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Franchise CRM software offers support in augmenting franchise sales in many ways:

  • The CRM helps you find more qualified candidates.
  • It helps you obtain a 360-degree display of potential franchise owners.
  • Franchise CRM makes the most of fully automated, highly customizable sales processes.
  • Helping to keep track of franchisee performance through unparalleled efficiency
  • By automating customer research and saving valuable data.
  • By enabling smooth sales handoffs.



With the deployment of all-embracing franchise CRM software, you can help your franchisees secure impressive sales figures with a few excellent customer relationship-building tools. Firstly, to start developing customer relationships, the marketing module of franchise CRM software will attract targeted units by offering a more powerful web presence, visually appealing ads, compelling insights from reports, etc., and enhance local marketing campaigns.

Secondly, comprehensive franchise CRM software will aid and abet franchisees to realize sales through streamlined communications with leads, prospects, and customers. Franchisees will gain the competence to record and review correspondences with leads, prospects, and customers anytime and directly outreach them utilizing emails or text messages through their mobile devices. Once a lead is all geared up to convert, the software will enable you to schedule an appointment without switching programs that automatically will notify the sales rep handling the specific lead. After the completion of the sale, you’ll gain absolute control over your field staff while they cater to providing services to the customers.

The software will allow you to keep tabs on the activities of the field reps in real-time, ask the field reps to upload job completion confirmation photos to ensure quality assurance, generate invoices, on-the-spot process payments, attend to concerns and questions, and more. All service calls and customer interactions will be logged for review in the future. As a consequence, it will become useful to address complaints or manage payments. The software offers support in augmenting franchise sales in many ways. Here are just a few of them.


Franchise CRM software offers support in augmenting franchise sales in many ways:


1) The CRM helps you find more qualified candidates:

All-inclusive franchise CRM renders support to generate leads in several ways. For instance, the software makes sure the sources of leads are monitored. The software shows the high-priority lead sources through source tracking, makes them known to you, and steers lead generation in the right direction.


2) It helps you obtain a 360-degree display of potential franchise owners:


Franchise CRM helps in parsing all data and prepares a list of leads for more intense searching and systematization. For instance, when the time comes to consider adding area representatives, the software allows you to sort the list of your leads based on the cash they can currently dispense with for the investment. You can immediately pass on your offer to those leads with the requisite funds to invest and join as franchisees.


3) Franchise CRM makes the most of fully automated, highly customizable sales processes:


Every franchisor adopts a unique sales process. It goes without saying how all-inclusive franchise CRM software makes room for all of them. It enables you to conceive automated workflows as per your choice, following which you can monitor the progress made by leads via a uniquely designed built-in conversion process, and that too in real-time. With the CRM in tow, you can set up automatically triggered events to foster relationships with leads through welcome messages, email broadcast brochures, and fond farewells based on the progress made in the workflows.


4) Helping to keep track of franchisee performance through unparalleled efficiency:


The franchisor’s main job is to come to the aid of franchisees to perform to their maximum potential and intervene to ease the difficulties experienced by the strugglers. This is where the performance module of franchise CRM software comes into action. Using intuitive dashboards, in-depth reports, and real-time communications makes proper management of royalty fees and profit and loss data possible.


5) By automating customer research and saving valuable data:


Thorough customer research leads to best-in-class marketing endeavors, promotions, and product releases. Knowing the precise likes and dislikes of customers is important. This information can be readily available, given that you’ve got the tools to extract it.

As a matter of fact, through all customer interactions, immense opportunities are gathered to obtain more knowledge about your target market. At all times, when a franchise team member answers a phone call to set up a consultation, does an extensive follow-up on a potential lead, or arranges a meeting with a prospect, novel and most likely valuable pieces of information beneficial to your business are collected.

The advent of ultra-modern technologies has brought an overall change, with each top-notch franchise CRM software being cloud-based and fully functional on all mobile devices. This hints at your ability to capture, share, review, analyze, and interpret vital customer data – all from a standalone app installed on your mobile device. In consequence, worries concerning data loss are eliminated. Furthermore, sharing data has never been simpler.

The CRM saves a lot, from sales-specific data, business correspondences, and customer operations specifics. Franchise CRM ensures effortless archiving of communications in the forms of text messages and emails. Phone conversations can be recorded as well. Once the data logging is thru, authorized users can avail of the system with total security and easy search options. In addition, franchise CRM software automatically generates KPI reports focusing on key performance metrics.


6) By enabling smooth sales handoffs:


A customer’s transition from one sales rep to another can be managed but only with substantial efforts, as the process is full of loopholes. Occasionally, customer information slips through cracks in the course of the transition. This can lead to a disorganized appearance of your brand, as customer feelings and concerns are seldom appreciated. In consequence, your sales figures may sharply fall.

Sometimes, sales drop because of different reasons. In the absence of proper documentation, conflicts arise among team members due to the lack of accountability. Thankfully, franchise CRM solves both problems.

With accurately archived correspondence, the progress of leads and prospects through various sales cycle stages is carefully monitored. This, in turn, results in the smooth transition of a customer from one rep to the next. The new rep can quickly grasp customer details to ensure perfect prompt handoff.


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