Home services franchise software if you are looking to improve, here are four ways to consider doing that. 

Table of content:

  • The franchise software can be equipped with a centralized online booking feature
  • The software must have embedded health and safety features
  • It must be able to incorporate and deploy various connected worker solutions
  • The software must have the ability to ramp up leadership potential


5 Ways How Home Service Franchise Software Can Be Improved


1) The franchise software can be equipped with a centralized online booking feature:


Recently, customers are increasingly expecting to book appointments as per their time and terms of convenience. And on their own. With home service franchise software in tow, the solution must win by bringing in more comfort. Although good pricing strategies and good service are of consequence, making operations convenient to customers is paramount.

A centralized online booking feature is endowed with more benefits than just making the customer experience enjoyable. The feature ensures fewer errors while booking appointments and lesser worries for franchisees. If customers enter their corresponding information, fewer errors happen while they input their addresses.

When customers make bookings at the main booking page of the franchise software, the built-in engine intuitively helps allocate the bookings to suitable franchise locations, thereby increasing visibility on individual franchisee locations. Also, an easily navigable website URL handling bookings of home service businesses is terrific for branding. Plus, the best part is played out when customers are empowered to book without speaking to the team and regardless of time and location.


2) The software must have embedded health and safety features:


The pandemic struck before most home services businesses went ahead, making many adjustments to processes and policies. With 2023 about to usher in, many of these changes and modifications are complete, and a few remain to be done and may take a while longer. With new normals having made inroads in people’s lives, the software needs to put long-term solutions into effect. Also, new services developed by the franchise software need to be deemed suitable for the work people do today. Factors such as job types, crew arrangements, and timing need to be altered purposefully to attend to pandemic-inflicted changes in the long haul. Also, it must set the seal on such changes to happen smoothly. It must allow franchisors to conduct an all-hands meeting with teams to review and reinforce new protocols that prove gainful and propel further business growth in 2023.


3) It must be able to incorporate and deploy various connected worker solutions:


In industries related to field services, of which home service franchise businesses are part, there’s a lot of buzz around connected workers. Field services companies, irrespective of their sizes, have begun realizing the advantage they can benefit from franchise software if it is competent to establish a two-way exchange of communication and data between the headquarter and workers.

Regarding a typical home services franchise, franchise software enables it to make the most of connected worker advantages by passing real-time, up-to-date job information to teams traveling in vehicles. This deployment of connected worker solutions via franchise software includes the following:

  • Route optimization
  • Team arrival time confirmations from customers
  • Ability to check in to the system upon arrival
  • Ability to check out of the system upon completion 
  • Ability to generate an invoice
  • Ability to get sign-off from the customer before leaving the site

Franchise software with deployed connected workers increases efficiency and job satisfaction. The feature provides access to essential information needed to perform jobs with expertise. Rather than being left in the lurch through the reception of updates in a piecemeal fashion via phone calls, text messages, and emails, connected workers find available helpful information. Brandwide it helps standardize the experience among franchise partners – franchisors and franchisees, to realize success.


4) The software must have the ability to ramp up leadership potential:


Training employees to perform to their fullest potential is imperative to raise the home services franchise business to higher echelons. The ownership of franchise software, both at the franchisor and franchisee levels, involves continuing initiatives in developing leadership skills. The scalability aspect of franchise software ensures the solution grows with simultaneous growth in the home services franchise business and its operational concerns. The software allows for making appropriate changes to the company to enable its growth. It helps delegate things and find growth opportunities.

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