A franchise solution is a modular cloud-based software platform, comprising varied modules that help to interact and harmonize the entire franchise operations. This automated solution delivers a cutting-edge platform to integrate operations management, staff recruitment and training, franchise lead management, strategic marketing of products and services, and more. Such software solution is customarily known as the ERP or enterprise resource planning software outside the franchising business.

Such a one-of-a-kind solution helps to enhance productivity by automating and streamlining regular tasks, involving scheduling, time tracking, accounting functions, email management, strategizing workflows, lead generation, reporting, and also data entry functions. Besides, such an innovative franchise solution from BrandWide offers real-time tracking of the franchisee’s performances via intuitive dashboards and effective reporting functions. This unique monitoring help in enhanced time for productivity with fewer backtracking needs. In addition, it devises a unique telecommuting option to mitigate the time taken in the recruitment procedures of the franchise units.

How Effective Is The Franchise Solution Offered By BrandWide For The Franchisees?

The foremost and most trusted automated franchise management software solution of BrandWide is a cloud-based platform that is designed to integrate the entire franchise business functions to enable increased productivity and resultant ROI. This unique franchise solution is specially modeled to offer end-to-end solutions for SMEs and Startups in the franchise business. Planned for the Windows platform, the fully-featured management software for the franchisees renders solutions for both the franchise owners and the franchisee units.

Bringing forth real-time sales and marketing data, this franchise solution aids in streamlining the business functions and the performances of the franchisees. Besides, the software platform also assists in synchronizing job scheduling and task assignments, lead generation management, and social media management. The automated solution also permits the users to monitor the sales funnels to create in-depth reports and bring forth precise sales forecasts to improve franchisee productivity.

Moreover, this reliable franchise platform from BrandWide assures that all the parameters are fulfilled, and the franchisees acquire all the focus and support required to enhance the business while negating the day-to-day operational hassles. Such a new-age cloud-based franchise solution can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, thereby ensuring seamless tracking of the franchise units and minimizing the data imbalance between the franchisors and the franchisees. Furthermore, through such an automated franchise software platform, the franchise owners can ascertain and share relevant content for the potential target audiences on various social media channels to optimize client engagement.

How Franchise Business Opportunities Can Be Realized By The Franchise Solution Software?

Gaining Potential Leads With Brand Development

One of the most prominent upsides obtained from the cloud-based automated franchise solution is the prompt alerts it provides when any new prospective leads are coming to the franchisee business. This comprehensive franchise management platform is highly adaptable and bestows exhaustive and accurate sales data to identify and nurture the potential target leads in the sales pipeline.

This unique software from BrandWide ensures a synched-in and swift communication within the franchise network, thus assisting in effectively integrating the entire business operations between the franchise owners and the franchise units while heightening the business’s brand value and sales returns.

Offers Synced In Operations by Managing Vital Deliverables

In addition, this franchise solution also renders a smooth operational framework that helps in the proper coordination of the franchise business. Besides, this cloud-centric software platform can optimally save the time and costs of administering the franchisee outlets, thereby bringing forth several profitable bargains. Thus, this smoothly integrated franchise platform of BrandWide assists in streamlining the process to enlist newly acquired franchisee chains and effectively interpreting the operational functions by applying varied customized strategies. The software solution also delivers an integral campaign management medium to entrust assignments to the franchisees for improving the franchise business.

Moreover, the automated platform also renders vital notifications and alerts to the franchisee unit staff and also potential clients through instant text messages and emails. Again, this automated medium also offers live tracking of the jobs schedules to the on-field personnel engaged with different franchise units, along with real-time updates as and when required. Furthermore, this cutting-edge franchise software can also be integrated with the mobile app, furnishing effortless and effective synchronization of franchise operations.

Introduces a Centralized Automated Platform for Franchisees

Moreover, the automated franchise solution bestows a centralized space to cache all the vital data of the franchise operations, accessible round-the-clock from anywhere by the franchisors and franchisees. Such a highly synchronized cloud-based data storehouse also renders continuous real-time updates and alerts to the franchisee chains and their owners.

Besides, this one-of-a-kind software solution rendered by BrandWide assists by thoroughly recording and updating all the vital business correspondences done between the franchise outlets and the clients. Again, the franchise platform also helps to sync the billing and invoice functions, along with other vital modules of sales and marketing, thereby boosting the franchise business operations.

Instituting a Well-Coordinated Reporting System

One of the great concerns confronted by startup franchisees is to acquire comprehensive daily reports, in which case the daily, weekly, or monthly report compliance date is crucial. Thus, franchise owners need to ensure that they obtain suitable franchise solution software that aids in implementing all the related functionalities to integrate the entire franchise operations. Such a cloud-centric solution from BrandWide thus assures the franchisees of financial flexibility, as well as security to strategically run the in-depth reports, and develop fair management practices throughout the entire franchise network.

In a Nutshell

Conclusively, it can be stated that administering the franchise operations is not child’s play, in which case it involves a lot of time, money, and endeavor from both the franchisors and the franchisee’s end.

Thus, without keeping any reluctance, it will be quite justified to introduce the automated cloud-based franchise solution only from BrandWide to streamline and integrate the entire franchise business operations to secure an all-around development of the franchise units and obtain the optimum ROI. Therefore, budding franchisors and SMEs need to contact with BrandWide as soon as possible to take expert guidance and a cost-free demo of such a unique franchise management solution, before the final utilization in the franchise operations.

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