With the emergence of ultramodern and automated franchise software platforms, the restaurant business can be managed efficiently. Such optimized and highly functional Restaurant Franchise Management Software assists in amplifying the food franchise worldwide with its all-in franchising management strategies. One such top-of-the-line cloud-based franchise solution is delivered by Brand Wide, helping to visualize the food franchise globally. 

Moreover, the franchise management software with a POS (point-of-sale) system supports sustaining and recording all the business protocols, processes, and automation to track the real-time performance of all output, recipe management, and menu apps. Thus, this automated franchise platform offers synced-up and smooths operations, entailing strategized and custom marketing campaigns to reap the optimum sales revenue for the franchising business. 

Let’s Find Some Ways How The Franchise Software Will Assist The Food Franchising Business:

More straightforward Workflow Automation and Inventory Management 

The automated franchise management software platform synchronizes the workflow hassles and helps bridge the gap between the franchisor and franchisees. It also functions as a franchisor assistant to tackle multiple franchisee chains syncing them as a single enterprise.

With such a cloud-based franchise management system, the franchise owners can sustain track of all the inventory transactions in the franchise outlets. Thus, such an automated platform for inventory replenishment from Brand Wide is simply second to none in integrating the entire franchise business network. 

Streamlined Recipe Costing Management System and Menu Governance 

Besides, by utilizing this software module, the franchisors can closely track all the franchisee outlets. By this meticulous monitoring, they can ascertain which ingredient can be produced for each specific item, and the cost spent to procure the raw stock. Such a unique module can be easily integrated with the inventory management system. In this case, the ingredients required to generate an item will be recorded in the stock management unit spontaneously, and after that, a monthly report can be generated. 

In the process, the franchisors always try to sustain the same menu in all the outlets, wherein the franchise may negotiate to engage the desired changes in the menu, as per their choice. Therefore, using the menu management module, the franchise owners can easily track the particular franchise outlet selling the specific menu item. The module also helps update the food for whichever franchise outlet is required at any time. 

Synced Up Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Online Food Ordering System

The kitchen display system module is specifically built for the kitchen staff and integrates the kitchen facilities. This module is correlated with the restaurant POS billing module, in which case, when there is order confirmation, it automatically notifies the KDS.

Again, the food franchisees should also integrate the online food ordering system; after that, it helps generate more customers while managing, recording, and processing all the orders received via the online app. Hence, these modules are vital for franchise management software. 

Cloud-Based Data Sync-Up and In-Depth Reporting With Analytics 

Again, such franchise management software with a POS system is synced up with cloud-based technology, which helps furnish centralized data integration, improved inventory control, and lifetime loyal customers. With such an integrated software platform, the franchise headquarter can stay updated on each franchise unit’s vital information and data. Moreover, this module helps to track the daily sales, inventory spent per day for each franchise outlet, and financial data, along with being an invoice creator and devising a performance KPI for each franchise unit. 

Website, App, and Third-Party Integration 

Again, the franchise software comes synced up with the website and app integration module, which helps the franchisor track any franchisee unit through website and app functions. Such a franchisee management system helps the franchisor and franchisee obtain a website and app for individual franchise outlets.

This resultantly assists in enhancing the visibility of both online and offline customers. Moreover, this unique module is connected with the online food ordering system, which helps ease the delivery process for the food franchise engaged in the online food business. In this case, the different franchise food business has the autonomy to utilize their delivery system. 

Franchisor and Franchisee Dashboard

The franchise management software also offers a user-interactive franchisor dashboard. With this exclusive dashboard, franchise owners can efficiently track each separate franchise unit located in different places, even in multiple countries. The dashboard is securely integrated with the franchise software platform; after that, the franchisors can easily track franchise units’ sales, marketing, operational cost, revenue, and profit trends. 

Again the franchisee dashboard helps the individual franchisee units to dispatch business reports to the franchise owner and derive vital guidance for franchising operations. In addition, the franchise software also integrates a highly effective food management system and a POS billing system. Furthermore, the franchise dashboard will also portray the organized sales, KPI, operational report, and the staff’s performance with unique graphical illustrations. 

In Essence

Thus, the franchise management software from Brand Wide reaps enhanced mileage and profits, which minimizes the risks of setbacks. Hence, the potentiality of the food franchising business is unmatched, contemplating the changing eating habits of the end-consumers, eating more from outside than home. Therefore, with increased availability, accessibility, and integration, such an automated cloud-based franchise platform POS system helps to build a strong food franchise. 

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