Owning a franchise business is a dream realized for most entrepreneurs who have always conceptualized the products and brands they know and admire. Typically speaking, franchising is a wholesale business that includes two parties the franchisor and the franchisee. Planning the franchise business involves the franchisor’s requisite talent, skills, background, resources, and experiences to successfully start and develop the franchising business, thereby rendering real products and services to society. 

Thus, the franchise business plan needs to be thoroughly professional and should specify the operational aspects of the franchisees. Such strategic planning specifically should be achieved through a comprehensive franchisee software platform, enabling a cross-chain alignment of the overall franchise growth. One such all-inclusive franchise solution can be delivered by the cloud-based software platform of BrandWide, providing the high-end retail management medium to coordinate the entire multi-site franchise businesses. This fully-featured and customized CRM platform offers strategic lead generation packed exclusively designed for franchisors and franchisees. 

How Do The BrandWide Franchise Software Solutions Help To Secure The Franchisees?

BrandWide, the cloud-based franchise management software platform is well-suited for the B2B franchisees, as it provides a customized franchise CRM solution. In the process, it helps in connecting all the different levels of franchisee functions, along with syncing in lead-generating services and marketing campaigns. This franchise solution renders enhanced ROI in expanding the franchise network of businesses while utilizing the social media channels of LinkedIn, Facebook, and more to optimize lead generation solutions. 

Besides, BrandWide also delivers in-depth analytics to the franchisees via its CRM data for ascertaining the potential leads for the business. Thus, this all-in-one automated franchise solution helps in integrating the franchise network by rendering real-time sales and marketing data for justifying the franchise’s performance. In this context, it also customizes and strategizes the marketing campaigns to reap the optimum revenue and ROI for the franchise business. 

The software also aids in generating varied reports of leading generation, conversion, to market trend predictions through the sales pipeline. Other key attributes of this franchise solution entail social media management, task assignment, lead generation, and job scheduling, along with simplifying the appointments by utilizing reminders, calendars, and task lists. Additionally, this software solution also comes with the API platform, which assists in integrating with different third-party applications such as G Suite, DocuSign, and Ms. Office. 

 How The Franchise Solution Assists In Streamlining The Overall Franchise Planning?

 Integrates Marketing Campaigns and Workflow into Franchise Lifecycle

 For enhancing the potential lead generation for the franchisees, the franchise solution functions by automating the entire workflow in the franchise business. It helps in charting and implementing comprehensive strategy and customizes the entire franchise operations, thereby optimizing and converting potential leads to maximum ROI.

Besides, this solution also ensures to devise effective franchise planning, in which case it automates the entire business proceedings and converts the low-value monotonous jobs into independently running business functions, thereby maximizing efficiency. Moreover, this software platform also assures that the sales teams are highly focused to optimize high-value jobs such as lead generation procedures. The solution also aids in setting trigger points to automatically send and record communications, thereby maximizing the smooth operations of the marketing campaigns.

As the process is automated and linked to the CRM, the software helps to negate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, thereby saving the teams’ time and energy to carry out high-value tasks. Thus, integrating the franchise solution with the CRM will certainly regularize the franchise business through increased automation, creation, analysis, scheduling, and monitoring of different marketing campaigns. 

Synchronized Supply Chain and Stock Management 

Again, the franchise solution aids the franchisees by syncing in the inventory control functions at the management level. Besides, the software also integrates supply chain management with inventory. In the process, the automated solution helps in ascertaining the products, managing the stocks, assuring the visibility of the inventory, and monitoring the sales performances. 

In this context, the stock substitution function is also an extra mileage to track the existing data and developments throughout the franchise outlets. In addition, the cloud-based supply chain and inventory functions rendered by the franchise software from BrandWide help to personify the extended support of APIs with the vendor-aligned franchise units. 

Moreover, the customized franchise solution from BrandWide also aids to create purchase orders and regulating the shipment functions by automating the logistics. Furthermore, the platform also enables supply chain management to be integrated with the EDI or electronic data interchanges. With this unique function, the solution eliminates the need for manual paperwork, while monitoring the stock levels and reducing the overhead costs significantly. 

Synced In Business Auditing and Reporting 

Both the franchise owners and the franchisee chains can perceive the significance of analytics and business intelligence reporting. In this context, the automated franchise solution catered by BrandWide is fully equipped with all-inclusive BI tools that deliver business improvements via relevant analysis and accurate market predictions

Moreover, the cloud-supported customized BI essentials maintain standard compliance and an optimum level of security inside the franchise networks. It also aids to simplify auditing and preciseness of reporting functions throughout multiple platforms. With such streamlined reporting, data visibility can be heightened in real-time, especially from remote franchise outlets. 

Besides, utilizing predictive analytics and big data processing functions, the customized franchise solution can sync in the cloud-based reporting assignments in alignment with the BI tools. Thus, it is proven that analytics and reporting play a vital role in the decision-making functions of franchise planning, wherein the CRM aids to organize, evaluate, and report the franchise data in a more visible method. This technique helps to obtain priceless insights into the marketing campaigns, communication mediums, and lead management strategies in the sales pipeline. 

Enhanced Percentage of Sales Returns with In-Depth Tracking of Franchisees 

Moreover, this franchise solution helps in effective franchise planning by bringing forth an increased rate of sales returns to the business. Thus, the software functions as a central platform for both the franchisors and franchisees to connect and meet each other for the smooth running of the franchise units. In this context, it is to be noted that the primary aspect of running the franchise sales and marketing strategy is to establish a franchise buying identity. 

The automated solution enables the franchisors to devise a potential approach to identify and meet the befitting targets for successful franchise operations and invest the funds in the appropriate area. Hence, a suitable franchise solution aids in dramatically enhancing the productivity and revenue generation of the franchisees. In addition, this franchise software solution permits the franchisors to keep constant track of the franchise units in real-time, as well as evaluate any risks involved in the business, while achieving the sales target to resolve the setbacks.  

Final Verdict

Factoring into the cardinal mileages rendered by the fully-featured and automated franchise solution of BrandWide, it will be rational to introduce such all-in-one cloud-based and well-coordinated software that delivers an end-to-end franchise planning solutions to effectively assist the startup franchises and SMEs.

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