The franchising model is a retail business platform that typically involves two parties the franchisor and the franchisee. In this business, the franchise owner allows the franchise units to utilize their brand name and business model, as per certain terms and conditions that involve profit sharing. In this highly popular business model, most foreign brands also use franchise hubs to expand their market presence. In this context, the franchise software platform from BrandWide facilitates the collaboration between franchisors and franchisees.

The automated software also enhances the engagement between them relating to the different franchising aspects of inventory management, CRM, sales, marketing, recruitment, reporting, and operations. Again, the software with pre-defined protocols and functions permits the franchisors to track the performances of the franchise hubs based on real-time analytics. It also helps to simplify the operations of the franchisees, while acquiring and caching relevant market data trends for further assessments. The franchise management software offered by BrandWide functions as the SaaS (software as a service) platform with 24/7 support, while neutralizing the requirement of setup. 

Let Us Find Out An All-In-One Guide For The Franchising Business:

Boost Up the Franchising Operations 

Franchising is a typical decentralized model of business, entailing several locations, along with supply chain and financial engagements, whereupon the intricate business processes are coordinated properly for the success of the franchise operations. In this context, the automated franchise software platform assists by providing a clear framework to generate an improved administration for the franchise hubs, and boost the potential traffic inflow and the overall sales revenue. 

Managing Vital Business Deliverables 

Likewise, the all-embracing franchise operations software is integrated with optimized campaign management that permits to sync up of the franchising operations, delegating vital tasks, and offering modifications. The software also offers constant and prompt alerts to the franchise staff and also potential customers through email notifications and text messages, whenever there is any update.

Moreover, the automated platform also delivers constant live tracking of the client assignments assigned to the on-field crews, along with the invoicing and payment functionalizes. Photos can be downloaded via the software as evidence of the client visits. Again, client sign-off for the accomplished jobs is also offered by the cloud-based software platform for supporting the on-field representatives. 

Capturing Potential Leads and Heightens the Brand Value 

Again, cutting-edge franchise software comes with enhanced precision and flexibility of operations. The all-inclusive software platform delivers highly precise and exhaustive sales funnel data. Besides, the automated software also effectively handles the distribution timetable for the reports over varying periods that can also be made utilizable on mobile devices. The franchisors should always sustain constant upgrades in conformity with the endless trends in the market so that it helps to enhance the success of each of the franchisee’s growth initiatives. 

All-Inclusive Automation with Better Administration 

The cloud-based franchise software automates the entire franchising network, right from routine operations to billing and generating invoices. Besides, the automated software platform delivers a clear framework that ensures better management for franchisees. Such an established franchising business model is also incredibly scalable. This flexibility of this software platform helps the newly acquired franchisee units to enjoy fully-featured operational strategies that entail organizational and reservation services. Hence, such an automated platform is beneficial for both the franchise owners and franchisee hubs as being highly labor-saving and cost-effective. 

Furnishing a Centralized Reporting System  

Sometimes, the franchisee owners are in a crucial dilemma for obtaining detailed and precise reports from all the franchise chains of outlets on a routine basis. Such reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the vital business resources, and needs to be submitted within the individual compliance dates. The automated and cloud-based franchise software platform from BrandWide can be the best approach for the franchisors to generate accurate reports, and assure the financial integrity of the franchisees by safeguarding the audits.

In addition, the software assists franchise owners to ascertain the optimal franchise management practices that can be followed by the entire franchising network, helping to uplift the business. This unique franchise platform delivers all-inclusive business insights for the franchise units via effective performance reporting. The comprehensive reporting is based on sales revenue generation, customer highs, and lows, along with other key business data offered in a simple interpretable dashboard format.

 The Bottom Line

As each module of the franchising business needs specific attention to function it is always viable to invest in the most effective and automated franchise software of BrandWide that ensures a synced-up franchising platform. Such cloud-based franchise management software functions with consistent efficiency, whereupon it helps the franchisors to effectively strategize and increase the ROI, curtail costs, and boost unprecedented franchise growth. Therefore, it will be a prudent proposition for the emerging franchisees to reach out to the experts from BrandWide to obtain detailed guidance, along with a cost-free live demo for the software, before eventually introducing it to the franchisees. 

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