In this new era of stiff business competition, franchise-based operations help to emphasize more on enhancing customer experiences and overall service performance. In this context, franchise management software assists in filling up the operational gaps that may emerge after a brand are created and launched in the open market. Such lacunas can turn into a considerable loss for the franchisees in the future, and thus should be checked instantly.

In the process, the franchise software plays a decisive role in synchronizing the entire franchise process, collaborating individual operational functions, therein optimizing the overall productivity of the franchisees. Besides, the software platform syncs the communication between the franchisors and franchisees, thereby effectively heightening the sales revenue through effective marketing, branding, and inventory management, while integrating it with the CRM software. Again, with real-time analytics and job performance tracking, all prospective leads are converted to sales-ready clients.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Management Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Management Software

What Fundamental Attributes Of Franchise Management Software Prove To Be Worthy?

Effective Operations and Inventory Management

For developing an improved brand, the franchisors need to commence at the midpoint of operations. The unique franchise management software helps them to track the data for each separate part of the business in a control panel structure, wherefrom they can easily view and control the supply, quality, price, as well as inventory. Besides, the franchisors can also monitor the income and expenses; effectively tackle the client lists and details, along with controlling the field staff as and when required. Such optimally functional management software helps the franchisees to automate the entire process of ordering, storing, and monitoring the products, while synchronizing the supply-to-demand cycle.

Mobile Route Optimization for Effective Field Service Support

Besides, the franchise management software from Brandwide helps in automating the route strategies to field service personnel. In this context, the in-field agents feel more convenient with the mobile-optimized route tracking format. The route optimization technology spontaneously generates the most feasible field service routes for the in-field teams, and permits real-time scheduling updates, as soon as the customer call requests come in.

Moreover, the franchise software helps to integrate the routes along with GPS mapping to assist the field personnel in reducing their drive time, along with precisely forecasting the arrival time. In addition, the software also renders a live job roster and constant notifications for alerting field agents and staying in tandem with priority-based client calls. The mobile format view of the franchise software helps field service technicians to strategize their inspection campaigns, seamlessly perform their work orders, review the shortest routes, access client data, and also to gather client initials and payments digitally.

Secure Intranet Connection for Brand Management

Again the feature-rich franchise software brings in a stable intranet connection to offer a centralized repository for maintaining all the brand management documentation processes. In other words, the software platform helps in sustaining the version control of the brand documents for ensuring that the entire franchise operations are regulated through the latest guidelines, wherein secure intranet connectivity proves to be worthy.

Easy To Use Call Center Interface for Customer Service and Franchise Growth

Likewise, the franchise management solution also offers a user-friendly call center interface for making outbound sales calls and answering client service calls. In this context, the simple-to-operate interface assists in prioritizing the scheduling of the customers’ calls, while sustaining the communication records, and vital notes between the customers and franchise agents. In the process, this interface needs to be linked to the stable internet for safely maintaining all the vital data of the clients, while keeping intact the latest updates and contact information of the clients.

User Interactive Help Desk for Franchise Support

In addition, the franchise management automated system, catered by Brandwide also entails a vital attribute of the interactive support desk, acting as an exclusive information-centric discussion forum. Such authorization-centric discussion boards bring in an exclusive knowledge platform shared amongst the franchisee communities for enhancing the learning experiences.

Integration for Flawless Franchise Accounting

Furthermore, the franchise management system also assists the franchise owners to integrate the accounts applications, therein saving time, and reducing any probable manual errors. Such synthesis is accomplished by sending the financial information from the franchise software to the Chart of Accounts in the accounting software. In this context, the franchisors can also request custom integration, if the franchise management software cannot be properly integrated with the accounting application.

Mobile Version System Access with Effective Reporting

The state-of-the-art automated franchise software needs to be optimized with the relevant applications in the mobile-based app versions for coordinating the business functions of the in-field staff. Such an integrated platform assists the franchisors to render the most feasible route maps and real-time job scheduling functions for the field personnel. Additionally, the software platform can be conveniently automated for acquiring the payments and signatures of the clients online, even remotely such as, from the franchisor’s business computer.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Management Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Management Software

Moreover, this innovative business intelligence platform from Brandwide brings holistic business insights to franchise outlets through effective performance reporting. The all-inclusive reporting is based on sales revenue generation, customer highs, and lows, along with other vital data provided in an easily interpretable dashboard format.

Automated Tracking for Royalty Management

The franchise management solution from Brandwide aids in automatically and accurately tracking the invoices, mentioning the time limits for the royalties to be collected. In this context, the franchisors can also obtain and evaluate the details of accomplishing the target sales revenue for the specific franchise store. Thus, the software effectively monitors the due royalties and specifies the time, when they will be paid.

Effective CRM Integration

Such effective franchise software should be optimally integrated with the CRM functions, wherein the entire process for the franchisees and their teams can be effectively optimized. Besides, such tools can be always accessible from any device, and the Cloud, helps the franchisees to use the software from absolutely anywhere.

Delivering E-Forms and Round-The-Clock Data and Promotional Resources

Again, this top-of-the-line franchise management software generates e-forms for easing out the franchise process workflows, while neutralizing the need to procure forms for initiating the order requisitions. Over and above, the software also ensures that the franchisee stores stay neutral in acquiring vital documentation, along with attaining the information and promotional resources.


Taking into contemplation, the prime facets of the best online franchise management software by Brandwide, exclusively designed for startups and SMEs, bringing in end-to-end solutions, it is justified to install such one-of-a-kind software for effectively managing the franchisees.

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