Cloud-compatible software for window cleaning business renders numerous advantages in contrast to the approach of making use of software whose installation is done on a single computer. A few of the essentially good features of cloud-based window cleaning software may include the following.

  • Special, focused functionality, in particular, for window cleaning service offerings and several other identical “repetitive work” types of services

  • All data pertaining to customer contacts, communication histories, jobs, rounds/laps covered, invoices, bookkeeping are stored in a single place

  • Data and functionalities are accessible from the centralized location via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

  • Streamlined uninterrupted access from any internet-connected device – be it desktop or mobile, and a web browser from any location and anytime

  • Because of overarching cloud storage, the need to be anxious about computers breaking down or being stolen and precluding the possibility of seamlessly running your business is eliminated as you can switch over to a different device.

  • The backup of data at the source is taken by the software provider with proper security against hacking. So, you can rest assured of regular daily backups. The possibility to urgently get one more computer loaded up with the same data becomes optional.

  • Training and support advice is regularly imparted with regard to efficiently using the software and providing you with assistance whenever you’re stuck in some issue and the need to seek help crops up

  • The presence of a mobile app that makes the processes of organizing jobs, setting up rounds, and optimizing orders involving the rounds

  • Significant time saving is done while doing invoicing, making payments, and setting up and maintaining communication primarily because of all-encompassing automation that also allows receipt of payments on mutually agreed dates and makes sure 100 percent accuracy is maintained when it comes to financials

The design of software for window cleaning business has been done for quicker and easier running of the several processes associated with any window cleaning business. The software is embedded with a plethora of features. In addition, it helps showcase your business with ample professional light thereby conveying the impression to your customers that you’ve got an ultra-modern, proficient, and trustworthy window cleaning business.

Software For Window Cleaning

Software For Window Cleaning

Here are seven key features of the software for window cleaning business that play a crucial role in seamlessly running your cleaning business.

  1. The generation of quotes and invoices

Keep in mind, quotes and invoices are the preliminary things new customers catch sight of. Therefore, the overall look of the quotes and invoices must give off a decent impression about your cleaning business in the minds of the customers. The software enables you to effortlessly produce custom-tailored quotes and invoices that are imprinted with the company logo. The professionally designed invoices can be directly emailed from the software in PDF format or printed out.

  1. The availability of printed work slips

Gone are those days of sending handwritten notes via post to a customer’s premises. With software for cleaning business in tow, you can easily carry out the generation and printing of personalized and brand embossed work slips to all individual jobs. Each of the work slips may contain vital information such as data completion status, payment gateway information, contact details, and many more.

  1. Sending bulk text messages and email alerts

Software for windows cleaning business easily merges with software for example Textlocal that empowers you in sending text messages, alerts, and notifications to customers in bulk and just one go. With this feature in place, you can furnish vital information to your customers such as the date of commencement of a job. This results in huge time savings.

Plus, your brand offers a professional appearance. You’re always able to keep your customers up to date with developments. What’s more, the messages are conveyed to customers with your business name as the sender instead of your identity.

Additionally, emails can be directed to your customers straight from the system. Thus, you’re presented with the opportunity of offering the best communication standards.

  1. Frequent, successful use of leading payment mechanisms

In recent times, the practice of paying through cash or check has become as old as the hills. These payment methods are barely used by internet-savvy consumers in particular when literally every modern business offers advanced online alternatives.

Software for the window cleaning business can be easily integrated with GoCardless into its underlying platform. With the availability of GoCardless, you can consummate Direct Debit payments via directly interacting with your bank account every time a customer’s job gets completed. Thus, GoCardless not only holds sway over overpayments more efficiently but also serves the much-needed ease and convenience of making payments by your customers. The worries of submitting the right amount of cash or sending a check or even logging into a bank account are totally eliminated.

Software for window cleaning business also makes you able to accept card-based payments from customers as it easily incorporates leading payment gateway software such as Stripe, PayPal, etc. The consolidation helps enhance your brand’s image as an ultra-modern, reliable business that comes up with straightforward trouble-free payment methods.

  1. Proper upkeep of financials and statement of accounts

With software for cleaning business in tow, you can keep a complete, transparent record of the transaction histories of your customers. This implies, in a matter of a few minutes you’ll be able to generate a comprehensive statement of accounts containing information about:

  • How long did the customer seek your services?

  • How much amount was the customer charged for?

  • For how long was each of the cleaning operations done?

This feature is especially helpful as far as your commercial clients are involved. Furthermore, you can utilize the feature where some disputes have emerged. It will go a long way in proving the fact that your window cleaning business maintains full, thorough records that can easily be accessed – something that would be more difficult to obtain if you cling to an archaic paper-based system.

  1. The necessity to have a coexisting mobile app

Any software for a window cleaning business must support a mobile app as one of its main accessories. Such a mobile app is designed to be compatible with any OS on which smartphones or tablets are operated such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc. The mobile app is helpful in the sense that it provides the whole lot needed to productively complete day-to-day jobs, allows recording of the progress made in the jobs while on the go, and helps include new prospects and fresh job assignments.

As a consequence, you acquire the know-how to work exclusively with the help of just an internet-connected electronic device – miles up the road against alternatively working in an old-fashioned manner with notepads, heaps of paper, and printed sheets.

  1. The facility of sending bulk emails via MailChimp

Software for window cleaning business can seamlessly incorporate leading email marketing software applications like MailChimp into its fold. The principal function of MailChimp is to expedite sending brand-embossed emails to individual customers ideally in bulk or the form of a broadcast.

This functionality can be leveraged to provide valuable insights on services that you’ve rolled out of late or any adjustments done in your business operations. Consequently, you gain the ability to maintain impressive customer communications. Furthermore, the feature makes your emails look personalized and professional and helps in boosting your business prospects.

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