Administering multi-location franchise units, along with managing the team or connecting with potential leads cannot be easily accomplished with an outdated system. In this context, a cutting-edge cloud-based franchise management software solution can prove to be a one-stop solution helping to sync in the overall franchise business. In the process, such franchise solution assist with CRM, managing sales orders, purchasing and receiving, supervising inventory management, and the vital dashboard applications.

Some of the other tasks controlled by software solutions are rendering in-depth insights into key metrics for smooth operations of the franchise business, automating the day-to-day tasks, delivering in-depth reports, minimizing flaws, and offering a staff training support system.

What Is The Role Of The Franchise Software Of BrandWide As A Franchise Solution?

One of the most prominent and innovative franchise management software solutions happens to be BrandWide, assisting to integrate the entire franchise network. This automated franchise platform renders soother and synchronized operations, including customized and strategized marketing campaigns to reap the optimum revenue and ROI for franchise businesses. Besides, the cloud-based franchise solution aids in streamlining the franchise operations in real-time, coordinating the sales and marketing data for justifying the performances of the franchisees.

The software solution also helps in generating various reports, right from the lead creation to potential lead conversion via the sales funnel, along with precisely predicting the market trends, and dispatching emails for simplifying the marketing strategies. Again, this automated solution assists in integrating the calendar and task lists, making appointments using reminders, administering follow-ups through the CRM tools, scheduling jobs, and functioning as a website manager.

In addition, BrandWide comes with an API program that facilitates integration with varied third-party applications of G Suite, DocuSign, and Ms. Office. Furthermore, such a unique end-to-end franchise solution designed for Windows also brings forth a Franchise Intranet, and a Construction Tracker to serve the SMEs and Startup franchisees.

How Does The Franchise Management Solution Help To Manage The Multi-Franchise Units?

Aids To Integrate the Entire Franchise Business

One of the foremost mileages furnished by the cloud-centric franchise solution comes with its integration capabilities. Thus, it offers a unified platform to synchronize all the related functions of the franchise business, including CRM, inventory, sales activities, purchase order delivery, and invoices. The customized dashboards for different types of franchises help in organizing the entire business functions of the franchise chains.

Besides, such a cloud-based franchise software solution can be easily maintained and upgraded from time to time remotely, negating the requirement of any periodic hardware substitutions. Again, with related IT support directly from the BrandWide support team, the franchisors can minimize the cost of labor and the functioning time of the software. Moreover, such an automated cloud-centric solution helps the operational data to be promptly available round-the-clock. Thus, the solution offers effective maintenance, while mitigating the franchise software layoff, and reducing productivity setbacks.

Streamlining Communications to Sustain Cross-Chain Operations

Perceiving potential lead opportunities is always critical for any franchise operations, wherein the time taken is vital, especially when the franchise is small and growing quickly. Hence, it is quite imperative to find a cloud-based automated franchise solution that will readily integrate into the CRM platform. Thus, this franchise software solution helps the franchisors and their franchisees to understand the operations of the franchisees while maintaining all the franchise chores on a single platform.

Besides, this solution helps in effectively syncing in all the training resources, promotional needs, and campaigns, so that the franchise processes function error-free. Again, such software also aids in easily maintaining the connection with the individual franchise teams to accurately interpret the business data, while effectively resolving any setbacks for reaping the necessary profits.

Optimizing Franchise Security through Increased Flexibility of Franchises

Moreover, the franchisors, who have already utilized a franchise solution, come with full confidence in the software utility. This is because the data is 100% secure, and backed up in a remote server, which denotes that all the digital assets of the franchise chains are effectively protected from any natural or man-made calamities or defacements in the hardware. Again, in case of any unforeseen scenarios, the franchisee managers or the employees can promptly utilize the franchise business data directly from the desktop or Smartphone.

Additionally, such a franchise solution platform also renders the franchise owners with comprehensive visibility over the inventory, thereby gaining access to the franchise operational materials, and administering them effortlessly. Furthermore, this automated software solution also helps to benefit from the valuable historical data that plays a decisive role in the long-term planning and overall growth of the franchise business.

Reinforce the Franchising Business via Automation of Operations

Again, managing the essential functions of reporting and analytics happens to be vital tasks for the franchise solution. Utilizing this automated franchise software solution, the franchisors can take a recess from all hassles, as the cloud-based software integrates and handles the entire franchise functionalities in one go. Thus, having such a customized software solution in place; it is pretty simpler to track the prospective leads in the business, as each lead comes with its source tagged upon entry into this franchise CRM platform.

Moreover, the franchise management solution from BrandWide helps the franchisors to determine the costs of a single lead and the resultant revenue generated against such a source. Besides, it also provides data on the total funds invested to attract such potential leads into the business. Therefore, such a franchise solution helps in devising a transparent image of the franchise chains on the marketing campaigns, all-inclusive workflows, and innovative strategies to push the potential target leads into the sales pipeline to come out as sales-ready customers.

Winding Up

Factoring into discrete benefits bestowed by the franchise solution from BrandWide to uniquely engage and effectively organize the overall franchise businesses utilizing CRM, it can be stated that this cloud-based automated platform delivers the optimum support, training, and growth of the franchisees. Thus, this franchise platform will certainly empower franchise operations with enhanced accessibility, availability, and integration, as per the distinct business needs of the industry-based franchisees.

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