayed it’s allowed to remain on the carpet for an appropriate reaction or dwell time.

The rotating floor machine used in the procedure that moves on the carpet surface has a drive block on which the towel-like absorbent pad, also called the bonnet, is placed. The machine starts spinning on the surface of the carpet at speeds ranging from 100 to 300 rpm. Because of this rotating action, the chemical solution is infused into the carpet fibers and it sucks up the soil and dirt afterward.


  • The process is simple, fast, and cost-effective.

  • The process shows impressive results on carpets that are lightly soiled.


  • The process is limited to cleaning only the uppermost 33 percent of the carpet fibers. It’s incapable of impregnating the solution to reach deep down and carry out thorough cleaning.

  • The process allows the chemicals and dirt to settle at the bottommost layer of carpet fibers.

  1. How does dry cleaning with an absorbent compound take place?

In this method, at the very outset, the surface of the carpet is splashed with a powder that’s prepared by mixing cleaning agents and special solvents. After the powder is spread, it’s acted upon over the surface by means of a machine fitted with brushes that perform counter-rotation action in a periodic fashion.

The main function of the powder is to absorb soil from the carpet fibers. Usually, the powder is allowed to settle on the surface of the carpet for around 10 to 15 minutes. Minutes later, the accumulation is vacuumed out.


  • The application consists of a simple system. If you use carpet cleaning business software then the corresponding technical training requirement becomes compulsory.

  • The process is known to cause rapid drying. It usually involves approximately 20 minutes for the carpet to dry up and be ready for use again.


  • There’s the likelihood of powder getting trapped in the fabric of the carpet. If left untreated or unremoved the powder will build up causing damage to the carpet.

  • Because of the spraying of the powder your home may be subjected to excessive build-up of dust.

  • The procedure is incapable to carry out deep cleaning.

  1. How does the dry, rotary foam, or shampoo method work?

During the execution of this method, the application of a cleaning agent is done at the very beginning. It causes dirt and debris to get suspended in the carpet which subsequently is whipped up like foam. With the help of counter-rotating brushes of a special cleaning machine, the debris is made to work into the fibers of the carpet. Finally, the extraction of the soiled, dirty foam is done after giving it a brief dwell time for it to work.


  • The method is simple, quick, and quite affordable.

  • The counter-rotating brushes of the carpet cleaning machine provide powerful agitation.

  • The allowance of a tiny amount of moisture leads to quick drying of the carpet.


  • The method isn’t very effective in achieving thorough extraction of soil in particular from underneath the surface of the carpet.

  • Full-fledged dirt removal at high temperatures becomes difficult to achieve.

  • There’s a likelihood of a disproportionate amount of wetting of the carpet due to malfunctioning of the equipment.

Bottom line

Therefore, carpet cleaning isn’t just beneficial but essential for the carpet’s health and longevity. Hope this guide helped make you explore the whole lot you needed to know about correctly cleaning your carpet.

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