Franchising is a popular technique to expand a company while keeping control. However, what if your franchisees refuse to communicate? What will happen if they’re not forthcoming with their sales figures or don’t return your calls? That would be beneficial if the user had a Franchise CRM Software in place to track large amounts of facts.

Advanced Technology with Franchise CRM Software features in Brandwide is the ideal solution for every franchisor since it allows you to keep track of the elements of your organization. We’ll go over ten reasons why the CRM system and your business management software should function together in this blog post.

How Does It Operate?                        

The software of CRM s typically accessed via an internet portal, allowing your entire staff to view customer details. The module is customized for your firm, but it is always built with the three elements in mind:

  • A firm’s database keeps track of sales history, estimates issued or received, and any communication with other firms of the same brand. If numerous of your sites have comparable products, this section will be required because it will aid in the identification of trends on the exact location.
  • Get a large contact database. This is where you’ll store all pertinent contact information for existing and potential customers, including personal information such as anniversaries and birthdays, as well as any notes about them or their interactions with you.
  • CRM software lets you prioritize leads by checking the revenue potential of each franchise or customer prospect on the ground is. This allows you to eliminate prospects who are simply a waste of time and concentrate on those who will pay off in the following days.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s check the advantages of employing a CRM system with your business management technology.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): What You Need to Know?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is the use of software to keep track of all your relationships in one place. Personal and commercial data, such as sales history, quotes issued or received, contact notes, and so on, can be included.

The key to growing your business is providing excellent customer service. Instead of one-time encounters, CRM solutions at Brandwide are designed to help you create long-term connections with consumers.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise CRM Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise CRM Software


Here comes the list of advantages of using the Brandwide CRM solutions:

  1. This Will Assist You In Selling Your Franchise

It becomes more fluent than ever to manage your franchise business leads because you will have the key to the details that the leads provide about their businesses and themselves. This means no more wasting time on unqualified leads and other chances to sell franchises! This can save you time and ensure that you always have the right details on hand.

  1. The combination of a CRM System and Franchise Management Software Saves Time and Money

An effective franchise management system will aid in the organization of all parts of your company. You won’t have to waste time or money trying to track down individual franchisees for answers, and they’ll be able to acquire the information they need right away by signing into their CRM.

You can reduce duplication of effort by expediting communication amongst each other because everyone will already know what’s going on if their inquiries are answered in real-time rather than through phone conversations or email chains.

  1. All the Franchises Will Be Visible In Real-Time To You

The most valuable feature is that the software allows you to stay organized. This means you’ll never have to wonder if franchisees are keeping their word!

You may also keep track of critical information about every lead, such as the number of times the experts have been checked and whether or not they’re being followed. If you own a franchise that provides authentic services, you can look at the quotes sent out and predict sales numbers by franchise and per region.

  1. This CRM Software Will Be Available To all the Franchisees for Use in Their Businesses

Although your franchisees will have their own CRM, you will retain permission management and visibility over each franchise. This means they’ll always have a connection to information that’s important to their company, and they’ll never miss a lead because it’s not in their target market!

This eliminates the need for a separate system for each location. You won’t have to worry about convincing everyone to switch to one platform, and you’ll be able to share workflows, email templates, and other resources with them.

  1. Automation and Optimization Can Help You Grow Your Business

In franchise management software, customization plays a crucial role. You get the chance to control marketing campaigns because none of the leads falls between the cracks! It may make a huge difference to have effective lead management processes in place. We also have workflows designed for lead management specifically for the franchise here at Brandwide. You can customize and automate both your corporate and franchise sales processes.

  1. Provides a Centralised Data Storage System

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a consolidated database that collects all of your information in one location. You’ll have the information you need to expand your company and make quality business decisions.

Any details about the new accounts or leads will be sent directly to your CRM. All engagement with your current franchisees or leads is done with their clients, and leads are automatically updated.

Therefore, you must choose Brandwide, as we have the best strategies regarding the acceleration of Franchise performance with unique CRM solutions.


You must understand how much money, time, and effort is invested in giving your franchisees the equipment they require to succeed.

Serving many franchisees is crucial to a franchisor. You will take it easy after having the service or retail business always in function and that your branches are acquiring the help they require to boost sales, minimize costs, and raise profits, among other things. So you must check the official website of Brandwide to know more about CRM services.

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