The franchise management solution is a comprehensive business management software package for typical small-to-medium franchise businesses. It features all the standard features of any enterprise application, plus an advanced set of internal communication and collaboration tools to increase staff performance.

It’s also designed to be tailored specifically to the needs of your business so that it can evolve as your company grows and changes. Finally, it’s available in pre-built packages.

Franchise Management Solution Features

Based on the idea that most small-to-medium franchise businesses share characteristics and functions, a unique hybrid approach has been taken to designing this business management solution. Features include:

  1. Wide range of standard enterprise features:

The solution’s basic package offered by Brandwide contains a full range of standard enterprise features. Because they’ve been designed specifically for your business, you’ll be able to find aspects of them within any other enterprise application suite. It also includes a complete set of advanced tools for coordinating collaboration between staff, using internal chat networks and presence lists. This can make it easier to coordinate work across departments.

  1. Flexible approach to customization:

The solution’s modular design means that you can choose which elements of the application suit your specific business needs. It provides a complete suite of controls, color schemes, and branding elements to personalize your user interface and how your system communicates with other systems.

  1. Complete management of common tasks:

It’s designed with all the key functions you’d expect from any enterprise software package. These include project planning, recruitment, HR management, financial planning, employee and customer relations, and more – so that you can run your business using only a minimum of effort on your part.

  1. Add any additional modules you require:

Your management solution by Brandwide includes a set of pre-built modules, including CRM and accounting. However, you can also choose optional modules, including payroll and sales force automation.

  1. Use the system for small-to-medium franchise businesses:

Your management solution can be configured to be appropriate for any business size, from small franchises that need a single system for their entire organization to large international firms with multiple subsidiaries across the globe. Your business model can easily be accommodated, and the application is scalable to meet your growth requirements.

You’ll also find that your franchise management solution has been designed to deliver all this functionality in an easy-to-use manner. Key features include:

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Management Solution

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Management Solution

A modular approach to the management of employee and customer relations:-

The system’s core functionality of Brandwide includes all the standard features, such as HR and recruitment. However, it also includes a complete set of advanced tools for coordinating collaboration between staff, using internal chat networks and presence lists. This can make it easier to coordinate work across departments.

A comprehensive HR system:-

The solution comes with full contact records for staff, including pay levels and performance ratings. It allows easy creation of performance management plans and separate systems for each department, so managers can track progress against targets using a single system.

A complete accounting system:-

The solution includes all the standard features of an accounting system, including VAT and PAYE calculations, budgeting, and profit and loss reporting.

A CRM/customer relations package:-

The solution includes a complete contact records system with backup and restores options. It also fully integrates your sales or marketing campaigns using CRM technology.

Fully integrated payroll system:-

It includes a full payroll processing package, with the ability to import both UK and US data files from HM Revenue & Customs or the IRS. There’s also a comprehensive monthly statement package available for viewing in Microsoft Excel. Finally, it can pay any bill, from salaries to wages or pension contributions.

Global online collaboration with Microsoft Office Communicator:

The system can be configured to communicate using standards-based e-mail. However, it also provides native integration with the Microsoft Office Communicator, allowing you to collaborate using instant messaging and presence lists.

Integrated database for financial management:-

The solution includes a complete set of tools for managing your company’s cash flow and optimizing your finances. It includes tools for creating budgets and forecasts and reports for reviewing performance against targets. There are also payables, receivables, and third-party invoicing to record transactions between your organization and its suppliers or customers.

Benefits of Franchise Management Solution

The benefits of the Franchise Management Solution provided by Brandwide include:

  1. Integrated Employee Relations Management

The solutions come with a modular HR package, including all the standard features you would expect from enterprise software: employee records, performance management, staff recruitment, and employee relations. It also includes a fully integrated version of Microsoft Office Communicator integration. This makes your organization’s staff feel at home – allowing them to easily communicate and collaborate using instant messaging or presence lists.

  1. Complete Access to Financial Data

The solution provides a complete set of tools for managing your company’s cash flow and optimizing its finances. It also offers a range of reports and analytical tools that aid you in maintaining control over your business’s expenditure while increasing profitability. These enable you to review performance against targets and monitor the company’s financial position.

  1. Effortless Communication with Customers

The software’s customer relationship management (CRM) module is designed to streamline your commercial operations by allowing staff to manage the company’s customer contracts and customer services using a single interface. You can also integrate your CRM activities with other applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office to improve customer service and data sharing throughout your organization.

  1. Streamlined Project Management

You’ll find that the solution comes with all the tools you need for effective project management – including the ability to share projects between managers and teams, deploy tasks within a team structure, and record project performance against specific objectives.

  1. Guaranteed Hardware Scalability

The software has been designed to scale to meet your business’s requirements and grow as your business expands. It supports the latest generation of hardware, including 64-bit operating systems and quad-core processors. As well as offering guaranteed scalability, you’ll also receive full technical support covering any hardware issues you may face with the technology.


Whether you’re a start-up company looking to streamline your operations or an established organization implementing a new business system, the Franchise Management Solution has been designed to meet your needs and help you achieve greater levels of efficiency.

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