The franchising model of business is a more scattered one, as it includes diverse locations, along with an intricate set of financial and supply chain activities that require to be synced up for the success of franchising operations. BrandWide, the most trusted platform helps franchisors and franchisees with its easy-to-use franchise software that effortlessly integrates the entire franchising operations into a cohesive business.

This automated and cloud-based software serves as an excellent tool for administering the growing franchisees at every stage by furnishing the relevant tools and support for the franchisors to appropriately scale their business. Likewise, this software syncs up the entire franchising functions, from operations to CRM, and marketing and sales for boosting the ROI and guaranteed growth of the franchise network of business.

Why Should Franchisors Invest In Franchise Software?

Simplifies Franchise Business with Cutting-Edge Software Security

The top-of-the-line franchising software from BrandWide is available with high-level encryption to protect the vital business data of the franchisees, in scenarios of any probable digital misadventure. With an extra cloud storage space and remote server support, the software helps the franchisors to keep an essential backup of critical franchising business information to cope with incidents of hacking and malware-based defacements. Moreover, the franchise owners can also choose to share the data with another device or system in such cases. In this context, the franchise staff can gain simpler access to the software platform from anywhere and anytime for simplifying the franchising operations.

Unified Field Service Administration with Potential Lead Tracing

The franchise management software also devises prompt alerts to all the prospective leads coming to the franchisees. Likewise, the automated solutions deliver a synced-up and flawless workflow for aligning the entire franchising operations. Again, the software helps to track the precise source from where the prospective leads are coming to the business, thus enabling the franchisors to proportionately allocate the budget resources for each potential lead source, and generate high-quality leads.

Moreover, the franchise platform also enhances the awareness and flexibility of the brands and products of the franchisees, while offering accurate and comprehensive sales funnel data. With the rapid communication platform within the franchise network, the software syncs up the entire functions between the franchisors and franchisees, while boosting the ROI significantly via unified field service management. 

Integrated and Simpler Communication Management 

Moreover, the software brings forth a centralized location for exchanging vital franchising business information and also offers constant updates to integrate the franchisors and franchisees. Besides, the automated platform also ensures streamlined communication functions that involve easier sharing of business documents, along with online chat boxes to sync up the entire operations and maintain brand uniformity with the franchises. Again, the software also offers simpler process administration tasks, along with gaining vital business insights for strategizing approaches for boosting franchise performances. 

Offers Synced Up Automation throughout the Franchise Network

Instituting the franchise operations software is justified to be essential in effectively automating the entire franchising functions. The cloud-based platform helps to centralize and sync up routine business operations while creating custom invoices. Thus, for optimizing the franchisee’s success, it is always viable to implement franchise software that integrates the various modules of the franchising business. Hence, it will be a prudent decision to invest in this suitable franchise management software platform from BrandWide to automate and sync up the entire franchising network of business. 

Streamlined New Franchise Hiring with Minimized Paperwork

Again the franchise software systems also support automating the recruitment procedures for the new franchise chains, including the responsibilities of initiating vital email alerts and generating new accounts. Automating multiple routine functions, entailing dispatching franchising agreements, allowing training for new franchisees, and more helps to reduce an increasing number of manual operations. This resultantly assists to free up the franchisor’s time to strategize ways to enhance the business prospects, along with reducing the manual paperwork. Thus, such highly synced-up processes support by decreasing the time taken to establish new franchise outlets in the franchising business. 

Synchronized and Centralized Reporting Network 

Furthermore, the software also maintains an effective track of vital business data, thus keeping the franchisors and franchisees well-informed about outlining future business decisions. The automated platform also furnishes custom reports for validating that vital business metrics are constituted effectively. Now, it is to be noted that the submission dates for such reports can be daily, weekly, or monthly that depends on the deliverables engaged in the franchising business. The platform also permits the franchisors to determine and introduce the best franchise management practices for syncing and boosting the entire franchising network of business. 

The Bottom Line

Verifying its authenticity, the franchise software from BrandWide is the best tool for effectively managing and boosting the overall client experiences by creating distinct quality parameters to sync up the franchisee’s functions. With such highly effective cloud-based franchise management software, the franchise product and services operate with a uniform efficiency, while the franchisors can strategize and enhance sales, curtail costs, and boost unrivaled franchise growth with profits. Hence, it is evident that automated franchising operations software can effortlessly execute a plethora of functions for making the franchise business profitable. For all the budding franchisees and SMEs, it is advisable to reach out to BrandWide for consulting with their specialists and schedule a live demo of the software for free, before eventually implementing it.

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