If you are interested in expanding your brands through distributing your products and services, franchise management software can be a better solution. They can improve all your franchises’ management and provide you with the best services and tools. There is a vast number of franchise management software, but it is hard to choose the appropriate software for your brand.

Brandwide is the most popular and most used software by many successful brands and companies. There are many advantages if you choose Brandwide as your franchise management software. With the help of this article, you will get to know why you should choose it.

What is Brandwide?

This software is specially built to make the franchise’s business successful. It is a product of Soffront Corporation which introduced CRM (customer relationship management) in 1992. As a result, Brandwide has helped thousands of small and big brands to be successfully established.

Benefits of choosing Brandwide

Documentation It is not easy to maintain and keep all the records on paper, and if there are many franchises of your brand, it’s almost impossible. Thus, Brandwide helps you to keep all your necessary documents and all the data regarding sales, stocks, and clients.

It also provides you with a franchise library, making it easy for your franchisees to get the required information in less time. In addition, it sorts and classifies your data according to your choice. Brandwide also keeps your data safe and secure.

  • Time-saving

It has automation sales and marketing tools, which help franchisors and franchisees both. Each one of your franchisees uses the same data entry forms and automated tools. So by working on a common platform in some way, they provide better results and do not need much time to use this software.

It also has a feature to send invoices and estimates to your clients directly. It also allows you to sign faster with the help of an electronic signature, which will make your deal in less time with your clients.

  • Marketing strategies

Brandwide delivers the best marketing tools to you, which helps your brand to attract more customers and grow your business on a big scale. The most beneficial feature of this software is that it provides social media marketing.

It allows your post to feature on popular social media applications and websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google. And you can also check the preview before posting any content on these kinds of social media applications or websites. It also follows the leads in no time if any people on social media are looking or searching for your products or services.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Management Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Management Software

It also allows you to send SMS or e-mails directly to your customer to get in touch and introduce any new information, such as launching any new product, discount, or offer.

  • Finance

Brandwide helps you manage all your payments. It gives all the significant details of your charges, such as rate structures, dates, and necessary rules to all your franchise’s branches. With this software, you can get all the updates about your franchise’s sales and performance. You can find your best and worst-performing franchises with the help of this information.

With its automated tools, you can send weekly or monthly invoices to your franchisees based on your billing policies. It also keeps all the records of payments and reminds you if there any payment is due or failed. In addition, with this software, you can predict your sales forecasts more accurately.

  • Customer support or helpdesk

Brandwide helps you help all your franchise owners by using the helpdesk, which this software provides you. It is easy to use and manage; it keeps all the complaints and solutions. And if the problem is not solved in the given time, it helps franchisees recreate the tickets for their issues.

It also keeps you updated with any product or service complaints in any area because all the complaints are recorded in a central database. And you can take needy actions to improve that.

  • LMS for training your franchisees

What is LMS? It is an online learning management system provided by Brandwide for the training of all your staff and franchise units. It allows you to track all the processes of the training of the trainees. It also makes the training perfect by determining the different levels of tasks according to your staff’s eligibility.

In addition, Brandwide provides quizzes to keep the trainees engaged and gives points and badges to them when they accomplish any task to keep them motivated.

  • Helpful for franchisees

This software is beneficial for franchisors, but it also helps franchisees manage their business and get better results. It allows them to keep all their data of client interaction. And it also provides you with the feature by which they can send any kind of newsletters, broadcasts, or newsletters to their customers.

It provides franchisees with fully automated tools to get all the insights of any leads through any social website. And helps them to track and analyze the leads and react according to that. It helps you schedule the appointments with the new leads and works as a reminder not to forget the scheduled appointments and meetings. You can access all the information about leads, such as name, contact information, and address, in one click.

  • Others

This software makes you get the best results with the help of other third-party systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Google G Suit to manage calendars and e-mails, DocuSign for electronic signatures and exchange documents, and POS and QuickBooks to manage all the invoices.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today at meetbrandwide.com and starts making your brand more extensive and more successful. And reduce your stress of managing all your clients and franchisees with this automated and easy-to-use software. It doesn’t matter if you are already an established brand or a new startup; it will help you in the right way and provide you with better solutions and results.

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