Franchise management software is an excellent tool for managing growing franchisees at every phase, offering the tools and confidence they franchisors require to scale their business. Not only can cloud-centric franchise software assist them with business management, but it can track customer communication, and synchronize different franchise sites while rendering the internal staff extra time to focus on business development. Thus, managing a large-scale franchise business would never be possible without implementing appropriate franchise management software.

Proving its similarity to retail software, it helps in effectively coordinating multiple franchise holders and sites, while permitting a proper evaluation of large data. Brandwide, in this context, brings in user-friendly franchise management software systems for effortlessly syncing several franchisees into a single franchise business. Delivering one-of-a-kind automation, the franchise software offers enhanced customization, where it can be integrated with the CRM platform, therein effectively integrating the lead generation process, and administering the promotions for the franchisors and their franchisees, thus saving considerable time and money.

What Fundamental Benefits Can Be Realized By Implementing Franchise Software?

Highly Effective Installation

Earlier, the franchise owners have to consider expanding on keyboards, monitors, and CPUs to begin their operations. Fortunately, with the advent of exclusive franchise management software, it has become a pretty simpler job for franchisors to synchronize their franchise businesses. They just require the right email and password information to log in to the cloud-based software from any device, subject to a stable internet connection, bringing enhanced productivity to the franchise operations.

Low Acquisition and Sustenance Costs with the Least Downtime

Most of the cloud-centric franchise sales management software, such as from Brandwide comes with low upfront costs, as they are paid every month. In this context, the franchisors need not worry about investing a considerable portion of the money in acquisition costs for gaining access to such software. The franchise owners can easily maintain the software in their franchise outlets, and can easily decide on the worth of such monthly investments.

With such fully-integrated software that can be upgraded, irrespective of the franchise location, franchisors never have to worry about updating the hardware frequently, or depending on IT support to power the software. In addition, by implementing such franchise software, the cost of labor can be considerably reduced, while minimizing the loss in franchisee performances.

Streamlines Franchise Operations with Enhanced Software Security

Franchise software also assists to simplify the overall franchise operations, delivering optimal business growth. Besides, the program also brings in the additional cloud storage space required by the franchisors, as the franchise business develops. Moreover, the employees of the franchise outlets can easily obtain software access from simply anywhere for streamlining business operations.

In addition, this exclusive franchise software from Brandwide comes with increased security for the software, wherein it helps to safeguard the brand’s data from any possible digital adversity. It is to be noted that this software is supported by a remote server, signifying that effective backup is completely possible, whenever the system is damaged by malware or hacking. The franchisors can also opt to transfer the data into another system or mobile phone in such a scenario. With peerless cloud-centric systems, the software proves to be worthy of franchise operations.

Efficient Field Service Management

The franchise software systems aid field service personnel with simpler scheduling functions to stay organized and obtain the most feasible routes to maintain their client appointments properly. The software brings in easier data access to both the field employees and the clients relating to the location, payments, invoice notes, and more. Moreover, it is also useful for the management team, as it strategically assists in chalking out the work orders for the employees, thereby ensuring more productive working time.

Customized Reporting Attributes

For effectively coordinating a franchise business, it is vital to keep track of the relevant data. In this context, the franchise management software renders direct insight into the area of performance, and those requiring improvement. It provides access to this data, whereby the franchisors are well-informed about planning their future business decisions. In the process, the software brings forth customizable reports for ensuring the business metrics can be actualized smoothly and efficiently.

Improved Communication with Simpler Process Management

Again, the franchise software also permits improved communication and alliance between the franchisors and the franchisees by bringing in a centralized location for interchanging information, along with continuous updates. The vital facets of such communication entail simpler file sharing, online chat, and others, assuring sync in the entire operations, and progressing to maintain the same brand consistency objective.

Besides, the software also delivers easier process management functions, whereupon it renders vital insights regarding the franchisees’ performances, CRM, sales and marketing, and others. Such essential information helps franchise owners to stay well-informed in their decisions while strategizing ways to improve the franchise business.

Simpler Franchisee Recruitment with Reduced Paperwork

In addition, the franchise software systems aid to automate most of the franchise recruitment process, entailing the tasks of instituting email notifications, and devising new accounts. Such a synchronized procedure aids in mitigating the time taken to introduce new franchisee stores into the business and heightens the growth of the franchise network. Besides, the software also automates several day-to-day tasks, like offering permission for training, and manual operations, dispatching contracts, and others, therein cutting down the number of manual records that ought to be utilized, therein freeing up the franchisees’ time to improve their business.

Improved Marketing and Increase in Sales

Now, an efficient franchise software system helps franchisees to manage their marketing campaigns more flexibly, wherein the blueprints of such campaigns can be easily shared via this software with the franchisors and headquarters. Hence, promotional engagements can be secured, tracked, tailor-made, and improved in actual time.

Moreover, as the franchise management software renders all the essential data to the franchisees, it assists in selling increased products and services and devising targeted marketing campaigns for creating promotions or boosting sales. Additionally, the software can also be customized with preset processes and protocols, permitting the franchisors to track their franchisees’ performance in real-time.

Effective Inspection

The franchise software functions as a bridge for convenient interaction between the franchisors and franchisees. In this context, the franchisors can track the business operations in real-time, thereby neutralizing any confrontation during inspections. Besides, as this software comes cloud-based, it can easily be accessed from different devices, like smartphones, and tabs, wherein the franchisors can instantly compare the sales of supply chain outlets, and ascertain the functioning of the business.

Simpler Access to Vital Business Data with Enhanced Productivity

With a robust franchise management software platform, the new franchisors will certainly have prompt access to vital business data, including marketing campaigns, sales performances, customer feedback, and much more, which helps to formulate improved logical decisions to grow the franchise network with increased productivity.

Final Thoughts

Such a unique franchise management software solution from Brandwide is thus undeniably the most innovative tool for controlling and enhancing the overall client experiences, and devising invaluable quality parameters to improve the franchisee retail stores.

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