Business-to-business (B2B) franchises are meant to primarily target business clients instead of knocking it out with individual customers. The products and/or services offered by B2B franchises help businesses to develop and expand. This type of franchise is operational in a number of industries for example technology, engineering, manufacturing, financial services, construction, telecommunications, retail, insurance, education, healthcare, sales, marketing, etc.

B2B franchises are constantly growing with every passing year. Although this type of business isn’t as prominent as retail or food franchises there’s a burgeoning demand for B2B franchise services across the board.

Currently, companies are increasingly concentrating on core business tasks. They’re willing to get all support functions outsourced. With an emphasis being put on this trend, there’s a growing need for optimizing expenses and increasing efficiency and flexibility.

Sales-driven B2B franchises play a pivotal role in ensuring businesses operate with maximal productivity. And, the COVID outbreak has established this firmly.

Are you contemplating improving the management services of your B2B franchise? Look no farther than franchise management software. This post explains how compelling software for franchise management can result in better overall control with regard to in-store as well as franchise-wide operations.

Frontline franchise management software

When it comes to businesses they’re never stronger than their weakest links. This is precisely the reason why your franchise management software requires frontline functionality. Franchise management software for B2B franchises helps improve internal communication, monitor performance, manage the onboarding process, and generate and review reports and analytics. Franchise management software comes up with lots of value for frontline franchisees.

Virtually enhanced franchise management software can also do wonders while imparting training and support and evaluating their outcomes. It enables you to create and allocate customized training resources and then keep a real-time watch on the progress made by an employee. The software provides employees with instant access to gain collective knowledge and bring about better problem-solving with help from a built-in instant messaging feature and support tickets. It comes to your aid in uploading step-by-step guides and several other reference materials to a digital library managed by the software’s integrated private intranet.

Franchise management software touches on improved service delivery, especially by managing field service workers with the help of:

  1. Powerful scheduling tools.

Are you exhausted with incidences of your employees forgetting their scheduled appointments? Does your existing process exert more focus to keep your business clients well-informed? Do you assign a certain window period to your clients while trying to estimate the arrival of your field service employees at the site location? Franchise management software leads to more transparency in communication. At the same time, it eliminates a considerable mantle of mundane, yet necessary scheduling tasks so that there’s enough time left for you to pay attention to several other administrative jobs. A job rolling in makes you quickly connect with the most nearby rep by utilizing the software’s geo-location feature, creating the job from any device, and assigning it. Once the appointment is set, notifications will be sent to both employees and clients to confirm the assigned task straight away. Next, the clients can contact the employee allotted the task in the event any queries need to be answered or plan changes. With franchise management software in tow, you can easily maintain documentation of every piece of communication to ensure accountability from both parties and minimize liability.

Furthermore, you can pass over duties related to scheduling tasks to your employees without any hassles. Franchise management software comes up with an infallible scheduling tool that triggers automatic alerts in case any conflicts arise or incidents of overtime are reported. Besides it lets your staff view the list of non-assigned scheduling jobs and arrange their availability based on needs and priorities.

  1. Easy generation of invoices post-completion of jobs.

With accompanying franchise management software, you can carry out job assignments by making use of a centrally operated call center or from your handheld device. Field workers get notifications that ask for instant confirmation. After work completion, high-quality before and after pictures are uploaded by the field reps following which they can get the sign-off done from clients. Once the sign-off is done on the spot, franchise management software helps them by creating the invoice for collecting the payment either at the site itself or online.

  1. Better reporting

Franchise management software reports completely on the level of client satisfaction through the work done by the field reps, the amount of revenue generated by the field reps, and more. The compilation of all data is done in the form of intuitive reports that allow you to do an assessment of exciting opportunities, weak links, and upcoming threats immediately upon looking.

Here’s a rundown of 3 ways how franchise management software can help you engage with your B2B clients and establish more profitability for your brand. Regardless of whether you get more free time to devote to core tasks or improve the relationship with your business clients, franchise management software is the solution. Apart from the frontline functionality franchise management software provides assistance to franchisors with powerful modules to deal with strategies at the corporate level. These include:

  1. Franchise development

This module of franchise management software helps in the customization of franchise sales processes and the automatic generation of leads and pipeline reports. It helps you set up effortless communication with brokers and consultants to spot the right B2B clients and further develop your brand.

  1. Franchise performance

This module of franchise management software helps in simplifying the process aimed at royalty fees management, automatic clearing house ACH integration, profit, and loss data collection, territory system control, and many more. It comes up with useful reports that are automatically generated or displayed in real-time. These reports project key performance indicators (KPIs) to ascertain the level of expertise your franchise management efforts currently hold and the ones they needed to be achieved.

  1. Franchise support

This module of franchise management software comes to your aid by frequently automating tasks, keeping track of key performance metrics, and reducing the time and energy required to offer support to B2B franchises. The franchise support module is furnished with simple yet attractive self-service tools, and an efficacious trouble ticketing system that assigns and closes tickets all by itself. What’s more, the module offers a high-security help desk, step-by-step guides and manuals, instructional videos, regularly updated FAQs aimed at executing recurrent tasks, etc.

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